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Love this hike! Views are spectacular!

one of the best trails ever hiked in my 68 years of life!

23 days ago

Some of the best views you can get so close to the city! If you have the time and patience, scramble all the way to the summit for unreal 360 degree views. The ups and downs are tiring on the way back since its about 16km round trip.

24 days ago

My boyfriend, dog, and I really enjoyed this hike! I highly suggest keeping your dog on a leash and harness at ALL TIMES. There are marmots along the edge of the cliff just past the river that enjoyed taunting our dog and some areas where you are walking on the edge of a
100 ft+ cliff drop. This trail has very light traffic on the week days, be sure you have everything you need before starting your exploring.

Overall the trail was easy with a couple challenging steep areas with loose dirt and rock. Take mind on the way down: there are a couple points where the trail splits. We accidentally took a right where we should have gone left which led us down a very steep trail that at first looked well travelled, but came to an abrupt dead end. Keeping a steady pace with a few water/snack breaks, we completed the trail in 5.5 hours (including the time from back-tracking from heading down the wrong trail).

1 month ago

Physically challenging pretty much right out of the parking lot. A lot of undulating hills along the ridge will have you cursing on the way back. Stunning views in every direction from up top.

Awesome views! Trail was nicely packed down. We had spikes on, but could have easily done it just in hiking boots. We hiked up Prairie View Trail, then once at the top we took the Barrier Lookout Trail to the summit of Yates Mountain to the fire lookout station & heli pad. Well worth it!! Came back down and descended on Jewell Pass.

Did it on 18th Jan 2018, trail covered with snow but packed down due to high traffic, no snowshoe needed but only micro spike and poles.

Windy around the lake and at summit, but warm in the trees. Brought snowshoes in case but didn’t end up needing them, the trail was pretty packed down. Amazing hike, will definitely do again!!

2 months ago

Wasootch Day Use Area is 17 KM south on Kananaskis Trail (Hwy 40). The trail head is fairly easy to locate but you are presented with a myriad of trails right at the onset. I found the best route is to immediately bear right towards the picnic bench and then follow the trail up from there. Note: The green trail map sign at the trailhead will tell you nothing of the trail to the ridge. It’s a fairly strenuous climb at first; edgy sections with small exposure, loose rock over slab, ~160m gain in 0.5km. Once on the ridge, it’s a series of up and down to several peaks. . I hit 5 minor peaks and only hiked just over half the trail! This day I just didn’t have the energy. The views all around are what makes this trip worthwhile. Right from the start, just turn around and take in the scenery, it’s breathtaking. I covered around 8.5km total trip, with ~765m elevation gain. The return trip would have been fairly treacherous if it was wet, lucky for me it stayed

2 months ago

Went snowshoeing today with my dog, it was really nice. Couldn’t do the full hike because of avalanche warnings but we hiked to the point which had beautiful views.

Alrighty then....went up a roughly compacted prairie view trail. We were on snowshoes but others had beaten up the trail with just walking on it. Great hiking through the trees. Was super windy so it was nice to be protected in the trees. Had to kick off the old snowshoes to climb up the trail as it went up behind some steep rock. Came out on top and needed snowshoes as it got deep. There were some signs with arrows at that point, that helped showed us the way as the winds had blown the snow over the trail. Once we went passed the amazing 360 view, there were two arrow signs and that was it. Unfortunately it took us off the trail and was very confusing as to where to go. There needs to be better marking at the top and on the whole prairie view trail until it meets Jewell Pass trail. Thankfully we had AllTrails app that helped us find the loop out. There were no other tracks or markings to find the trail. Another gal was lost and found our tracks in the snow. Was so beautiful coming down through the trees on Jewell Pass trail as the trees were still covered with snow. Definitely needed snowshoes to do this Loop as it got really deep after the top. You should be able to find the trail from our tracks, as long as it doesn’t get blown over again. Awesome hike. Harder to snowshoe in all the foot holes from boots. Was like walking on a fluffy cloud after the top.

2 months ago

I really liked this one, pleasant grind up to the lake. Needed to switch to snowshoes once at the base of Black Brett, the snow gets DEEP. Had to bail on the plan to get to Harvey's Pass as going through the trees with the deep snow was too unstable to walk through.

Will be back in the summer to tackle the pass and the summit

This hike had my favorite ridge walk to date! I regret having my ankle boots on so am excited to tackle this again in 2018 with my salomans!!

