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BRIDGE IS OUT! We tried to do this hike this morning but the bridge about .7 miles in is washed out (probably by hurricane Michael). We will try again in a few months.

There is a new interactive ecosystem guide for this area at https://centerforurbanhabitats.com/rmnawebmapintro/

The city has a new trail mobile app under the Charlottesville/ParksandRec app that includes ragged mountain trails.

11 days ago

Only managed to do part of the trail due to time restrictions, but decent hike. We went counter clockwise so had a decent amount of elevation change. Hope to return to finish the rest of the trail.

This trail kicked our butts! The "moderate" rating is misleading, this is a tough one. If you do the whole loop, you'll scramble over some boulders and cross water a few times. We went shortly after some rain, so we actually had to take off our hiking boots and wade across a few times. The falls are breathtaking. Overall a challenging but rewarding hike.
We did not bring our dog, and I'm glad we didn't. This trail would be impossible with a dog.

Always a great hike...

Overall easy trail with very little views. Boring to hike

19 days ago

Definitely recommend going counterclockwise on the loop! We went clockwise and skipped right past all of the scenic parts. We had a great time but got really frustrated having to cross the river three times and the water was up to our knees. Bring water shoes!

19 days ago

Tough due to all the rocks but a good hike. Not many view opportunities but a great day in nature.

Great trail. Start to the right and loop around. Wear gloves to scramble on rocks.

20 days ago

Nice easy hike...

28 days ago

This seems to be a less popular (or lesser known) hike in the area, but it is well worth it! It consists of two loops: a smaller, easier loop around the waterfalls (take either the first right or continue straight for this loop), and a larger, steeper loop in the surrounding forest (take the left after the concrete structure). The stream and waterfalls were gorgeous. No big views or vistas on the larger loop, but still beautiful and worthwhile. Someone else mentioned bees down below. We also came across what appeared to be an underground beehive directly on the trail, but they didn't threaten us. But just be aware!

great hike and well marked. Views are amazing!

Was boring at times with only a couple great views. The watering hole was a lot of fun though.

The caves where cool.

This is great all ages. Don’t come if your looking for a challenge or big views. Kind of boring.

trail running
1 month ago

Love this trail and how close it is to my house. Nice trail, with a good overlook of the Cove in the Winter. I'm not sure you have to pay the $3 if you park on Hollins side and don't actually enter the Cove. It is a nice 2.5 miles to the top of the ridge and back down to the parking lot.

This was a great hike if we had't gotten lost; not that it wasn't well marked, but be sure to read all reviews and everyone's notes before doing these hikes. We started at the wrong point - at the Overlook - and hooked up with the trail without a problem, but at about the 8 mile mark (yes we'd already gone off the trail at one point) we mistakenly took the fire trail and ended up 2 miles out of our way. However, if you stay on the trail, this is an excellent one as it is nice and clear, the falls are some of the prettiest in that you get SO close, and it was just overall a very pleasant hike. It is definitely a long downhill followed by a long uphill but they are gradual enough to not burn too badly. You do have to cross the river a few times and it was wet; I would allow about 6 hours for the hike.

1 month ago

Great views loved the swimming pond

1 month ago

what a hike. coming back was easier its very nice

on Mill Knob Trail

1 month ago

lived so close for so long and never knew about it but just went and seen it and was impressed

Great trail, nothing too technical, elevation changes and length make the challenge. Just take your time, enjoy the views, rest occasionally, and you’ll have a great time.

This took longer to get to from the DC area than some of the other hikes, but it was a nice first venture into the southern section of Shenandoah for us. Like others have commented, this is a 8+ mile hike; we never strayed far from the path and clocked in at 8.33 miles in 4.5 hours. While this trail is rated as moderate, this seems to be on the harder end of moderate. The descent to the falls and the ascent are relatively steep and are pretty rocky, with some areas of loose and wet rocks.

You have to cross the river multiple times, but the water was low when we went and not too difficult. There are areas of the path that are relatively narrow and have a steep drop off. That said, the 3 main waterfalls were well worth the trek and you can get pretty close to them. The first half of the hike was very scenic if you start along Doyle’s river trail, but once you get on the Appalachian trail, it’s just a hike to get back to your car with one scenic overlook near the end.

$3 land fee!! REALLY!?!?! Fucking va. Sucks!! Hate this state more than any other!!!

Very scenic but I wasn’t too impressed. If your looking for a quick view of a waterfall this is perfect.

One of the best trails I have been to. If you start at Doyles river trailhead, you run down the hill, walk along the Doyles river and walk up the hill along the Jones river and see multiple little falls along the way. Then get back the loop on the Appalachian trail with different kind of views with a skyline dr overlook. Its a beautiful hike. We had awesome time. Plan for around 6 hrs of hiking on this trail. Highly recommended.

Worth the trip and time. A few really good views before you get to the top. Good way to spend an afternoon.

A beautiful hike with wonderful water features. Trail is well marked and difficult in only a few relatively short sections. Well shaded the entire length.

Fairly easy. Some grade at times and a few rocks under foot. Did it with a 7 and 6 year old. Beautiful view.

This was a amazing hike , hard but fun the stairs were challenging as well as the incline changes but I def recommend hiking early in the am less crowded

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