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This is a two part review.
The first part of the trail was from Flat Rock to Waggoners Gap. The trail was rugged and extremely rocky with numerous hills to ascend. Hiked this section on May 4,2018. A gallon of water was not nearly enough to carry, even with the fullest effort to conserve. Hiked all day and only made it about 14 miles before running out of light. With that being noted, we abandoned all hope to proceed and ended the journey at Waggoners Gap.
Just returned from the second leg of the journey (January 12,2019), which began where we left off at Waggoners Gap. This section of the trail was rocky, however, not nearly as the first trek. This section of the trail was MUCH easier, with numerous ascents and descents, though the trail seemed well “manicured “. During this trip, we hiked a continuous 15 miles, following the Tuscarora Trail into the AT at Miller’s Gap. As stated previously, this section of the Tuscarora Trail was ridiculously easier than the first section, and I feel somewhat upset about it. In all, we began this leg at 0545 and ended at 1600, well before running out of light.
In conclusion, the first leg from Flat Rock to Waggoner’s Gap is sheer, unforgiving Hell, while the second leg from Waggoner’s Gap to Miller’s Gap is more like walking a well maintained powderpuff trail.

15 days ago

Probably the best marked trail system I've been on. Moderate trail in all seasons. The 6 mile Gerard Loop (red) is perfect for snowshoeing & running. About 95% of the trail is firm, even in wet weather. The remaining 5% may be 3-5 inces of mud/water. If you go in cold weather you may be the only one on the trail so prepare accordingly.

Not bad hike. Very pretty in the winter. Trail is super easy to follow with cement mile markers.

Pretty confusing at some parts, but awesome hike nonetheless. Totally recommend!

Awesome furnace, nice scenery, totally recommend. Take a detour to visit the “beach,” haha

Started at the Moraine Bike Rental and hiked in about 2 mi yesterday. Great short hike, will definitely be going back for the full trail.

I should have grabbed a trial map. Thankfully I read the reviews here which prompted me to exploring the Hills.

trail running
1 month ago

Favorite trail, only an hour or so from home. Cement mile markers the whole way. Would get dropped off at Jersey Hollow Rd. and run down to the Pyle and sit in the river, refreshing.

It's a total ball, Buster. You have to have good hiking boots with good ankle support. The campground area is well maintained. With bathrooms and shelters.

Hiked this out and back in two sections.

Day #1 - Started at Mcconells Mill and hiked to about a mile past Walnut Flats and back. The steady rain made footing pretty tricky but it was a challenge with some amazing views. Total - 10.5 miles

Day #2 - Started from Hell’s Hollow and hiked just short of Walnut Flats and back. On way back to car we took the Hells Hollow falls trail which was beautiful. Total - 7.5 miles.

Overall the trail was challenging and had lots of stream crossings, rocky terrain and some sizable elevation. A must if your in the area.

Backpacked this trail the day after Thanksgiving going CCW from the park office. The Lake trail was the easy, but very muddy. The forest trail seemed more vertical than flat (definitely in the moderate range) and also muddy. Very wet Fall. Stayed at a Sioux lean to but took the campground road out in the morning due to the rain. Did not want to slog through the mud on the heritage trail. Whoever rated the entire loop as easy got it wrong. I’ve been in easier trails that were rated moderate.

there is more to this park than just the flat trails. there are miles of trails up in the woods for hiking and mountain biking that are above moderate skill level. if you did all the trails you end up in Avenmore, total of 10-12 miles. the trails are there, you just got to poke around

Challenging hike, incredible scenery

Will hike this trail again for sure.

2 months ago

Lots to see on this nice length trail.

A nice Trail if you follow the map its actually two tails Roaring Run and Rock Furnace trail. Rock Furnace Trail is the highlight follows Roaring Run which is actually beautiful. Camel Rock is a highlight and so is the suspension bridge. Stay Right at the split to reach the end of the trail the other way is not owned by the conservatory. there are mountain bike and hiking splits along the way or just follow the limestone path. Well marked paths. There is a nice recreation park near the parking lot. if you follow the map which I did its almost 8 miles long out and back.

2 months ago

Favorite place to hike!

2 months ago

Truely deep woods PA...

