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Beautiful oasis feel.

Absolutely beautiful!!! The hike out was definitely difficult but well worth it!! Took my 9 year old son, and we hike at least 2x/month, and he said this was his favorite hike so far. I would not recommend this hike for beginners.

Great trail! Definitely worth the hike.

on Triple Falls Trail

3 days ago

Short hike but after a good rain the falls are beautiful!

well marked, good distance for a day hike, fun scenery

I wouldn’t actually consider this a hike. The road down to the falls is the most intense part of the journey and maneuvering it actually takes longer than the short stroll to the falls once you make it to the bottom. I personally wouldn’t drive down to the falls without a 4WD vehicle. The falls are absolutely breathtaking and worth seeing.

We went after a good bit of rain, so the creek crossing (you step on rocks to cross, right before the waterfalls) was close to impossible without getting water in your boots. It was absolutely worth it to have wet shoes, because the water features were awesome. So carry extra socks. Also, due the the uphill climb on the return trip, allow much more time to return.

Stunning views and a tough hike! Definitely bring extra water and take your time back up!

Loved the trail, it is difficult towards the end. Well worth it!

9 days ago

So so beautiful, especially if the falls are going. We went in March after rain and it was rushing. The hike has some climbing in places, and can be slick, but my 5 kids handled it pretty well (the 3 and 4-year-olds needed help). The cave was kinda claustrophobic because so many people were trying to get in and out. I would definitely hike it again, but skip the the cave.

9 days ago

The end result at the falls is beautiful!! The hike to get there is pretty boring, but over all worth it.

Very pleased with this hike. I went with my father and his dog and my two dogs, and everyone had a good time! The scenery was nice, the natural tunnel was neat, and the hike was a great length for a day hike for us. There are a few water crossings, but they weren't bad.

11 days ago

Seeing this place after a good rain is sooo much better! Liked it before, loved it this time.

11 days ago

The falls were impressive and a good flow of water was coming down. I couldn’t imagine walking down there just for a trickle because the climb back up is a doozy! Not a long hike by any means but will definitely test your stamina and heart on some sections coming back up. Good times!

Very short walk. Must catch it after a good rain and you will get to see all 3 flowing very impressively. The road down to the falls is a fun journey as well...

11 days ago

I’ve been to Branson many times, but this jewel of a trail is hidden in plain sight. Amazingly, it’s just south of 76 at Falls Creek Rd. I’m too embarrassed to say how many times I’ve passed the parking lot without noticing the trailhead. A must stop for all hikers from beginners to old trail hounds like me. Most of the trails are easy to moderate. Very few difficult areas unless you are terribly out of shape.

Fun little trail. Very quiet and peaceful on the way back to the falls.

Beautiful trail. Got hammered by a thunderstorm just before getting to Cob Cave, so at least we had some cover. Loved it!

Perfect hike for our family! The waterfalls were beautiful, and the cave at the end was so cool! If you stay to the right when it starts getting narrow, you don't have to crawl really...It's just a tight squeeze. Well worth it to see the waterfall inside. Our boys (4 and 11) loved it!

Simply amazing!

Went in March of 2018. The top of the trail head had a chilling breeze but the weather was warm as we went downhill. It was gorgeous despite most of the trees not yet blooming green. It allowed for more views from the heights as we progressed down.

We got off the Trail accidentally traveling down a partially dried creek ending back on the trail at the river and made our way to the falls from there.

Overall a great trail but reveling to ones current cardio fitness on the way back up. I had to stop several times to catch my breath. Totally worth it.

The goat trail is one of my favorite hikes in this area. Easy but rocky downhill hike on the way in and a little challenging coming back out. The amazing views from the bluffs are well worth the effort!

18 days ago

Great hike! With all the rain that fell this last week the falls were flowing good! The cave was very busy so didn't get to spend a lot of time in it. This is another popular hike in the area so be aware if you don't like crowds. There is a picnic shelter and bathrooms at the start which makes it nice if you are planning to do several hikes in the area.

I have hiked this trail several times in recent years, but I have never seen so much water in so many of the creek beds as I saw today. I was surprised that the early spring rains created so much runoff. It gave me such a different experience--I loved seeing and hearing the rushing creeks and it was a fun challenge to cross some of them (thank goodness for waterproof hiking shoes!). The area just past the natural tunnel usually has plenty of room to sit; today, that area was under water! I spoke to another hiker who recalled a visit when the creeks were even higher than today and he couldn't navigate many of them. This has become one of my top 3 favorite Missouri State Parks. The caves, high bluffs, creek beds (with and without water), natural tunnel, and changes in elevation make for a solid workout and lots to look at along the way.

18 days ago

Great hike! I went last year after a week of heavy rain. I went with my Grandpa who has had both knees replaced, we were also with a family friend who had been to the eye before. It was in the 50° with the creek moving so fast in some places that we had to go off the trail. We had no problem finding the trail until we tried to come back a different way. there is a trail that is very steep and can take you up to the top of the eye without going through it, and it keeps going up to the Buffalo River Trail. The BRT was overgrown and we could not find the trail. We made it back to the parking lot at dusk, we saw a black bear with her two cubs, they stayed in the woods and we walked slowly away. None of us had any problems wading the water, I'm 5'4 and the water was up to my mid thigh, the ropes and the cliffs didn't bother us. We knew what we were getting into, but we also knew that we had done all of it before. All of us had been caving before, in some farly difficult caves, that had more challenges than Indian Creek. Would deffently recommend going after a heavy rain to catch water flowing through the eye, but be careful the rocks will be slicker, the water higher, and faster. If you make a wrong step it is possible to end up in the Buffalo River. This is only if the creek is flooded. If there hasn't been a heavy rain. then there probably won't be any water coming out of the eye, but it is still a wonderful hike.

My husband and I hiked this trail while it was raining. Hiking in the cold rain wasn’t fun, but the payoff when we got to the falls was amazing. The falls were so beautiful! If it’s raining or has rained recently I would definitely recommend waterproof boots.

Very short, easy hike! Falls are beautiful. We did this last in a 4 trail day. Very wise decision. It takes longer to drive down to the trail from the highway than actually do the trail

Cave falls are amazing. Easy hike up to the first falls, but has the extras for those who want to explore

19 days ago

Go after heavy rain for a big reward. Beautiful, forgot I was not in Colorado. Absolutely love Arcadia Valley.

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