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Red trail..

Great loop. Spend good amount of time near creek, which is always my favorite. Old logging road going up from campground will get your heart rate up. Good views, not heavily trafficked although it was March.

The directions given are accurate. Great views and the last leg is the best hiking, right next to a creek with lots of evergreens. The logging road at campground is a work out (up) but it's worth it. You will spend time on an old road and a asphalt road for all you hardcore peeps but I don't mind, plenty to look at. Great healthy stream and more blazed trails I didn't get on yet (white) I'll be back!

nice little walk. took about 1.5 hours.
through fields and a little through woods.
not bad views over fields.
well marked red trail.
parking enough for about 20 or so cars.

Great scenic route..Obviously would be better in spring/summer

a fun little trail to get a few miles in to stay in practice. can be very muddy in parts due to horse traffic. with that traffic also comes horse land mines. hunt in is allowed in some sections, so wear Orange.

This is a nice trail. We didn’t complete the full loop we took a wrong turn and ended up on another trail and then doubled back. Could’ve been all the snow, but nonetheless the trail was still quite serene. Would love to try it again in spring or summer time.

3 months ago

1st snow of the season this morning.

easy hike, good way to get away for an hour or two

Great Park for hiking

3 months ago

Took my Jack Russell Piper out to hike there today. Lots of fun we had the place to ourselves, she wasn’t a big fan of meeting the horses but other than that we loved it. It’s got just enough inclines/declines to keep it interesting but manageable with my repaired knee. Will be taking all three dogs the next time!

Nice place. What a great use for a large retired farm.

Brought my dog and we loved this trail! Definitely not the best marked (totally think we went on the horse trail at the beginning) but we made it thanks to some local hikers that do this hike every week. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a long hike but an easy one

4 months ago

The first half of the hike was great but after the half way point the All Trails map took us way off course which was disappointing. I recommend the blue trail over the white trail.

My dog and I went twice this past weekend, parked at Urey Overlook both times (which was kind of a pain; the teeny spaces were always full since it was so gorgeous); we didn't make it the entire 6 mile loop but it was still a nice hike from the Overlook! The first day we ended up doing a very short loop just by following the large trail (single blue mark). The second day we went farther but still not all the way around. The trails get narrow in places, and the mountain is definitely steep enough to get your heart rate up! Overall a gorgeous hike.

Not that well marked and gets a bit confusing with alternative trails that are available...

4 months ago

Very nice loop with good variety of flat and hills. Many roots and rocks on the trail so need to be mindful of your footing. We did the entire loop on a sunny Saturday afternoon in October. Parts near the roads are more heavily traveled, but it is still a peaceful trail.

Very poorly marked! Ended up quite a walk on busy road but fortunately I had my "map my walk" app on so it got us to our car. Glad it was a beautiful day ! Got my steps in!

Our favorite! Creek is beautiful and low traffic on trail.

Very nice trail. We need to come back earlier in the day so we can finish the entire 6.1 miles before dark.

5 months ago

awesome trail! wish there were maps along the trail.

Such a beautiful trail!!! Went in the morning during the sun rise and it was incredible.

A really great hike to get your heart rate up for a fantastic work out. The only issue I had was the fact that parts of the trail were not clearly marked, so I ended up finding myself walking along the horse trail. There was some horse poop, but since it’s Autumn, a lot of it is covered by leaves/decomposing. I wish the parts of the trail that split from the horse friendly parts were more clearly marked. (White dots.)

Great trail with all types of easy terrain. Had my son on my back the entire time. Beautiful views. Great directions in the write up.

One of my favorite places in West Chester. Pretty busy on Sundays but the rest of the week is not bad. Multiple trails that you can use and intersect.

5 months ago

I've hiked this trail in its entirety 3 times so far, and it definitely earns a moderate rating. I prefer the sections near the water (doesn't everyone) but it has its fair share of hilly forest and a bit of open field near the petroleum pipeline (oh, yay). It can be rather flat in sections but also has some rather challenging hills (one of which is practically all gravel and yes, I fell on my butt). Lots of tree roots jump out and try and to grab you. I'd recommend light hikers, a water bottle and hiking sticks for us older folks.

The trails can be very secluded. Brought my dog, we explored a quarter of it. was looking for the water fountain. deff found it. If u ask around ask for the dam. That's really what it is. U can find the dam (waterfall) on the creek. ask about the creek and u find it. The location of the waterfall is no where near the trails. For those chasing the falls lol.. other than that we enjoyed. the trails nothing complicated its very basic. Btw the waterfall is small so weather u wanna make that trip its on u. ppl are just good with taking photos. Like the one u will see of my dog lol...

6 months ago

I'm conflicted reviewing this trail.

I think it's a perfect length for a decent weekend venture that doesn't eat up the whole day (like a trip to the Pinnacle or Hawk Mountain), but it is by far the most "buggy" trail I hike -- and I hike a lot of trails in this area.

At French Creek, there is little difference between wearing repellent and not wearing it. By wearing some bug spray, you might not get bitten, but getting bitten really isn't the problem here, it's bugs continually landing on your face, hovering by your ears and dive-bombing you. The last three times I've been here I've spent at least 90% of my time needing one hand free to act like a windshield wiper for my face.

Folks, I'm from Florida and so I grew up with buggy trails, but French Creek feels like it was transplanted from the swamp lands (even though only some of it's terrain is mucky) and set in the hills of Southeastern PA.

I recommend this trail in the Fall and Winter, but by Spring and Summer I always finish the trail pissed off by the nuisance.

A wonderful variety of scenery, like a microcosm of all that the Brandywine area has to offer.

Trail runners should especially enjoy Stroud, because its terrain is not too rocky and the portions that are stone-laden are rather easy to navigate without much trouble.

This trail is admittedly one of the busier destinations that I frequent, but I don't feel that it's "congested" in any way. Although the parking lot may be rather full, if you stick to the red trail, you will only occasionally pass a fellow hiker/runner.

Besides the red trail, which essentially follows the border of the preserve, there are a couple other trails that cut through the preserve and are perhaps a better option for those with small children, or those that just want a stroll.

This is a well-maintained preserve and I highly recommend it for hikers/runners and even people that want a scenic area to take pictures or do some plein air painting.

trail running
6 months ago

Absolutely beautiful. I ran the red trail this morning and I was surrounded by beautiful butterflies throughout the run. Trails are easy to follow. It was so peaceful. I could spend every morning here.

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