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1 day ago

Beautiful! Went early on a weekday and encountered very few people. After walking from the parking lot for about 10-15 minutes you’ll reach the canyon. The trail is not clearly marked, follow brown sign up and to the left. After about another 5-10 minutes you’ll reach the sign for the trail split. In September there was no water.

1 day ago

definitely a must do trail at arches, steep rock incline at one point but short, worth it at the end, go early went at sunrise coming down there was a flock of people coming up, petroglyphs are near the beginning of the trailhead

Amazing trail, but strenuous. Saw many people with flip flops and unprepared for the hike. The hike is difficult but so worth it. Take breaks and drink water . A Bucket list must do

2 days ago

Amazing arches, definitely a must-see

4 days ago

Absolutely amazing! This was without a doubt the best hike in Arches, totally worth it!

Gorgeous hike at Arches! We got to the trailhead around 7am and it was pretty packed, but definitely plenty of parking. There’s a giant rock to climb up so the elevation gain can be a kicker but it’s worth it. Great photo opportunity at the end but there will be tons of people in your pictures!

I just spent the last week hiking in Utah and Colorado and this hike was my favorite hike! A must do if you are in Goblin Valley!!

The hike has great views, some decent shade from the afternoon sun and a great ability to explore the area around the trail. Will definitely be doing this trail again in the future.

Stay at Goblin Valley Campgrounds if you can - great spot to camp, with plenty of room, showers and a cool little visitor center with some nice treats to buy.

this is by far the best way to see delicate arch. well worth the moderate effort to see. great for sunset photos, but bring a flashlight or headlamp for the hike out, the trail nearest delicate arch is over rock and can be difficult to follow back in the dark

The arch is spectacular! So nice that it’s a dog friendly trail as well. We went in the middle of the day and it was very hot, but other than that it was great!

11 days ago

This hike is very popular, so be ready for lots of people to be around. It was stunning and well worth the climb. Bring hiking boots for the climb because a significant portion of the hike is on a semi-smooth rock face. If you are afraid of heights, there is a stretch at the end of the outward portion right before the arch that has a drop on one side and a wall on the other, but it is a fairly wide path enough for at least two people walking side by side and it is a pretty short distance. The view at the top is amazing.

Fairly easy trail and was nice in the evening. Fairly busy but spread out with certain sections of the hike. Great view at the end made it completely worth it.

Got to the Arch at 7am on Labor Day and around 40 people were already there. Nice hike to visit this iconic arch.

16 days ago

This was an amazing experience...We went on a cold, rainy, somewhat snowy day in March. We are so thankful that we hired a guide out of Kanab who had a vehicle that could get in and out. Rain on clay is almost worse than ice in Minnesota. The weather did not dampen the experience and the weather cleared just as we arrived at the Wave. We are glad that we dressed in weather appropriate layers. We received our lottery ticket in the online drawing 3 months ahead....and there were almost 300 in line the day before. So it really is the luck of the draw.

Tougher hike than we expected. It was super windy when we hiked it and when we got to the arch we felt like we were going to blow over. This hike is an absolute MUST when visiting Arches NP!

Great hike to see the sunset on the Delicate Arch. The hike is moderate to difficult due to climb. Pretty wide paths when you are not on the rocks. Loved listening to the “aha” and “OMG” when folks got first glimpse of the arch.

18 days ago

Awesome arches that are easily accessible from parking area.

20 days ago

Even though short in distance, take water. Some parts might concern people with fears of heights (like me) but the Arch is spectacular and the symbol of Utah. Gradients are gentle. Take water.

The end of the hike was beautiful. We went around noon in the end of August and it was really hot. If I could do it again I’d arrive early morning or late afternoon. Definitely worth seeing!

Make sure you bring water

21 days ago

We did this hike with our 4 and 9 year olds. It was a pretty easy hike in terms of the terrain, but the steep climb was tough for them (despite hiking in the mountains frequently). The sign says to bring 2L of water per person, and we definitely needed it! There’s not many shady spots to get out of the sun, so lots of sunscreen too. The hike was well worth it for the amazing view!!

21 days ago

One of my favorite places to visit. The views are spectacular. Only downside is the amount of people. Must see at sunset.

Don't let the short distance fool you. I saw lots of struggling kids and cranky parents as they scaled the steepest part in the middle up the rock. Took me 1.5 hrs with a brief break at the arch. Allow more time if you want a pic under the arch as there are tons of people and a long line...

We did this in 3 hours and got lost for a short while but nothing worrying. We are senior citizens (64 and 63) and active and loved this hike and saw families and young adults going on their own. We recommend this if you are hikers and want to do more than tourist things. Bring lots of water and a compass helped also.

Utah's iconic arch. I hiked this mid day and it was very hot. Either hike early or bring plenty of water.

This is a don’t-miss hike! We hiked this today from 11 AM to 1 PM at 93°, and though it was hot, there was frequent shade on the trail and an occasional nice breeze. About half of the time we were at least mildly uncertain as to whether we were on the arrow-directed trail, but that was much of the fun. Following the dead ends brought us to some beautiful canyon scapes.

Great hike! Great full body workout scrambling over rocks and up and down crevasses. My daughter and I hiked this during mid afternoon and it was hot, so bring plenty of water. Saw only 3 other hikers on trail and they were temporarily disoriented but was able to help get them reoriented. Trail not well marked so some exploring required and this is part of what makes the trail so appealing. Great feeling to find an awesome great arch on the trail and not a soul is around but you! Highly recommend this trail. Permit is required.

Wall Street is an incredible thing

27 days ago

Amazing. The trail is easy with a steady incline all the way to the arch. Avoid a sunset visit as there are many people.

Hiked this trail with our dog and it was great! Where there was ladders or hand rails he hiked up next to us fine no problem! Great dog trail and gorgeous views!

This was the best hike on our trip. Unique scenery, you have the trail to yourself and the views/arches are insane! Must do hike!

There is green paint on the ground to mark the trail. Additionally, there are some areas to climb with either cables or a ladder.

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