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Really pretty views the whole way up! The last 0.75mi up was about a 1000ft elevation gain. Climbed around the rocks at the top past where the trail technically ended. Lots of loose gravel at this point but managed to get to the top which had great views. Clocked 6mi total in 3 hours.

This trail is absolutely incredible. It will challenge you greatly, but it will be so worth it.

If you want to hike some ridges, then this is your trail. I hiked this trail in early October. The weather was dynamic that day, it started off with foggy clouds and low visibility. Then there was light snow, but it didn’t stick to the ground. Eventually it started to snow harder and wind gusts picked up at the beginning of the hike. Throughout the hike the weather would clear up then go back to cloudiness and snowfall, and then clear up again, and repeat. The temperature was right around 30 degree Fahrenheit not including wind chill. I took the trail to Lake Angeles trail and attempted to have a late lunch, but the wind chill and the cooling effect from the lake made relaxing there somewhat bitter. The hike is definitely moderate. There is a switchback section, and the trail that leads from the ridge to the lake involves an estimated 2000ft descent/ascent. There are several lookout points along the route, but you may miss some depending on visibility and clouds. The trail is mostly rock and dirt, and can be slick if the trail is wet. I did not see much wildlife except for a bunny and some birds, but the views and lake made the hike well worth it. Definitely recommend this trail during spring and summer months.

September 30 2018
Road closed.
10+ mile hike to springs from road closed gate.
We were time restricted and disappointed we couldnt do it.
Road is washed out allegedly.

This was our last hike on our trip to Washington and the landscape was gorgeous. You can access this trail right from the visitors' center. I loved how the trail carved into the steep mountain side and the constant view of Hurricane Ridge. I remember lots of bees, steep and exhausting switchbacks, and the best rock on which I ever ate a peanut butter sandwich. Highly recommend this rewarding hike.

We hiked this trail on a gorgeous sunny day (not much coverage so don’t forget your SPF + bug spray). Narrow pathways in some parts but nothing too scary. Beautiful panoramic views on both sides! We only hiked out about 2 miles before turning around as we felt like we had seen most of what we wanted to see. Upon return we encountered a black bear walking along the path (specifically the long stretch of steep, exposed trail), thanks to a few others that had seen and called out the bear moments before, we stayed back and let the bear cross out of the path and on his way. Safe to say it made this hike even more exciting!

Beginning portion is awesome. Black flies on the trail were definitely a nuisance. Decent view of Mt Olympus at a couple points.

We hiked this trail today and started nice and early, which we were glad for as the trail doesn’t have all that much coverage on the way down to the lake. It was a very challenging hike, and due to the smoke coming in from the forest fires, were not sure the difficulty was worth the pay off in views. I also found Lake Angeles itself to be underwhelming which was disappointing as it was the pinnacle of our hike. I definitely feel accomplished after finishing it, but disappointed that we saw no wildlife (animals) and few wildflowers. It was a quick trip into the park from our Airbnb in Port Angeles, which was nice

Hiked only to the switchbacks. Great views most of the way. Does have quite a bit of elevation gain and loss. Did it on a day it was hot and sunny. I would recommend doing this on a day it's overcast because there is very little coverage during the hike.

Really gorgeous, steep hike. There were 2 sections of switchbacks. The first set are not long, but extremely steep. The 2nd set are pretty long, but managable. There are many bees, but they are busy with more important things. We saw tons of wildflowers, lots of chipmunks, plenty of deer, at least 30 goats, and these animals that looked like giant groundhogs. Once you get to the summit, all the hard work really pays off. Fog had rolled in and made us feel like we were in the clouds! Will definitely be returning.

Like others, only did part of this trail, mainly the ridge walking. Great, great views, and not too challenging.

Nice walk through the old forest growth. We ended at the creek, but we think the trail ends before the steep descent.

We only did part of the trail-stopped about 2 miles up. Had great views the entire way. Did not see any wildlife, but did see some nice wildflowers and my kids (8 and 10) loved the views. (There is a decent amount of uphill!

