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22 hours ago

NIce trek out to the falls this morning. In from Boston on a pleasure trip. A LOW comes in and drops some precipitation you will need snow shoes. Do it while you can.

2 days ago

Nice peaceful walk.

Hike with the family. Had a bit of snow and slippery patches towards the top. View is good

so rediculous that you must pay to hike. way better nature for free elsewhere.

6 days ago

Completed this hike on 10/6/18. Definitely a difficult, steep hike! We started at the upper cascade trail and completed the full hike in 3 hours (with plenty of stops for pictures and some time spend hanging out in the mine camp). Beautiful views of Ouray and surrounding mountains. I would highly recommend this trail if you’re looking for a great work out/shorter day hike.

7 days ago

Most beautiful hike I've even been on. The reward at the top is unbelieveable. I've never seen anything like it. The wildflowers were blooming like crazy when we went in the end of August. It was very difficult for us being from Nebraska due to the elevation but I would do it again!

12 days ago

Wishing for more water for the waterfall, but still beautiful.

Beautiful with options to go farther by taking the connected ouray perimeter trail.

This hike was truly incredible. Went on 9/28/18. Amazing views, so much to do, waterfalls to climb while on you’re way up, etc. Weather was perfect!!Getting to see that beautiful blue water was so worth all the effort to get up there. Pictures can’t show how clear and blue it really is. I highly recommend hiking the summit peak directly behind Ice Lakes. You will have a great birds eye view of the lake, you can see the other side of the mountain, and I got LTE up there to make a FaceTime call!

Take plenty of water and snacks. The hardest part is the very end of the hike as it becomes really steep before you hit the ice lake. I will definitely be back!

As beautiful as this lake was, I say Columbine Lake was even more beautiful and there was more to explore and do. We went on back to back days and I highly recommend both!

Great hike. The views are incredible and we saw the lake in clouds, sunshine, and snow—all within about 10 minutes. It’s well worth the effort. We saw it listed as “moderate” but viewed it as tougher than that.

16 days ago

The best hike I have ever done - and I've been on many hikes throughout the US. The bluest blue I have ever seen in a lake - rivals Crater Lake in Oregon. Definitely worth the lack of oxygen... Took us around five and a half hours round trip with many many stops to catch our breath and take in the scenery. We are in our early 30's, pretty good physical shape, but we're flat landers from below sea level so the elevation change really tired us out... bring plenty of water (we ran out of 2L before the end of the hike) and snacks.. best to come early so that you can take your time and stop as often as needed. Listen to your body especially if you are from below sea level. Saw many dogs and a few kids doing the trail as well. The first lake is within 2.25 miles of the start and the 2nd lake (Ice lake) is another mile after that at around 3.5. My app calculated 7.20 miles round trip. There is another lake after Ice lake but we didn't have time nor energy to get there.

16 days ago

Amazing! Recommend to anyone. Be prepared and start early, met many hikers that did not bring enough water and food.

17 days ago

One of the most beautiful hikes that I’ve ever gone! Prime color season so it was amazing.

18 days ago

Nice hike. No big cats seen this morning, and no one at the falls for over 1/2 hour. People often think hike ends at base of falls, by huge boulder but then there’s a short, but steep (10 mins) trail to the actual falls, which are beautiful with gorgeous views of mount Sneffle. Aspen colors are beautiful right now!

Went in late September. The weather was perfect and the fall colors were at peak season. The hike is not long, but the first half is straight uphill, so be prepared for a workout. The lake is amazing and well worth the work it takes to get there.

Amazing and challenging hike. Use the directions from earlier posts (thanks) to make sure you don’t miss the trail to Blue Lake. Bridal trail falls was just a trickle at this time of year but there are other amazing waterfalls along the trail. Make sure you wear hiking boots or trail runners. Hikers who wore running shoes had trouble navigating the loose gravel both up and down the trail. The views were well worth the hike!!

Great way to kick start the day! Beautiful fall colors and spectacular light on the mountain tops. Big Cat sighting on the trail by jogger in front of me, around 8am, top 3rd of the trail. Keep your eyes out!

22 days ago

I LOVE THIS HIKE! The first time I did it was a few years ago for 4th of July, and unfortunately the lake was iced over, but the plants were in full bloom and so pretty! The second time was this year for labor day and The lake was amazing and there was no snow, however all the plants were dying. I would recommend doing this hike early August to mid August. This hike literally has all four seasons. It was sunny to start and then rained and snowed all in one hike lol. The hike isn't too bad as far as toughness but it will have your heart going. We also hiked to island lake and it was a lot closer than expected, it isn't too far from ice lake. I highly recommend just pushing a little further. There is just so much to see on this hike.
As far a the road getting there it isn't bad, you don't need a 4WD unlike other hikes in this area.

on Ice Lake Basin Trail

scenic driving
22 days ago

Ice Lake Basin and Island Lake are the most beautiful trail in Colorado IMHO.

One of my favorites. This trail is increasingly popular so getting an early start is key if you’re interested in a quieter experience. Catching the sunset from the upper basin is incredible and completely worth it — be bear aware if you are going up ahead of the crowds, and definitely push for Island Lake if you’ve got the time!

You won’t hold the consistent (and, at times a bit brutal, haha) elevation gain against this trail when you see the payoff at the end. The lakes are unbelievably beautiful and the views are insane.

This trail is an unassuming adventure, with challenging elevation gains that are well spread apart. In addition to amazing views of Ourey and the surrounding peaks, this trail features many variations of terrain. Definitely worthwhile, but try to plan hiking this on a cooler day.

What a trail! If you are slightly scared of heights avoid the very beginning of the trail and get on at the parking lot at the falls... it will definitely get your attention! Views were unbelievable- especially at the High Point- overlooking 550. Pack a sandwich and be ready to have a seat and just take in the view. Great trail- and don’t miss the waterfall in Box Canyon. And yes, the distances are off- it’s longer but worth it!

25 days ago

Great hike! I’m from California so the altitude was challenging. But worth it!


28 days ago

As stated by others the distance seems off, we went close to 7 miles. Many off and on spots, we did the full trail. The beginning right out of the parking lot is no joke! No warming up given. I would say the first part of the trail is hard to strenuous depending on skill. There are some narrow parts walking alongside the cliff, thus if scared of heights might want to think twice. The views of Ouray were amazing and the different terrain you experience was cool to experience. Not a lot of traffic at all.

28 days ago

One of the top hikes in Colorado! Went on 09/16/18, was there by 7:45 a.m. so beat the crowds. Amazing colors on the Aspens at the start of the trail, beautiful views of the surrounding mountains throughout the entire trail and the waterfalls were some of the best around! When you first see the falls you can take a path down right to them, would recommend. The last .4 mile up is a very narrow hard elevation gain, but the rest of the trail would be good for anyone.

29 days ago

The bluest blue water that blew my mind! Most of the hike was not too bad until the last 45min. Completed the loop rather than out and back.

30 days ago

Great walk. If doing in the morning start at Visitor Center and go clockwise as will make most of the shade. Great views of the town throughout the walk. Took us a little over 3 hours with plenty of stops to admire the views. Last section across the canyon was brilliant. Don't be tempted to take short cut back to town after the canyon. Follow trail back up for dramatic gorge walk and overlook.

1 month ago

Challenging but so beautiful! The scenery was incredible - glad I made it to the Colbert blue lake!!

A must if you are in the area! The lake was unbelievably blue and beautiful! Felt like a straight up and straight down hike with only a very small portion that was flat. Seeing ice lake at the end makes every step you have taken worth it though!

Great views the entire time and will do this hike again when I'm back in Silverton.

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