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Falls were astounding—amazing noise & power of water. Huge amount of work planking and railing the trail and the great views of the falls make it worth the cost. Fascinating to see the brown (tannins?) water on the main stream, but a clear one feeding it. Great diversity of mushrooms!

4 days ago

This being my first really backpacking trip, the views really only came at the end most of the trail was wet and uneven. A lot of yo and downs, the north end of the trail is where you want to be. Some amazing views at the north of the trail, but tons of water sources throughout a lot of little spots to rest, watch of for the 7 min. Itch also a lot of snails and toads i

Great trail and doesn’t take long! If you want to relax after the hike, there is also a picnic area at the boat launch just nearby.

trail running
7 days ago

Great hike! 4 mike loop that starts along the water and goes up to two different look outs. Highly recommend. Completed in 3 hours with many stops to look at the views.

The hike was moderate but the views were great from both Pinnacle and Puplit rock. Took was about 4 hours with breaks at both the points . We did the loop counterclockwise so we reached the Pinnacle first . But I would love to come back and do it from the pulpit rock end . I think that would be a bit more challenging .

easy 5 and something km. easy to track the red labels on the trees. beautiful waterfalls across the path.

on White Rocks Trail

10 days ago

loved this hike. didn't make it all the way out to the end. went in the evening and lost the light. will be revisiting.

10 days ago

Great walk. Nice views. The area is so lush that it hides a lot of great views. I enjoyed hearing running water the entire loop.

Great place to hike during the hot summer!

this might be my favorite place in PA. I'd recommend doing the loop clockwise though, due to steepness of the trail at some spots. always a beautiful day at ricketts glen

Went a week following heavy rains
The lower trail was actually closed for repairs from flooding. The falls were gorgeous at full volume. From Lake Rose Trail head, be sure to take the Highland Trail route down. The loop is better in this direction. Loved the trails...from wide wooded to steep stairsteps to laid out "slate-like" sidewalks, plus along the rushing creek. With a lot of picture taking, we finished just under 3.

We went at a perfect time and i took some awesome pics so it was pretty cool!!

13 days ago

Great trail! Full of wildlife, wild blue berries and more, but watch out for rattle snakes! Great view points as well.

Hiked the northern section from Pequea Creek campsites to Bridge Valley rd area. This hike is certainly challenging and rewarding. Orange blazes were sometimes tough to notice but you catch on. The views of the river and the occasional bald eagle are terrific. This section of the trail brings you to some of the best tectonic caves on the east coast and the cold air blowing out of the openings feels awesome. It’s a great stop on the trail to do something different but bring head lamps. gloves a prepare for a dirty diversion into the caves. SO COOL! Good spot for a rest too. Don’t miss this portion of the trail. The caves are not far from Bridge Valley Rd crossing.

14 days ago

This is such a fun and rewarding hike! I did the loop counterclockwise, seeing the beautiful vistas fist and then exploring the massive boulder garden. I loved it and will definitely be back to do this one again!

A moderate hike which rewards you with amazing views from the Pulpit and the Pinnacle. Highly recommend you hike to the Pinnacle to catch the sunset, truly beautiful. Probably one of the top 5 best hikes in east PA. Few camping spots at the top but camping is not allowed and the rangers are known to patrol this very popular hike so i wouldnt recommend doing an overnight. Also no overnight parking in the lot, when I went to do a sunset hike I left a sign on my car stating as such and received no problems. Hike gets very crowded but me and my group were the only ones on the trail for our sunset hike.

14 days ago

I went counter clockwise and the elevation gain in the first 2 Miles was brutal but definitely worth it. When your up top near the viewpoints you better be aware of your surroundings. I walked up on rattlesnakes twice. At mile 8 I came across the biggest black bear I’ve ever seen. Happy that he wanted nothing to do with me. Besides the wildlife the scenery was incredible. Walking along the water and at least 20 water crossings was awesome. My last 6 Miles was in the rain so the water was flowing strong. I would definitely recommend this hike but I would never go solo on this again.

15 days ago

Pretty forest, but very few views. Very limited space for overnight camping unless you camp out on top of one of the two hills. We saw a rattlesnake sunbathing on one of the rocks of a view point.

I went on this hike yesterday and I highly recommend it. It starts off with a moderate incline but doesn't get too intense as you keep going up. The views of the lake are really nice and there are a ton of blueberry and a few raspberry bushes by the middle of the trail that are currently in season which taste delicious! As a heads up there is a hornets nest close to the trail a little before you get to the lake so be aware of that.

Wild blueberries, cool rocks, snakes, first hike with Frank.

It was a good hike with a good number of waterfalls . The loop was roughly 6 miles and it took us 3 hours . Nothing too crazy but you need to have good shoes ! The views were great at some of the waterfalls .

As good as its reputation. challenging uphill climb, especially when going the morning after a rain because the rocks were slippery. But the vistas at pulpit and pinnacle make it worthwhile. Went with a six and nine year old, took about 4 hours.

Beautiful gorgeous it was great

Not bad, easy trail To a nice pond for a pic nic

3 hours of beauty... yes, your feet are going to hurt as never but totally awesome. Ganoga, Reynolds... all the falls will get your heart.

It rained off and on during our hike, and since it was raining today (and rained the previous day) there was lots of water flowing and very few people. Nice.

Yes, you have to pay for admission, but the boardwalks give you access to some otherwise inaccessible views inside the gorge. Lots of trees fell as a result of the nor’ easter last March. Privately owned Bushkill Falls is open and NPS Dingmans Falls and George W. Childs are both still closed.

24 days ago

Beautiful place to visit. Easy to navigate unless you go off trail.

mountain biking
25 days ago

Great single track that is well maintained. The full loop is a bit more than 20 miles not 13.8. There are some challenging rock gardens near the end by the Boy Scout camp. It may not seem like much, but with nearly 2000 feet of climbing already in, your legs are begging for mercy by the time you get to the roots and rocks of the last bit of trail. The high points are, crossing the dam in which you must put your bike on your shoulder and make your way across ankle to knee high water. Then, nearing the end you’ll run up against a challenging rock garden with massive boulders. You’ll ride from one boulder to the next to get to the finish. The trail will come out from the woods and ends at the highway. So you’ll ride down from there to the entrance of the park. I’d like to see better signs and indicators for the trails, other than that I loved it.

on Butternut Trail

25 days ago

One of my favorites at world's end. the mileage isn't bad and there is some fun rock formations, some scramble areas but very enjoyable.

25 days ago

My boyfriend and I (age 30) heard great things about this trail, so we decided to check it out. It took us about 30 minutes to get the top, we saw a small black snake on the way up and one black snake on the way down. At the top there is a few overlooks with awesome views, as well as addiontal trails. One has an old cement building on that you can walk through. The trail is very dog and kid friendly.

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