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Amazing !!!! Climbing up the waterfall and enjoying the beauty!!! The kids loved it.

We drove to the bottom of the switchbacks which is where you would need 4-wheel drive to continue up. The grade of the trail was good because of all the switchbacks. If you don’t plan on continuing your hike once you get to the top of the falls I would suggest you turn around at the lower view point. There is not anything to see at the top of the falls.

Great hike with nice views of Telluride and of course a beautiful lake. This is a tough short hike. Took me about 70 minutes to get up and an hour to get down. To get to the trail head you need to have a 4x4 or AWD high clearance vehicle. My Subaru Crosstrek made it fine. If you don’t want to drive up, you can walk up the road about 2 additional miles each way.

Was not impressed. If you are just going to see the bathtubs, they are just about .2 miles from the TH. The rest of the trail just connects up with the Perimeter Trail.

6 days ago

Beautiful hike and definitely not one to miss when visiting the area. That said, the trail is actually *6.3 MILES* not 4.7. It was at least a moderate trail with some parts relatively strenuous, so if you plan on doing the full trial you need to be in good shape. We hiked the full trail in 3.5 hours. Make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen as it gets hot!

You pass several waterfalls, caves, through forests, and on cliff edges! If you only do one hike, so this one. You also see Baby Bath Tub and Cascade Falls from this hike so you essentially see everything, including the adorable town itself!

Be aware at at the end you walk through a small neighborhood and then through an RV camping/trailer park section but it’s not long before your back to the visitors center. Have fun!

off road driving
7 days ago

Superb views, you’ll spend plenty of time stopped taking pics of the scenery. The drive is very rocky, good ground clearance is a must, as are a good set of tires. It would be very easy to slash a sidewall. 4-low is extremely useful for the steep climbs going up, and engine braking going down.

on Imogene Pass

7 days ago

Beautiful views and amazing wildflowers and waterfalls along the way!!

8 days ago

Gorgeous views and waterfall with a trailhead right in town. Lots of people and dogs.

What an awesome trail so close to town. Has it all. Great views, changing terrain. Excellent markings. Added a new section up Oak Creek and back down Old Twin Peaks that is not in the AllTrails map.

This trail was amazing!! The views were amazing and so was the famous Cascade Falls that you can walk behind. Turkey great hike, but be prepared.

9 days ago

Easy trail. Stunning waterfall at the end.

10 days ago

Hike is beautiful and very family friendly!

12 days ago

A beautiful hike, but they are going to get people in bad situations if they don't update the description! It is definitely a MODERATE trail at least. A LOT of uphill... not climbing, but uphill.

And, the 4.7 miles listed is WAY off!! We ended up backtracking a big due to some confusion after leaving the visitor center (hint... a good portion of the first mile or so is a road! Get a map at the visitor center). We completely blew off the last half of the trail east of Hwy 550, cut down the Hwy and through town, and still finished at 6.5 miles for this 4.7 mile trail.

Beautiful views and I'm glad we went counter clockwise from the visitor center b/c that got us to the falls, but we were very disappointed to hit 5 miles and realize we were barely 1/2 way done, if even that.

Second time I’ve done this hike. Super short and kid friendly! It’s an easy and short little hike with an amazing waterfall! Lots of people when I went (Fourth of July week) because of the holiday. Overall, very fun, quick & easy!!

Fun for the whole family. Going to the bottom of the falls is well worth the money. The top of the falls provides a great view with a simple walk up the rocks.

Great hike but does NOT allow dogs.

AllTrails should change the description

13 days ago

Great family trail around Ouray, but gotta be careful on a few parts. Parked at Cascade Falls. Walked around clockwise, to the Baby Bathtubs, down and around to Box Canyon Falls. Then back through town to the Ouray Brewery for lunch. Garmin showed about 5.1 miles for all that. Carried a 2 yo in a pack. 7yo walked. Good signage.

This “hike” is on a rocky road with cars passing, hardly any shade and is not worth the effort. Either take a 4X4 up to the falls then hike from there to Silver or Blue Lake. Or skip this and go to Bear Creek Falls which is a much more enjoyable hike.

This is a great trail with beautiful views. You can get right up to the base of the waterfall!

I couldn’t believe the view from the top

Awesome trail. Excellent views!

Very kid and dog friendly!

Its a dirt road that leads to the falls. tue Scenery is nothing special and the Falls werent that great. Go and do Bear Creek instead. The falls there are surreal.

Amazing views!

18 days ago

Family friendly. Crowded though still pleasant. Climb feels worth it at the Falls.

19 days ago

Great hike with beautiful scenery. I highly recommend going up to the falls then going back to where the bear creek trail meets the Wasatch trailhead and continuing along there. Wasatch is a bit more strenuous but worth it. You can also take Wasatch all the way to Bridal Veil Falls and continue along other trailheads if you want a full day of hiking. Great wildflowers along the way and much of the trail is right alongside the water.

This was a ton of fun, not difficult in a technical sense at all. Some loose rock and narrow passing areas were the primary source of “difficulty,” but overall the off-roading was fun, exciting, and not stressful. The views sealed the deal and made this a great experience.

Beautiful scenery on the way to the falls, but the spray from the waterfall at the end of this hard climb make it all worth while. However, it is a VERY rocky trail...hard on the feet. It’s also hard if you’re not used to altitude. We calculated 5.5 miles round trip on our GPS. Also, lots of dogs running loose, so be careful of owners that can’t control their dogs very well.

Take your fishing pole! Thee are some big trout just swimming around up there. Trail is difficult to follow from the river crossing, but gets better. Saw a bear and big fat marmot. Gorgeous wildflowers.

Very easy in a stock T4R. Great views!!

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