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7 days ago

Great Experience for a small group!!

on Wire Pass Trail

8 days ago

so we went today 3/29/18. Quite a bit of people with kids and a couple of dogs. there was alot of water pools. We ended up going 3pools in and went back and up the other smaller half which was absolutely beautiful and hardly any water.

We went this morning little after 9am. No problem with parking. It was already getting crowded with many hikers. I would suggest to walk to the right and climb the rocks, to get away from crowds, and enjoy the view in quite atmosphere.
Views from the top are amazing and worth it the hike.
There is no railings so keep your kids and dogs near you. They are building new trails and look out.

10 days ago

Trail was a bit more up and down, especially at the end, than we expected. It was almost easier to walk in the creek bed than the trail in most spots. Once we got to the top, it was terrific. You could spend a few hours exploring all over, not just the toadstools. Oh, we are 71 and 68 years old too.

This trail is a neat hike up over a hump and straight down to the lookout. Its about .75mi from car to the edge and .75mi back. Once at the ledge you can climb up higher on the rocks to get the best views. You can see for miles and miles and straight down to the horseshoe. construction is under way for a viewing platform too. the walk back up the hill is a good incline and rocky uneven footing. also, parking can be very busy so plan accordingly and bring lots of water!

14 days ago

Awesome view but way too many people. Very short easy hike.

The crowds almost ruin the experience. Hard to find an unoccupied vista.

Amazing, pictures don’t do it justice.

17 days ago

Really fun hike that we did as a family - mom, dad, twin 8 year olds and a five year old. Handled the drop with a little assist from 6’4” dad and then further into the slot canyon. The kids loved it. We ate a snack at the T junction then went up the Gulch to the left. A bit of loose sand and called it quits and turned back around after about 10 minutes. Others went to the right and found pools of icy cold water but navigated them okay. We opted to go over the hill on the way back instead of scrambling back up the 8 foot drop. Great views and kids had fun scrambling up the slick rock. All did great, with about 4.5 mikes total and 3 hours - although short legs and side track climbing make us a bit slow :).

19 days ago

Amazing place! It is very fun to climb the toadstools when you arrive. Very easy trail.

Great introduction to slot canyons. Not for everyone due to one tricky 8 ft drop you go down then up. But we did it! Aged 9-45 and I’m a big guy. If u can do it the payoff is well worth it!

20 days ago

Loved this hike. Starts out rather bland, but there are the cool rock formations all over with the layered colors, stripes, etc, during the entire hike prior to the slot. Wire pass does include a slot canyon that has very high walls in a tight space. Go into the slot regardless if you can make the 8 foot drop. You can enjoy the awesomeness of the Antelope Canyon-like slot, and go back and go around the slot. As you are going toward the slot the walk around is on the right. My wife and I went around going down, as I believe going down the 8 foot drop is harder thatn going up. On the way back we went up the 8 foot climb up a branch that is wedged in place. Took some effort, but not bad. The ending is rewarded with the incredibly huge canyon walls at the convergance to Buckskin Gulch. No water anywhere in Wire Pass or at the convergence when we went in late March. You can go upstream at Buckskin without water or very little. But downstream, the deeper "puddles" waist high start at about 50 yards in. Worth going a bit upstream on Buckskin if you have time. You feel very small at the convergance area. Awesome stuff.

21 days ago

Crowded, but well worth the view. There’s a higher rock formation that you can climb up to get better views and pictures.

Note: Technically, you need a permit to hike here. However, no one checks for this.

Great place!

23 days ago


scenic driving
25 days ago

Incredible place that is so so special. Horseshoe Bend is a short little hike from the dirt parking lot. Best time of day for photography is right before the sun rises. Great scenic stop!

If you are passing through this is a must see. Very easy hike. Sort of crowded but you can hike an extra tenth of a mile to get away from the crowd and have the same views.

Very easy trail for families and the payoff is awesome

Watched the sunrise over horseshoe bend this week. Absolutely amazing. Very few people there at that time, but by the time he sun came up it was packed already. Recommend going early.

Crowded and people get too close to the edge, but pretty

Awesome!! A little bit more difficult than we were expecting but 100% worth it! We did this to break up a long day of driving from Santa Fe to Zion. Also it’s fun to say hoodoo.

Easy peasy, I guess we didn’t even get to the gardens because we were standing on the peaks of sandstone with amazing views. I like long hikes with elevation change and challenging terrain,but this was beautiful views with minimal effort.

Pictures just don't do justice. This place is beautiful regardless of crowds! just be patient bc there are tons of people trying to take cool pictures. it's all in good fun!

Nice slot that conveniently merges with buckskin gulch. Use the alternative way around the 8ft drop which was nice. The drop wasn’t bad but had a lot of camera gear and didn’t want to chance it

1 month ago

Exceptional hike, very easy until the 7’ foot drop. But it looks much harder than it is! An easy climb up and down and we had a dog with us. Buckskin gulch was amazing. We only hit one patch of water but easily passed using the rocks. Very little traffic.

1 month ago

Short and sweet trail! We didn’t do the whole trail just to the first toad stool. If you walk fast takes about 30ish minutes there and back. Very interesting view. Almost seems like it should be on another planet.

1 month ago

There's a boulder and about a 7 foot drop halfway down the first slot. I didn't think I could do it alone with just my dog but it's easy to hike back to the opening and go up to the right and bypass it. This hike was my consolation prize for never winning the wave lottery month after month.

Easy hike to cram in while you’re in town to see Antelope Canyon. Tons of tourists but you can still find space to yourself. Don’t get too close to the edge for that perfect shot

Beautiful! Lots of people but worth it!

Great stop on our way to Zion. The Hoodoos were fun to see as were the rest of the rock formations. Cold and windy today but well worth the hike.

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