3 months ago

Awesome trip. Trail up the hill is well packed so microspikes best. Once you hit the upper bowl snow is pretty deep so snowshoes would be better. To go to Bourgeau lake veer left at the meadow. If there are trails heading straight towards the trees then right, they are heading to Harvey pass.

Completed the entire ridge yesterday, was in excellent condition. If you walk the entire ridgeline to the true summit (which is much more fun than side stepping the ridge to scramble up some scree to the summit), be prepared for some exposure, narrow parts of the ridge, some downclimbs and climbing up some fun slabs. Always double check foot and hand holds as it is Kananaskis and the rock is not very stable. The true summit is marked with a stick in the rock and a small carin. For decent you can bypass the ridge and go along the south scree, but returning along the ridge is much more fun. If you choose to do the entire ridge, you should be a confident scrambler or climber.

Great winter trail! - if you don't mind walking through lots of trees: only a few areas open up for a view but it is definitely worth the wait!
Completed December 8 in 3 hours, definitely doable with ice cleats - pretty much solid ice up the switchbacks on the east edge!
Excited to come back in the summer!

3 months ago

Sep 20 // great variety of trail, beautiful larch trees in autumn. Wish it wasn't a snowy and low visibility day, even the slight views we had were beautiful. Will be back to scramble Snow Peak!

A great winter hike. The trail up Prairie View was icy and would’ve been virtually impossible to navigate without ice cleats. The views were stunning and well worth the effort up. The trail down Jewell Pass was more sheltered and covered with packed snow. All said and done we we finished the loop in 4 hours.

Nice trail, there was a few people doing the trail on a Monday. Snowshoers, cross country skiers, mountain biking and hikers.
There's snow but the trail it's easy to follow. We didn't use snowshoes or cleats, our hiking boots where enough for the this snowy trail.

Well groomed trail most of the way up. Pretty easy to get up to the first lookout. Gets pretty steep to get up to the cabin at the top of Yates. A lot of snow up there two. Totally worth the grind to get the full panoramic view. One of the best views in the area for sure. Tried to loop around to Razors Edge for a larger loop, but there was too much snow on Razors Edge to get it done in time.

There was no TP in the outhouse at the cabin up top. If anyone is going up there in the near future, please bring a couple rolls. I'm sure everyone would be quite appreciative.

If you go early there is sometimes ice on the ground making the trail slippery. Depending on the day there is snow but it usually is on the side of the trail

I'd highly recommend doing the loop instead of out and back if you have the time. All in all a pretty great hike.

A beautiful fall day meant over an hour at the summit. Made it into a loop on the way down. No snow up there today, met some great people, a German couple touring in a motorhome, and descended with two guys who made for some awesome company

I started from high way 1... you hike in the woods all the time until you reach the top of the view site and its amazing... not a really hard hike... not really easy ether.!

4 months ago

Ended up needed to turn around after the second ridge due to snow and wind it was a great hike!

on Bourgeau Lake Trail

4 months ago

Hike it two days ago. It was a great trail up hill all the way. Hour prior to the lake we hit 15 inches of snow but persevered so glad we did. Look forward to doing it again earlier in the season,

2nd time attempting this. First time was mid July and had to abandon it when lightning took over. Also didn't have a vehicle that could drive right to the trail head.

Yesterday was the 2nd time and drove right to the trail. Unfortunately I never left enough time. I absolutely love this hike. Shortly after you get out of the tree line you have a lot of wind and a few centimeters of snow.

Take layers and I would suggest a balaclava right now, spikes and polls.


No snow on the ground yet. Really windy at times. Lots of down trees.

I did this hike today by myself and it was really nice! I didn't come across any snow but that could change really soon! I had trekking poles with me and it was nice having them for the last stretch up to the lookout station. There's also a couple picnic tables around the helipad and cabin which was perfect to sit down and eat lunch.

The views were really awesome in every direction from the lookout station, also being able to see YMCA's Camp Chief Hector just below was pretty cool as I spent many summers there when I was younger. (stand by the chain link fence and look below for the horse paddocks and riding arena, and the green roof of Hector Lodge)

Easy end of moderate. The trail is wide and super easy to follow. It would be a great trail for bikes or runners. Dogs and kids (depending on mileage capacity) would also do well. Many of the switchbacks have shortcuts if you want to ascend/descend faster. There's already some snow on it so it's slick and muddy in places. Well trafficked.

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