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Nice easy trail. Beautiful views.

great low key hike!

Super quick, easy, and rewarding hike. Great for out-of-town guests (especially if they range in levels of fitness) who want to experience an Oregon hike but have a million things to squeeze in... tall trees, moss, running water, and a water fall. It’s simple, but exciting. And it just feels really good the whole time... strong, rich energy. A perfect stop on the way to Timberline, Bend, or whatnot.

3 days ago

Absolutely loved this hike! Took Lower Elliott on the way up and Upper Elliott on the way down. Lower had beautiful scenery and soothing water sounds. The last mile of the hike is the toughest part and the trail gets a bit confusing but the lake is worth every bit. So beautiful, great for a swim and plenty of trees for your hammock ;) The waterfalls near the lake were equally breathtaking! We went later in the day on a Sunday and ran into very few people, even at the lake. Upper is perfect for the way down because it’s majority downhill. As mentioned in another review, make sure you have the right pass because they’ll get ya. I will 100% be coming back here.

3 days ago

Easy to find and mostly well kept trail. Picking through the rock slide was difficult as the trail there wasn’t well marked. Beautiful view and not busy on a Sunday morning! Sure I’ll be hiking it again

7 days ago

Flowers and the view here are great, also a nice easy trail to bring older family on.

9 days ago

I do both lower and upper trail I like more the lower one batter view but what shack me is the huge water full hiding in the trail you will love it more of the lake

11 days ago

Amazing views and interesting geology and flora/fauna. Nice road, easy for any type of car.

11 days ago

It was an awesome hike! We took our young 5 year old and almost 7 year old and they agreed! The waterfalls on the way and the lake at the top was a perfect place for lunch! Can’t wait until they are a little bit older and we can backpack and tent it up there!!

Easiest “hike” I’ve ever done. Took me 10 mins to get there, 10 mins to look around and 5 mins go get back while typing this review. If you’re thinking about passing it by bc you’re not sure how long it will take or if it’s worth it. It is. Beautiful, lush, green, shaded. Follows the stream up. The road to get here is longer than the hike itself. You need a national forest pass to park. Tables for picnicking at the trailhead. Almost gave it 4 Stars bc it’s was crawling with people mostly children and older people at 4pm, understandably so.

13 days ago

It was quite a hike the way up there, but the view was definitely worth it! Took a dip in the cold water - felt amazing after the long hike :)

We went yesterday and had a lot of fun! We did both Upper and Lower Elliott. Lower is the more scenic one, but also a little more difficult, but I'd recommend doing both. It took us about 5 hours total, but we also hung out at the top for an hour or so. We did hear someone say they had seen Elliott the bear on the Lower trail, but sadly, or thankfully, we did not see him. The view is worth the hike and the trail itself is also pretty fun. I will say the road getting there could use a lot of work. We were in a Jeep, but I think any car could make it, just drive slow.

Beautiful hike. Follow the signs to the trailhead - GPS was incorrect. The roads to the trail were well maintained.

Loved the lake, the waterfalls and the forest. Did not love the bugs.

20 days ago

A nice scenic easy hike with a great lake view and well-maintained trail. Take Upper Elliot if you want to skip the crowds, but Lower Elliot has better scenery. If you continue to follow the trail after you get to the lake for about a half mile it will get very dense and you'll need to do some easy scrambling, but you'll eventually pop out on a really nice flat rock overlooking the lake that is perfect to dive off of. Worth it? Debatable. Saw several trout come up to the surface to take flies, so if you're into fishing you might want to bring a rod! The black flies were pretty bad on the trail and around the lake when we were there a few days ago. Beware of the bear and everyone trying to get selfies for Instagram.

We didn’t hike it unfortunately. Bear was angerly breaking into the restroom yesterday. Boo.

22 days ago

My husband and I loved this place! Totally worth the hike. Clear waters and beautiful mountains reflecting off the lake! Lots of shade along the hike and camp area. The hike up there was tough, as we were carrying heavy packs. A breeze going back though. You'll be hiking mostly along the water if you go the lower Elliot route. It's more scenic than the upper Elliot trail and about a half mile shorter! Lots of mosquitoes on the trail but not really at the lake or camp area. Lacks some signs toward the end, if you get lost by the water fall, back track and look for a trail on your right, it's very close. No signs of Elliot the bear! Saw some salamanders (:

Hiked in 2016 before the fires. My favorite hike to date. Memories I'll cherish for a lifetime.

The loop is more like 5.5 miles

Hike to Tunnel Falls with my boyfriend in 2015 will always be a special memory to me. Beautiful hike.

24 days ago

My daughters and I did our first sunset hike on this hike last night (7/21/18). Started the hike around 5:45pm and made it to the top just as the sun was starting to set. This was an amazing hike. Many different types of terrain to hike over. Challenging...Beauty all over to gaze at. Then we hiked back down in the dark with headlamps. This is one of the first times that this app was way off on mileage and we stayed on the trail (on the red line). My other app mapped it at 9.31miles round trip not 6.9.

Good all around stiff hike. A little nerve wracking hiking over the boulders under the headwall, but no casualties. From the view at the top,we realized you could see Mt Hood down past South Sister, that's half the state of Oregon from North to South. Clear-cutting below is a bit embarrassing. Oregon hikers are the best - courteous, friendly, and eager to share the narrow trail.

Great little hike

Very easy hike. Great views along the way. Would take 20 minutes maybe but took us 35 since we took pics and tried crossing the fallen trees. The map looks like the trail is a loop but it is just in and out one way. At the end of the trail it forks the right go to the falls and the left goes to unknown, there is no signage, there seems to be a trail but to get to it you may get your feet wet.

25 days ago

This was a great hike! We did it last Saturday (7/14) and really enjoyed ourselves. The trail is extremely well-maintained and flat until the very end, where there’s a slight incline up to the lake. When you reach this part, there’s a fork in the road. We encountered several groups here debating over which route to take, as the trail isn’t clear. They went left, we went right. Left leads you to the trail and up some switchbacks, right leads you past a gorgeous waterfall and there’s a bit of a steep path that eventually leads you up to the trail if you’re willing to climb a bit (bushwhacking). It’s nothing crazy, but if you want to stay on the actual trail, I would go left. The lake itself is gorgeous—when you arrive there, keep walking for a bit past the crowds to find a more secluded spot. Pack a lunch and a raft if you want to hang out in the water. We saw several people floating and I was jealous we forgot to do this!

Like several others have mentioned, there were at least two bears in the area. We saw some fresh scat about a mile outside the lake, and then there was a small black bear wandering around the camp near the lake when we arrived. We didn’t see either, but everyone we talked to had. Bring some bear mace (and a bell if you like) and you should be fine!

We took our dog, almost two year old, and four year old on this hike. It was beautiful, had lots of coverage, and both kids had a wonderful time (also, no one had to be carried, which was AWESOME). It was moderately busy, but we still had plenty of alone time on the trail. We will definitely do this one again.

Great trail! Not very crowded. We went a couple weeks ago on a Sunday. Took my 7 year old and we were a little slow but he did great! A couple places it seemed a little hard to know which trail was the actual trail but we did just fine. I would recommend it for sure!

Nice short hike to a beautiful waterfall

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