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Touristen Touristen Touristen... 30-45 min hin und rück
beste Zeit vormittags oder sunset

It really does look like you’re on another planet! Insanely hot, no shade.

Very cool views, went mid morning... half the canyon was in the shadows. If it’s not too hot I would recommend afternoon, but expect the crowds to be insane.

a little off the beaten path... like 8 miles. But keep on going. it is worth it! Amazing hike and part of it is in a slot canyon.

7 days ago

It’s absolutely beautiful for a trail run. Just have to pay attention as the water/cliffs pull your attention away from your footing. One note: the parking area was closed off with a no trespassing sign so I parked up the road a few hundred yards at one of the local hotels.

Tour bus after tour bus. Not a bad walk out and back. Dogs enjoyed being able to go with us (otherwise we wouldn't have stopped). Looks like they are constructing new trail, unfortunately doesn't look wide enough to support amount of foot traffic this trail experiences. Watch out in the parking lot since it looked like a war for people to get a spot. Worth the walk to see the bend in the river though.

Easy hike to a small dessert and interesting rocks and views

13 days ago

The perfect experience if you don't have too much time available to spend in this beautiful area.
The drive from the Hwy 89 to the trailhead is nice but pay attention because previous rain can create some very big bump. From the parking lot, the first part of the trail is quite easy, in a large wash with some interesting view of plants and little wildlife (expecially rabbits). The only problem is the heat: the whole section has no shade and we did it around 2 pm in september, temperature was very high so hat and lot of water is reccommend. The section when the cliffs become higher is just the prelude to the wonderful final part: a great narrow slot in the shade, very fun and atmospheric. There is a drop at a certain point, lot of reviewers rated it as easy, but at the time of our visit we had some problems (we are 1,60 mt tall) because some recent flood moved the debris used to go down, so we had to go back and use the alternate way, that starts in the same point of The Wave trail but follow another direction, just check the cairns. The confluence with the Buckskin Gulch is huge and pretty good to have some rest, take some photos, look at the petroglyphs and enjoy the silence of the place. We moved toward the left for a little walk in BG, but it was a little muddy and we heard some Coyote in the distance, so after one mile we returned back. Very reccommend place, hope to come back and walk through the BG for a longer distance.

Great view. Big crowd, but still very good.

Fun short trail, definitely go in the early day to avoid the heat since it’s all in the sun

Beautiful. Hike is very easy, the drop was too much for my dog but we were able to find the detour mentioned from other reviewers just look for the markers.

on Wire Pass Trail

14 days ago

Great pretty easy hike. It is a fee area so have some cash. $6.00/person.
easy walk along dry river bed leading to the slot. Small climb down about a 7ft drop. Then on to easy hiking. At the confluence of Buckskin and Wire Pass you can go left up Buckskin not far until it got to muddy for us. We went to the right down Buckskin and there are water crossing after water crossing. Much better than trying to cross mud.

Great hike. If in the area one should do it.

I wouldn’t consider this a hike at all since it’s super short, but it was gorgeous and beautiful as hell. Definitely something to cross off the bucket list if you already haven’t. The view is amazing!

20 days ago

Loved the hike. Pretty easy trail with just one obstacle, an 8-10 for climb down. Some people did not hike past the obstacle.

I wouldn’t really consider this a hike because you are just walking down the hill to the edge to go see Horseshoe Bend. The views are what make this trail amazing. I would go early or late to avoid crowds.

Fantastic. Took a small 11 year old dog and he loved it. The pools at the end were to sticky to play in but beautiful slot canyons.

28 days ago

A beautiful scene, however, I can barely consider this a hike. It is almost a dirt road that goes up to a viewpoint, which is surrounded by fences and overhangs. Going anytime after 10 AM is a zoo, with parking lots full of buses. It is definitely a must see place, but I am disappointed its become such a tourist attraction, more focused on the commercial aspect rather than the beauty of wilderness. If you do go, keep in mind the crowds and PACK OUT YOUR TRASH. I was baffled at all of the trash we picked up on this short trail, and we watched a woman throw her food wrapper on the ground. PLEASE, respect our nature and its beauty!

1 month ago

Easy, short walk over a small hill. Sunrise will come up behind you as you’re looking at the bend so before with the canyon in full shadows or a little later in morning once the sun is fully lighting the canyon are probably the two best picture options unless you’re going for sunset

1 month ago

Small walk to sign off bucket list. Looks like ants walking up and down. Horrible parking, chaos.

This trail is under-rated as an easy hike with great views and an interesting feature. We went in the morning around 7-8 am and there was no one else on the trail. Don't hesitate if you're looking for a free, easy, and enjoyable activity in between your other tours in Page.

What a great hike!!! Not hard at all, but if you are not used to elevation it can sometimes get hard to breathe.

1 month ago

This is a fairly easy walk down to the bend. The view is awesome. You can walk right up to the edge and look down. Make sure you keep an eye on those little ones. Its a bit scary because there is nothing holding you back. Worth the hike. Bring water with you.

1 month ago

Fantastic view of a Canyon
Same view than Antelope and nobody on the pictures !

A really great view not that long or hard of a walk. But be prepared to get sand in your boots. Also parking is limited and there’s a lot of tourists. If you need to go to the bathroom do it before you start the trail.

Poor parking, heavily trafficked. beautiful view at the half way decent.

1 month ago

This is a walk in loose dirt up a medium grade slope, and down the other side toward the canyon. And, this is a tourist stop for busloads of people who don't know hiking etiquette. That being said, its free and fabulous. It's a must-see for any nature lover, hiker, photographer, etc.
Try to avoid this during peak seasons or on weekends, to ensure the trail isn't over-populated AND that you can find parking.
Like everyone else says in these reviews, the view is incredible. It doesn't matter how many times you've been, it's always lovely to see. I typically stop here for a breath of fresh air on my way to Zion from Phoenix.
Quick, short hike with an iconic view. ...and perfect desktop wallpaper picture opportunity.

This was the most trafficked trail I’ve ever hiked and I hiked it on a Wednesday morning. It’s a huge tourist attraction. But the hike to Horseshoe Bend was very short and the view was incredible. Despite the crowds it was definitely worth going. I would recommend!

Short walk for amazing views! The hike back to the parking lot is pretty steep. Make sure you get there early to beat the crowds.

2 months ago

Short distance walk but with an amazing view! It gets crowded and very hot in summer time so hydrate!

We started this hike at 6.30pm mid July and it was perfect. Most of the trail was already shaded from
the sun, which made the tour fairly easy. You should still bring plenty of water tho! It was a very easy hike, beautiful scenery and when we arrived at the Toadstools, it looked like on Mars. Would definitely recommend this hike in the later afternoon in summer.

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