2 months ago

to start out it was a wet rainy day hike, and it was 4 days after they held a 100 mile trail run...so it was muddy to say the least. Having gotten that out of the way, what a great track. I did the 12 mile loop in about 5 hours (would of been faster, but took a wrong turn....twice.) and had a fantastic time navigating the mud, the rocks, the steep switchbacks and everything else this trail had to offer. The complete trail is much larger then what's on this map and I am planning on completing it later next month.
I fell in love with the character of the trail with in the first mile. You spend most of the time under the canopy of the forest all while moving along the side of the mountain with some pretty steep drop offs. If you are trekking this during the rain, take extra caution in your footing. One wrong trip could send you down a long way below. I slipped a couple of times, mostly on random wet tree roots.
There are a couple of well marked scenic views, but unfortunately for me it was a foggy day and could not see much.
The two camping areas have bathrooms and fresh water available. And I highly recommend spending the night at one of the shelters available at either Cow Run or Wolfkeil. What a way to spend the night out in nature.
Sorry for the rambling on, but I enjoyed this place so much, my wife and I have already planned 2 more trips here for early winter weekend hikes and staying in the shelter.

awesome trail, beautiful views. definitely not a beginner hiker's best option. some of the hill climbs are steep, but the trail is well marked and very easy to follow. we took our time & it was about a 4-1/2 hour hike from hells hollow falls to the covered bridge at mcconnels mill. also, we didnt see ANY litter along the whole hike, not did we see many people!

2 months ago

I headed into the woods on Friday afternoon and noticed the silver blazes marking the trail. The trail is marked well enough for most of the way with only a couple tricky parts. Some of the turns can easily be skipped with the blazes (some having arrows pointing to turn) being a little on the smaller side. The trail itself is fairly easy with nothing too difficult. Elevation changes are frequent and but again, nothing too steep or difficult.

I went counterclockwise and skipped the Morrison Trail; only doing the Rimrock Trail Loop. I spread the trip over 3 days and 2 nights taking my leisurely time as I hiked. It was cold and wet the weekend I went where it rained all night both nights and the 2nd night it got down into the upper 20's. First night, I only hiked about 3 miles and set up camp just off the trail where an established fire ring sat. The 2nd night I stayed at the Morrison Campground. There are many campsites available there at the campground all complete with fire rings and picnic tables. Sunday morning, I woke up and finished the trail.

I would definitely recommend this trail to any hiker with any amount of experience or lack there of. It's a nice little trail with plenty of campsites to offer and lots of water and streams. There wasn't anything crazy as far as views either, but it was still very beautiful just being out in the woods.

Ran gate to 11 and the trails were perfect as technical trail can be. Be ready to do some climbing

mountain biking
3 months ago

decent trail, very slight incline going out until roughly 3 1/2 miles out, then a bit of a hill climb. but I see old people doing it enough, so it's not exactly a leg burner. stick to the left at the top of the hill and you'll find a little waterfall tucked away behind the tree line, there's no signs indicating it, just have to use your brain for half a second.
Also the marked map on this app is inaccurate, it's merging the rock furnace trail and roaring run. Just stay straight when you get to the little bridge, that continues roaring run, not the left hand turn this app is telling you take (that is rock furnace trail).

Well marked easy to follow trails. Grabbed a map from the kiosk and did the blue loop. Trail was muddy in spots but with all the rain we've had this summer that was to be expected. The trail was a little overgrown on the singletrack heading up to the ridge but otherwise a pleasant walk with all intersections well marked. The map has the loop at 5.7 miles but the app recorded 6.6 miles. I deviated from the map for lunch at a campsite but that was no more than 100 ft.

Did about 2/3 of the Black Loop. Markers up to #9 were fine. However, the decent leading back to the road was overgrown, and there were no markings on other side of the road. I had to abandon the lower portion and walk back via the roadway. That section needs to be marked more clearly.

3 months ago

Not really Baughman, it stops short of the Baughman overlook and Baughman rocks. The actual trail continues about another mile, crosses the road (where it meets up with a junction of the Sugarloaf Trail) then heads back down to Ohiopyle.

See my review. It’s more like 9+ miles :) blazes are hard to follow in places.

this is a nice relaxing trail rather you ride the road or trail, I like to trail ride in and road ride out.

Great all year round. Smooth terrain and beautiful scenery.

3 months ago

We (a group of seven) finished quehanna trail loop from sep 22 to Sep 26. The trail is well marked. It has some fantastic views, and plenty of water. It’s enjoyable camping along the beautiful creeks each night. A recommendation to the management: It would help hikers to plan their trip if the map can provide information about the campsites. Actually, we relied on our gps to locate the campsites, not the map.

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