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Beautiful hike. Will be back.

Trail was a bit muddy today after the rain but still highly recommend. Good challenge with the constant ups and downs. Saw only one other group of hikers and a few hunters.

Great Missouri hike

25 days ago

Fun trail with great scenery. Leaves made it difficult to see the trail in a few places, but it was well marked, so we didn't have much trouble.

Nice hike but way too many people for me. When I arrived there were 50 cars in the lots. I saw 25 people and 6 dogs on the trail. Very pretty but I like it more secluded. Lots of sandstone cliffs and water. Beautiful colors.

1 month ago

Took the actual 2.6 mile trail. Lots of ups and downs. You can definitely tell that it's a horse trail because of its narrowness. If you go right at the fork there is a playground area ( with a bathroom

This is a must! Did first two miles with my dog counterclockwise. A few nice spots in canyon right away after paved trail. Took the brown cut off trail due to time which was about 2 miles in and cutoff was pretty short. Wasn’t sure if people were talking about mainly hiking through the canyon most of the way to see more or what, but that what it looked like when you first reach it. . But will start clockwise next time. Would be pretty to see water. But perfect time for the colored trees.

Beautiful hike on a well maintained trail.

Beautiful 60 degree day, very sunny and windy. Trail was in excellent condition. Awesome hike with lots of elevation change and some cool creek/drainage crossings.

Pretty hike! You have to go off the main trail if you really want to explore the canyons. We passed quite a few people and a few dogs.

2 months ago

great trail with lots of twists and turns. Dog friendly, beautiful bluff views and interesting geology

This park is a gem!

Quite the work out! Only met 2 couples at the end of the hike. Love how natural the path was... I don’t like boring paths! Not recommended if you have bad knees.

trail running
3 months ago

Nice trail with good signage and beautiful scenery! There were lots of dogs and not all were on leashes. Well maintained facilities and the restrooms were very clean. Lots of creek crossings so that may be an issue after a good rain.

Took our dog just for the out and back portion of the trail. Trail was well maintained and clear of debris. Lots of muddy portions but it was raining so to be expected. Not a ton to stop and see along the way but a nice day hike!

very nice trail, but not clearly marked once you are off in canyon part. very beautiful scenery and wildlife

Great mix of hilly and more level terrain. gets your heart rate up without being too steep.

great hike. excellent scenery and well marked.

3 months ago

A labyrinth of trails allows you to choose your distance. Early morning animals were active including deer and turkey. Both horses and mountain bikers use this trial. Only downside to hiking here.

on Dogwood Trail

3 months ago

awesome trail.

4 months ago

For a hot day was a great shaded trail! It was 90 degrees but shaded with a nice breeze, it didn’t feel bad at all. We hiked down to the canyon and was well worth it. I would not go if there was a chance of rain it looks like it could flood easily.

4 months ago

Well-marked and mostly shady trail inside a beautiful new state park! Some extended ‘slow burn’ inclines, but generally moderate and accessible to a wide variety of fitness levels.

4 months ago

Not a bad hike overall. Hiked it on 30 Jul, 2018 after a few days of light rain. Made the trail slick on the rocks and muddy in the dirt. Summer tree canopy made it not very scenic but it was a nice day in the woods. Since it's a smaller trail and conservation area, there was some road noise on the portions of the trail near the boundary lines but overall was a quiet place. Lots of wildlife and unfortunately, spider webs all over the trail. Probably could have shaved 20 minutes off the total time if I was not constantly reenacting Harry Potter spells with the stick I was using to clear the webs. The trail itself is nearly impossible to lose as it's basically an ATV trail. The true distance is less than the advertised 8.1 miles. Even with shooting down some of the side trails and loops, I hit 7 miles even right at the parking area. Good hills to get the heart rate up and legs feeling the fun but pretty mild over the rest of the trail.

Hiked this trail Sunday 7-29-18. I did not do the small Taconic Loop, only the main big loop. A couple of steep climbs, but otherwise easy. Trail is actually a well marked narrow 4x4 Jeep road. The hike is 100% in the woods and a few clearings, but no long views of any kind, which I was hoping for. Lots of nice creek beds and rocky drainages, and typical MO hardwood forest. Plenty of wildflowers. Took me about 2 1/2 hours to do about 5.5 miles at a leisurely pace. Very little use, in fact I did not see another person the whole time, but it did rain for a time, which I assume kept folks away. Nice feeling of solitude.

4 months ago

Good incline and beautiful wildlife and trees. We saw lizards, a lot of birds, and two two deer were right on the trail. Shaded and the park itself is a beautiful.

Made a detour off the trail, into the canyon. Worth every bit! Today was very hot, but still relativitly cool on the trail. Very nice little hike. I will be back.

Gorgeous trail! Hiked it in a little over two hours, but we took a couple detours down into the canyon. We also hiked it backwards, which I enjoyed more as it started difficult and then got easier. Park is well maintained and beautiful. I cannot wait to go back and hike both trails!

LOTS of ticks!! It was a really great trail and a great challenge but the amount of ticks hurt my experience. I’d recommend wearing pants.

Great all around trail. A few pretty long hills that were a challenge to run up. I would definitely run this trail again.

6 months ago

Actually measures around 3.5 miles but is a wonderful hike. Lots of hills and a very narrow path but a wonderful workout. Lots of ticks right now, pulled off 12 during the hike. We will definitely be back.

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