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on Red Fork Falls Trail

2 days ago

been 3 times and each time it was just as beautiful. would never be bored going to see it. there is also a waterfall at tbe base to your left just crawl threw tbe rhodadenrons it us worth the crawl also

A really nice trail. The waterfalls at the end are excellent but the trail makes you work for it. Trail is a mix of flat walking and quite rocky. There are 4 water crossings which were manageable even with the wet summer.

Hadn’t hiked the falls in probably 8 years or longer, but had a blast. Took the kiddos (4 and 6) and they did very well. Trail is in good shape, creek crossings were fairly deep in places since all the rain lately in the area. The falls were beautiful, again from all the rain lately they were flowing heavy! I definitely recommend this trail for some beautiful scenery. I have hiked this trail since I was a kid and have always loved how it follows the creek up the mountain.

This trail was great. It is mostly shaded the whole way up. It was mostly on an incline till you get to the top, so some in the group had some struggles. We only saw two large waterfalls, but they was magnificent. I will definitely do this hike again.

Great trail not too hard and awesome view the entire walk but but not marked well so make sure you just keep to the right at every turn on the way up. Taking the left goes up rattlesnake Ridge and hits no water and a very like hike still a great view but much harder and no waterfall

Amazing!, I have 2 kids 12 and 14 and a boxer. The entire family loved it, it was difficult hiking the closer you got to the fall; that said it was well worth the hike down. If you have small children just beware some of the rocks can be very slick and if you fall it’s a ways down.

Good clear path with no trash on it...always good to see responsible hikers. Counted 4 water crossings that could be challenging for some to cross and stay dry. Waterfall at the end was great even though there had been a dry spell

1 month ago

This hike was amazing! I went with one other women, both of us in our 20s, and neither of us felt that it was that difficult. It was definitely a climb rather than a stroll. The waterfalls were so beautiful. Definitely worth the hike for us!

Good hike, not a long distance but somewhat hard since I have short legs

it took me a mile to find the trail !!Hiking is not marked until you go to the back of the camp.Beautiful trail !!

Short hike, but some tricky spots climbing down and then back up. We only got about .6 on the gps. Awesome waterfall!

This is a great enduring hike. The entire hike is generally uphill and rocky at some points. Because it had rained a lot the week we went we had to cross over 3 or 4 creek crossings which ended up soaking our shoes. Keep that in mind if it rains prior to your hike. the falls at the very end is gorgeous and was so powerful given the rain. Beautiful!!!

Excellent hike! I really had to push myself towards the end where it was steep and exhausted from the humidity. Thankfully, the vast majority of this trail is tree covered, which significantly lowers the temperature. It was a little confusing finding the trail head. There are signs for everything except the hiking. Go towards the back, away from the road. The signs for the trail will be near the camping area.

2 months ago

The hike was rocky and steep a lot of the time. The waterfalls were a great bonus. The large falls at the end was thundering and multi tier. Great shorter hike. It’s a couple of miles out and then back. I’d definitely do it again.

Risk is very much worth the reward with this trail, but requires very careful footing. Took me a while to really figure out how to get to the falls as I didn't see any markings. My GPS took me right to the trailhead, just watch for large red dot on tree next to road in parking area. There's no cell service so I would urge you to bring a partner just in case one were to fall. All in all this is a great trail for anyone looking for a quick challenge. I'll definitely be returning

Will try again soon. Do not listen to the directions that you click on for IOS maps. It has you turn on Clark springs rd and what you need to do is continue down Clark’s creek rd past sill branch falls.

Great hike! The falls are spectacular!

3 months ago

The traiL is Longer than what it says... it's a good hike up to The big FaLLs... well worTh it... oohhh.. it's so beauTiFuL... there's a couple of small falls along the way... ♡♡♡ greaT daY hike.. w/ the kids... ♡♡

Great short hike, some climbing. Wear good ankle supporting boots

Great hike past multiple waterfalls! The majority of the hike is uphill but not too steep with several stretches of flatter ground to break it up. Plus there are so many nice breaks along the creek that it’s nice to stop. There are really two falls on this hike, so after you pass the first large waterfall keep going further to an even better one!! Heard from other hikers that it’s even cooler to go during the winter time because the waterfalls completely freeze over! Will be back to see that. Also wear waterproof shoes during the spring season because you have to cross the creak four times, not difficult but will get regular sneakers wet.

5 months ago

This is a really cool trail, but packs a punch. Climbing down to the falls can be very sketchy in wet conditions. I would not take kids on this trail as a fall could result in death in some spots. We did see a black bear on this trail. Parking area is hard to find and no sign.

6 months ago

last :45 was Tough but well worth it

8 months ago

This hike isn't for everyone! Its almost straight up & you cross the creek several times, but once you get there its totally worth it! The first waterfall you come to is not that far, but is so beautiful! Will definitely hike again!

9 months ago

Definitely more of a climb than hike but well worth the effort if you love waterfalls and be sure and go all the way to the bottom

More of a climb than a hike. Could be very dangerous in wet conditions.

I'm a pretty avid hiker and hike often, so I'm no stranger to climbs or working hard to get to a destination. In my humble opinion, the "reward" at the end of this trail is not worth the effort it takes to get there. For some reason, I hike this trail every 3-4 years and remember why, each time, the reason I don't hike it often.
Like with any falls, the flow depends on the rainfall (duh). That is particularly true with these falls. I have been before and it has been a little more than a trickle. Don't get me a wrong, it's beautiful up there, but it's hard to justify the climb you have to make to get to them. If you happen to get the place to yourself it's pretty peaceful. Just be prepared to work for it.

9 months ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOGS! I know other reviews and even the description says this, but seriously, don't take your dogs, unless they are well trained and don't need a leash, and even then, it may be a challenge. There will be times on this trail that you will be on your butt going down or on all fours coming up. I chose not to read and/or listen to this advice and my wife had to turn around and the take the dogs out as they couldn't make it and were pulling us down the slope.

All in all it's a great, short hike. Probably a half a mile in to get to the Falls. Even in dry conditions the ground can be slippery so be careful. Great main waterfall and some beautiful smaller ones around as well to see on the way.

10 months ago

Please take note that this trail can be tricky to locate. After you turn onto Red Fork Rd., it is roughly 1.1 miles. Look for a wide spot on the right side of the road. (if you come to a gravel road, you have gone way too far) When you see the wide spot, look for a faded red dot that is painted on a tree. Just down from that red dot is a trail that is supposed to be for an ATV. This is where you need to be. You will cross a creek 2 times on your way to the falls. On the way, you will be treated to several small little water falls that is very pretty. Once you arrive to the Red Fork Falls, you will arrive at the TOP of the waterfall. Although it is a tricky climb down, it is so very worth it to take in the view of this waterfall. It is so pretty! Be very careful...it is rocky, full of tree roots, and wet and slick. Keep a firm grip on trees that are growing close on the trail - you'll need them to pull yourself up and just to keep a steady hand. I would definitely do this trail again. I highly recommend it. In my group we were all women, our ages ranged from 21, 41, and 62 and we all did just fine. All of us managed to fall at least once and wore some mud as badges of honor. Definitely wear waterproof hiking boots. I personally would not recommend children or dogs on this trail because of the slippery rocks and tree roots that makes tripping so easy to do. The 300 ft waterfall is indeed spectacular. I'll be doing this one again.

nice hike. no views, but waterfalls are nice.

Beautiful Waterfalls and nice little hike

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