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Overton - Valley of Fire area Map

Lots of Petroglyphs to see! Short trail but the sand makes it just challenging enough for someone on their first hike like me!

easy short hike for kids and pets to see lots of amazing petroglyphs. The sand is hot for pets, be careful. We saw 4 big horn sheep!

WOW!! Me fascinó hermoso lugar.

Un paseo muy hermoso me encantó.

Great little trail for the kids. Saw a handful of good sized lizards. Just long enough to "get a hike in", but not TOO long for little ones. We've got 5, the littlest two being 2 & 3, and they did great.

3 months ago

A long trail is not necesarily the most scenic! This short trail (1.1 mile round trip) is chocked full of glowing red rocks, seasonal wild flowers, and rock formations (arches and windows). We finished this trail in about 1 hour at a moderate pace. Sometimes if you are new to these kinds of trails, it's not always easy to spot the arches and window that hide or get camouflaged in the multicolored rock mounds. Since we have been on several other trails throughout Utah, we have gotten used to spotting some. While this video shows one arch in the peaks of the rocky cliffs, there may have been more we missed due to our fast pace and still relatively freshmen approach to trail walking and spotting natural features.

Video: https://youtu.be/KxPuRU_oGps

So many petroglyphs! I’ve never seen this many in one place before. I was really impressed.

Short and easy! The color change in the rocks is very noticeable and you can get a close look as well. Hiked to days ago and it was very hot!

3 months ago

Absolutely stunning. It's a very short trail, but worth every moment. The first part has some trudging through soft sand, but the path towards Fire Canyon is mostly rock and easy going. Incredibly beautiful views of the canyon. The markers are easy enough to see, but you don't really need them, as it's fairly well traveled and you can see footsteps in the sand.

4 months ago

The trail is rated as moderate but I consider it more of an easy trail. It's short and the trail itself is pretty smooth. I would go in the morning or during cooler months; just take plenty of water and sunscreen. The road to the trailhead is narrow in some parts where you cannot see around the curves, so go slow.

Many petroglyphs to see- don't miss this short hike!

Easy fun hike with a lot of petroglyphs and beautiful rock formations. The little “water tank” at the end is pretty neat and boast some great scenery

4 months ago

my favorite spot at valley of fire alot of area to explore dont really need trails

Overlook for Fire Canyon is breathtaking.

Really cool canyon with petroglyphs.

very pretty short trail. This trail also offers one of the easiest access points into Fire Canyon

very nice, but certainly not my favorite hike in this park

Fun little family trail, great to take off shoes and just walk in the sand.

Beautiful scenery. The colors in the surrounding rocks are incredible

easy hike and loads of petroglyphs high up on your left as you walk toward the end of hike. lots of traffic on this hike. at the end, look for the stone bowl in ground where native americans used to ground corn and such.

Nice little walk to see petroglyphs

Overgrown with Tamarix. If you’re protected and want to hike through there is still a trail. The entrance is across from the large building on west end. The schoolhouse?

Trail is open and very nice. Very cool to see. The Overton trail down the river is overgrown with Tamarix

A great hike. We continued passed the end of the official end of the trail pass the tank. Continuing up the wash is where it really gets interesting and you can really scramble and make the hike as hard as you want and as long as you want. We saw plenty of goats.
I am amazed that more hikers don’t hike this park. It truly is beautiful and close to Vegas. Many locals don’t even know about it. Weird!

8 months ago

Do your homework. Research the history of this town online before going. Get a map that shows the location of the buildings and of which each building was. As you walk through this Ghost Town with the aid of a map, you can get a pretty good idea just what the town must have looked like. A nice getaway.

A short hike through soft sand to a rock outcrop that has some great views. From the outcrop you can walk down a rock/sand wash to a vista with some more views. Well worth the short trip!

8 months ago

The trail is poorly marked, but pretty much everyone trampled in the same direction so you could tell more or less where it went. The trail branches at one point fairly close to the start; the left branch has some fairly deep side, but has an additional viewpoint. I think this viewpoint may be Rainbow Vista, but I wasn't too impressed. The side trail loops back into the main trail. If you follow it to the end, you'll arrive at Red Canyon Overlook. It's relatively pretty, and is worth the hike. Just don't expect to find a rainbow, because Fire Canyon is all red. I really wish the signage or the guidebooks they gave you were a little more descriptive, because I felt I missed something on this trail. From the other reviews and pictures on this trail, I'm not the only one.

My 2nd favorite hike in the park. Lots of petroglyphs, lots of interesting sandstone formations, windows, and caves, and then the tank you could crawl down into. There is a lot of loose sand, so one of our party members with ankle issues struggled on the hike (as well as every other hike in the park). But for someone in fair health, this is a very pleasant and enjoyable hike.

This is a very short hike. Enjoyable for all ages. My kids were 1 & 3 when we first hiked this trail and even my 1 year old was able to walk through some of it. Now that they are older they enjoy scrambling through the rocks and finding petroglyphs. This trail is a must do if you are visiting The Valley of Fire.

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