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10 hours ago

Bloody tiring but so worth the view! Don't get overconfident on the rocks - saw someone have a rough fall.

12 hours ago

Wow we only did the first peak but it was so worth it. My wife decided NOT to do the vertical climb, which was a good decision as she would probably not been able to get down or the shear ridge part. I would have continued if I had more water and she was on top of the first peak. Bring LOTS of water, I had 2 litres and ran out at the end. There is some good parking beside the bus stop. Do not park anywhere that says no parking or on the sidewalk across from the bus shelter as you will get towed or a ticket. Thankfully some locals gave us the heads up.

22 hours ago

I absolutely loved this trail. Definitely do this hike FIRST. If you’re still up for it, do the Flat Iron Loop but dang, we did not expect such an uphill climb! Would highly recommend for immediate hikers looking for a challenge! The air is so thin but so awesome and the view can’t be beat.

23 hours ago

We hiked this trail straight off the plane (not the wisest move) from flatland on a sunny warm day, but thankfully there is a lot of shade along the trail. Every now and then we were unsure of which direction to go, so a little more signage would be good. But since the trail is well-traveled we were with the same groups of people most of the way up and down which was comforting when we were unsure. At least we were not alone if we took a wrong turn. Worth the work. Take plenty of water. Dusty and challenging.

Awesome hike. Lots of elk, especially when you make it to the watering hole. That last mile of sandy trail wears you out though. But the cliffs are worth it. Highly recommended.

1 day ago

Great workout and doesn’t take too long

Great hike, a little crowded.

A nice place but ALOT OF PEOPLE. Stream trail is basically a paved walkway. A lot of big groups. We did have a nice picnic

Not much scenery as it’s in a valley. Barely any changing of the leaves so not recommend right now if that’s your goal. Lots of uphill and rocky. Great cardio. Never made it to the falls. Heavily trafficked...

Amazing hike with views of Boulder and, on a good day, Denver. It was difficult hike, but well worth it.

It is beautiful and fun. It takes awhile to get to the falls so be prepared to hike! It’s also very much in the forest and you don’t see mountains or the sky a whole bunch.

Great hike!

2 days ago

Also known as the three peaks hike. I parked in the recommended parking area outside of the golf course rd.
The hike was fantastic. I went to all 3 peaks. It was a dry and mostly sunny day with no real rain for a bit. So the entire hike was dry. It is about a mile to walk to the trail head along the paved rd. Keep going past the guard shack and eventually you will see a big white sign. You really can’t pass it.
The majority of this hike is getting to the first peak. There are a couple of rope areas but nothing to crazy. The first peak is the tallest and has the best views. Lots of people stop here.
However, if you are like me. I couldn’t pass up the 2nd and 3rd peaks. Getting to the second peak is about the same difficulty as getting up to the first. Going from the second peak to the third is where the difficulty increases by a lot. Right off the bat, when you leave the second peak, there is 100ft drop with rope use. Then the rope stops and you keep dropping for about 80 or so ft. If you make it down that, you are not home free, but you can relax a bit. In between the 2nd and 3rd is the flat rock with a large hole in it, a great spot for photos. After that you have a straight climb up the third peak. Lots of rope use but nothing harder then the 100ft drop earlier.
There is a small can at the very end of the trail on the third peak which has some small medical and paper items in it. Good to know if you cut yourself on the way.

Overall I really enjoyed this hike.
It took me 3.5 hrs with .5 hrs being the walk to and from the car to the trail head.

Good views like every other mountain in the state, this app labels it as hard but it’s definitely not. It should be rated as moderate.

Don't be fooled. This is an expert trail. Lot of. Boulder climbing and uneven surfaces. The pay off is incredible.

rock climbing
3 days ago

Holy moly!!!! i hike a fair bit and this was one of the hardest trails I've ever done. I think a large part of it was that it had been rainy the few days before so the trail was as muddy and slippery as all get out. With that said, if it hadn't been as slippery this probably would have been a bit easier, but it's still a solid, hard workout. Would have loved to hike it in better conditions, but we didn't have too much time on Oahu and I really wanted to check it out. About 8 rope climbs to the summit of the first peak, none are too bad until the last rope climb where it's a vertical rock wall lol. Still not that bad if you have shoes with good grip and some body strength. We didn't have time to go to the 2nd (or 3rd?! probabaly wouldn't have even done that if we had time) because we had a flight to catch at 11 am that day, but took us about 3 hours RT to summit the 1st peak - that includes time we took to stare at the amazing views from the top and take some pics. The 3rd peak was almost in clouds, views were still cool, but would def suggest hiking on a day with ZERO chance of rain or clouds (if thats even possible in Oahu). enjoy!!!

This trail might have some of the best views in Colorado. There's a lot of boulders in and along the trail. This will slow anyone who wishes to run it. I went with a family member who's not much of a hiker and it took three hours to finish. I'll be going back to get a new personal record.

Beautiful and varied views! Very exposed for maybe a third of the way so bring sun protection

Busy path that was paved and pretty structured, but leads to gorgeous falls.

Loved the informational plaques. The Falls were gorgeous! The trail was heavily trafficked and there were many signs of rule breakers along the sides of the lower river bed.

6 days ago

Super hard, but worth the rewarding view!

Three stars because this trail is way too packed. You'll need to get to the trailhead between 6-8am although people tend to park on the side of the road. This is a moderate trail in the true sense. The beginning is mostly an incline and there are a series of ups and downs. You can wander a bit off the trail on certain parts for some amazing view points of the mountains. The flow and intensity of the fall will depend on the time of year you do it. Enjoy folks!

on Royal Arch Trail

6 days ago

Awesome views

6 days ago

Great for tourists

Quick hike

This is a great hike if you are looking for a short and moderate to rigorous workout with great views. Ascending Mount Sanitas took me about 1 hour with several short water breaks. It is moderately steep and rocky. There is no shade 85% of the way up. Pretty views en route and at the summit. Descending through East Ridge was rough. I may have taken a wrong turn and ended up off the actual trail because it was loose rock almost the entire way down, pretty dangerous, and I ended up entering the valley trail further down.

great trail with lots of shade, views are wonderful. Only downside for me was that it was very crowded, then again guess it's good that lots of people are able to enjoy being outside. Next time we're doing this very early in the morning

A pretty constant ascent for most of the trail but the views are great and arch was so worth it! Though the elevation wasn't too high at the end, we had a little trouble with the altitude here since we're from the northeast (brought extra oxygen in case). Distance is not very long at all and was relieved that the descent was not super steep. Highly recommend this hike!

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