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trail running
1 day ago

Beautiful trail. It’s super peaceful and not a heavily trafficked trail, at least when I run it.

6 days ago

This is definitely more of a walk. You can walk up to the spa/ golf course. It’s a beautiful golf course


this hike is closed until further notice. as of July 2018

Hiked this trail last week, and I don’t believe we did all 6 miles since some parts ( near 57fwy) was closed off for construction. We entered by the street near benches. Unique trail since you do have to cross little creeks WARNING: you could slip and get your feet wet! Be careful when crossing as there areas where there’s not enough rocks. As you get closer to the freeway the uphill begins. I enjoyed it, outside getting my socks and shoes wet. Love the shade and overall views

Witnessed a violent roaring rock slide today towards the end of the trail around 10:00 am. Also, the river was dry as a bone and the only puddle of river water they had was kinda dirty

Easy hike for beginners. Loved the bridges that you cross along the way, would have been a perfect setting if there were water in the stream. The road up to the trail is very easy to drive through with almost no incline while driving.

This was a pretty easy hike, the river was completely dry but still was a good walk all the way through. I would like to come back when the river is flowing... I'm sure you'll get some nice views. I took my nephew and he enjoyed it very much and my dog also loved it. Towards the end of the trail there's a nice area to swim but there are signs around that say no swimming allowed, that sucks because it is a very cool spot with a rope swing to jump from. I'm sure people still swim though since there's a lot of trash that people leave behind from hanging out in that area, which is probably part of the reason for it.

Directions to trail were incorrect so don’t follow through app. Several snakes on the trail, down trees and at one point completely overgrown trail.
Looks like it hasn’t been maintained in a while.
Looks like it might be a good trail in Spring when water is flowing and if it got some maintenance.
Had to turn around so didn’t get to the end.

Great Little Hike with hillside walls. Plenty of Cactus plants, Trees, wild flower and a stream along the whole way. There is shade here and there.Open 9am-5 or 6 Pm. Good for kids

***SIGNS STATED TRAIL WILL BE CLOSED FROM 8/24-10/1...****Entered from San Dimas Ave at the trail head by the 57.. I enjoy this hike every time I come. Sunny upon entering through trailhead but super shady within. Love how there is still water flow ( been doing waterfall hikes in Pasadena lately and they’ve been pretty dry). Not heavily trafficked. Have to admit passing the oak loop the trail seemed a lil more creepy and less trail friendly. Shrubs start overpowering your trail after about 3 miles in right about the end of it. Do recommend women to have pepper spray because I felt a lil scared myself after coming across some random creepy guy. Keep in mind if bringing children I would find a parking in between the hike maybe on puente. Not sure what street has access but the hike back up to the San Dimas entrance is a good inclined one so be ready;) 6 miles well worth the stroll.

It's a lovely Shady Trail I wish that I brought another pair of shoes though because there's a creek that runs through it and you will get your feet wet there's no way around it it's a lot harder then it looks I would think that it's more moderate than easy I usually start from the middle or parking is at which is very hard to find had to zoom out map just to find the special parking spot because the parking on Via Verde is a nightmare and very dangerous would recommend this Trail I enjoy the nice shade and starting from the middle parking lot where there's a dirt road and picnic tables

1 month ago

Good up hill climb nice views

Very nice hike for the whole family. Saw the Redwood trees, a family of rabbits, woodpecker, blue jays, and a bunch of other nature.

I clicked on the directions and they don’t pop up on the navigation how do you get here ?

1 month ago

Beautiful trail. Kids and dogs friendly.

1 month ago

Great, quick, little work out if you live in the area. No shade at all so wear your sun block! Loved all the cacti patches here and there. Take the strenuous path, kicks butt but feels great for beginners !

1 month ago

TIP: There’s a felled tree between the Mystic Canon/Big Dalton trailhead towards the east. This is a easy hike along asphalt roads with several trails along the way (Mystic Canyon to the north, Wren Meacham to the south and Pavil Canyon to the east). Also to the east, on the north side, are paved switchbacks taking you up to about 1500 ft.

2 months ago

lots of trails to explore here with ample shade and a little Creek, nice area to picnic, your in the mountains it's peaceful yet very close to urban areas, you wouldn't even know it.

2 months ago

This is short trail but it will give you a good workout!

A little less interesting than I thought it might be. If you look carefully at the topo map (I didn't), you'll see the trail is about 20 feet above the river most of the way. Not exactly a wilderness, either, as you can't swim because of periofic discharges from the dam upriver. But, it's not too far from civilization, and you have some decent views of the canyon.

2 months ago

No wildlife, park in Pacific Palms hotel, nice walk along the street.

Relatively easy trail. The most difficult part of the trail is the entrance side near the 57 fwy but the difficulty is only for a short while. Most of the hike was easy. There are several creek crossings and beautiful trees for the sun to shine through. Kids could get tired just because of the distance but difficulty level is easy

This trail is a nice and easy hike that's perfect for the family and doggies. There's tons of shade provided by the oaks and alders. Unfortunately, there was some graffiti on parts of the trail, but if you can look past that, you'll still find beauty around you. The elevation gain/loss is barely noticeable since it's only 416 feet. This should make the hike pleasant. The keen hiker will note that there are several species of plants that don't belong in the creek. I found bamboo and Mexican Fan Palms growing near the creek which normally don't grow there. There's also lot's of poison oak growing along the creek bed so great care must be taken when going near the creek. Overall, it was a nice hike and I would do it again.

Not hard at all, nice scenery

great 2 miles round trip. saw a mountain king snake. see photo.

not all photos are of this creek trail hike. some are from Pupout hill hike

Not the hardest trail, plenty of shade and wind. It wasn’t hot at all because of the wind and shade there was on the trail. However, when I went there was a sign that said the park was closed, but I went in anyway and no one said anything to me. No ticket, no nothing. If you’d like to see the river, the trail gets down to it further along the trail. There are also bags to clean up after your dog, but you have to carry it until you get back to the beginning because there are no trash cans along the trail.

2 months ago

My wife and I have done this before and enjoyed it for easy hills, nice shady Oak trees and gentle creek and we found a rope swing over the creek. We will be back but not today it's 112 degrees.

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