2 months ago

Caught the sunrise from here, it's pretty spectacular. Views pretty much all the way up. A good half of the path is not well maintained but that's likely from how few traffic through (I was the only one on the trail during my hike). The mountain is a good climb for novice and intermediate climbers, I simply went up with a water bladder, my phone, and a flashlight. A good amount of wildlife can be spotted, too!

Hiked this with the teenage kids today (July), just to the top of the switchbacks. Clear skies, unbeatable views of glacier tops and San Juan de Fuca. Saw bear, grouse, goat (invasive but fun to see), and all kinds of blooming flora.

challenging but worth it!! watch out for the somewhat aggressive goat herd. the views are incredible

Hiked in to the lake on 7/21 from Heart 'O the Hills trailhead, spent the night at Lake Angeles and then hiked out the switchback trail from Klahhane Ridge. Saw a couple of goats and a mama grouse with 4 chicks. Wildflowers were beautiful. Lots of mosquitoes at the lake so bring bug spray!

We saw a herd of mountain goats when we got up to the ridge. What a beautiful sight to see!

Beautiful trail-did the last part of it around Lake Angeles the other day!

A beautiful ridge hike with lots of mountain meadow views as well as a really nice panorama of the mountains of the Olympic National Park.

My husband and I just hiked this trail today. We wanted to hike hurricane hill but unfortunately it was closed. So we figured we should do another hike in the vicinity since getting up to hurricane ridge took so long due to construction on the main park road. We felt like we went up and down 3 small mountains/hills to get to what didn’t even feel like the summit. We did see a mom and baby mountain goat (so cool!) but besides that felt like the hike was just meh. Also we keep seeing the hike labelled as 2.5 miles and we were confused because we definitely hiked more than that. We were going to settle for it just being an unfortunate hike until downloading this app and reading the comment that says we were supposed to veer LEFT at the arrow “trail” sign when we in fact went RIGHT because we saw people in front of us heading that direction (it seemed like the arrow was pointing that way). Now I feel dumb and annoyed. Oh well. Everyone else: stay left at the unclear arrow sign if you want mount Angeles!

Road closed can’t get there

3 months ago

Beautiful views, but NO trail. If you like skating on shale, scaling ridges and having you wife tell you "We had a plan, and this wasn't it!" - then go for it. Otherwise, not recommended. Caught the trail from Grand Pass, after Gladys Lake. I can't imagine taking the trail from the first entrance off Grand Pass

Beautiful trail, however due to snow & my inability to find the trail I was unable to do the full thing. I started the ridge near the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center & it was absolutely beautiful, great completely different views on both sides. I went as far as I could then turned back & drove to the Switchback trailhead, as expected it was a challenge. I climbed through a lot of snow & eventually wasn’t able to continue, I conveniently stopped on some boulders & had a great view of the lake from above. The first part of the trail on the ridge was my favorite part; wildflower, snow covered mountain & Strait of Juan de Fuca views all at the same time.

This was an amazing hike. Pretty steep incline on some parts. The view at the top of the ridge was spectacular!!

4 months ago

This was our favorite hike we did in the park. We didn’t go all the way to the lake, but the ridge had incredible views. When we went there was a bit of snow left including a snow field but didn’t come across any big problems with only our boots. There are 12-13 switchbacks once you meet Switchback Trail but the views are well worth it. We saw deer, marmots and mountain goats. I’d recommend this to anyone.

Beautiful trail. It was a 6.2 mile hike, with 1000 feet of elevation gain with two pups. We parked near the Olympic National Forest headquarters building. Many bridges to cross, beautiful scenery, and nobody on the trail, but us.

amazing hike! saw a mountain goat at the summit of mount Angeles. minimal snow, although at the foot of the summit climb there still is some which can make it difficult to follow the trail- nothing crazy though. breath taking views!! did the entire thing & stopped for a picnic in 4.5 hours.

There's a fair bit of construction on the drive up to Hurricane Ridge right now, but it's definitely worth it. There's still snow up on the ridge though so definitely bring spikes. We only made it a mile and a half into the trail before having to turn back because the snow was so packed down and slippery. Will definitely try this trail again in June or July when there's no snow!

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