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The only hike worth doing over and over again, so many new ways to hike it, especially if you’re a climber.

hiked this trail a bunch. like it a lot. not too hard. tried to go up during a good snow event but they closed it.

I love the trail! Its a bit challenging but at the end of the trail, you can see a bridge, and there are a hot tubs to get into. Along the trail, you have to do like 4-5 rappelling.

Some areas are challenging to navigate, tight passages that require minimal rock climbing. There are areas to get off the trail and climb some. Great hike.

This is a MUST for anyone who enjoys real hiking. This trail is difficult but certainly doable for anyone who is even barely athletic. My husband and I traveled to Las Vegas in December for a little getaway and did this trail in about 4.5 hours there and back. We go to the gym occasionally but are by no means pros. My biggest piece of advice is invest in some gloves that have plastic ridges on the inside to increase your grip on the rocks as you are climbing over them and trying to hold on. Your heart will definitely race while on some parts of this trail, making it down and back is not an easy task. Your feet will probably get wet and you will definitely come away with some scrapes and minor bruises but don’t fret too much, the experience of this hike will leave you in awe of nature and your own ability to do this hike. The view at the river was beautiful but the springs were too shallow when we went there and we were chasing the sunlight so didn’t have a chance to swim. If you are slow like we were start early by at least 10am to make it back by 3-4pm. It gets dark quickly by about 4:45 it is already dark in the canyon.
FYI there is another canyon called white canyon just on the other side and it has a much easier trail and apparently deeper hot springs.

Beautiful hike. Easy at first and moderate with scrambling closer to the arch. Views just past the arch are breathtaking and you can see the Eldorado Ghost Town. We forged on about a mile past the arch - hard but fun scrambling. We did it with a six year old. Will do it again soon.

Such a great hike! I was confused why with this little elevation gain and distance it is ranked difficult, but there’re like 6 spots where you can only get down/up with the help of those ropes. And yes going back up with wet shoes after a chill hot spring session is less fun, but gosh it’s pretty!

Excellent hike that gets the upper body involved more than most hikes. Perfect day in early Jan with clear skies and 50 degrees. Lots of college age hikers but was never crowded. If solo, keep in mind that anything you climb down you will have to climb back up, possibly with wet boots.

Incredible Scenery!!

took my son, we love this trail!!

20 days ago

This was a nice one mile hike through the desert. The trailhead isn’t marked but Google Maps got us there with no problems. We parked right at the main road turnoff because the drive up to another small landing where you might park was rocky and we were driving a car. The trail is well maintained, transitioning from desert gravel to large boulders you have to climb over—but it was relatively easy. The arch itself is a nice picture point, with plenty more boulders to climb around and explore if you’re so inclined. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and didn’t see anyone else on the trail. Also, keep an eye out for Bighorn Sheep in the area.

22 days ago

Great leg workout! Will do again!

Fantastic! Like a jungle gym or obstacle course. Worth making it to the bottom. I’m 57 and did this with my 23 yr old son. Needed his hand up or down a bunch of times but it was a blast!

took this hike in dec 2018 with my 12 yo niece. was worried about the “hard” level, but it was nothing for her. she was able to handle the boulder climbing and ropes no problem. seen a whole family with a 8 yo hiking too.

Easy hike until you reach the points where you need to use the ropes or scramble through the boulders to pass. Still not that hard but it’s a busy trail and we ran into a few bottlenecks where we had to wait for groups with younger children or older adults to get through. The hot springs were great, especially if you’ve never seen hot springs before.

Fun hike!

Distance - it is 3.2 miles from the parking lot to the Colorado River, 6.4 miles round trip. I don't understand the widely varying distances reported, especially the official 2.2 mile "official" quote. This is a straightforward, easy-to-follow trail with very little route finding. I am 70 years old and did this hike alone. I was fine going down, but the slippery rocks coming back up from the bottom were difficult and dangerous. Luckily I ran into two other hikers that helped me through the tough spots. I do NOT recommend hiking this alone. Usually going up is the easy part, and coming back down is where you get into trouble, but not on this hike

The app tells me it's 9.4 miles, 3,205' elevation gain, moving time of 3:52. 4:01 total time. (But if you look at my recording its all over the place.) I did do a little wondering along the way but not that much. The trail can be hard to locate at times, but it will only take a minute or two to figure out which way to go. Its challenging but not impossible. Like the description states...one of the ropes is a bear especially on the way back. and with wet boots. Which is almost a 100% chance.
Once you get to the river its worth it. The water was low so there was plenty of room to walk around.

Also....I challenge everyone to pick up at least one piece of trash along the way.


Just a note on distance. You see a wide range of distances recorded for Gold Strike Canyon. Some over 10 miles and some at 8 miles or less. From near the new parking area, the total distance, round-trip is 5.2 miles, according to the Park Service. At a brisk walk, I can make it down to the river in about an hour. Even on a flat surface, I would not be able to do 4 or 5 miles in an hour. Why are the distance recordings so varied? If you look at them, the data points are bouncing all over the place. Even if a person moved only a short distance, the GPS data point might be 100 feet to the right of you one moment and then 30 feet to the left and 20 feet up the next. This makes it appear you are going a lot further than you actually are. I suspect this is because of the high canyon walls bouncing the GPS signal before it reaches your phone, giving your phone wrong information about where you actually are. Even though it is shorter than you might think, it is still incredibly beautiful and a great workout!

1 month ago

The elevation gain when you’re starting so high up unexpectedly kicked my butt, made the switchbacks a bit more uncomfortable since it added strain to monotony, but the end of the trail was quite worth it. I did this back in July, and despite the cooler weather up in Mt Charleston, laying on the rocks was amazing. The water was little but so ice cold, it was wonderful. Beautiful scenes

Wow! What a beautiful hike!
It’s pretty advanced and requires a decent level of fitness, as there a several areas with ropes where you have to use them to help yourself get up or down. After the ropes begin, you will soon discover the hot springs that will lead you down to Colorado River just south of Hoover Dam.
The entire hike took a little over 5 miles and about 5 hours for a group of 6 of us to complete - worth every minute and every scratch I got!

Great hike, very scenic. Not too challenging. The falls at the top are beautiful.

LONG HIKE. Love going here. For the first half it mostly walking. The second half is a lot of defending boulders which take a lot of time. The hots springs are nice just avoid getting your head wet because there is brain eating amoeba (naeglaria fowleri) in the springs. The walls of the trail are very nice. Reaching the Colorado river is nice. I would avoid going when it’s hot because I’m the walking portion of the hike there is no shade. Brings SNACKS and ELECTROLYTES because it is a workout!

This was one of my favorite hikes because it really involves climbing rocks with some locations requiring rope. there's a half point where water and other goods(clothes) can be left for others in need. definitely heavily trafficked.

1 month ago

let's just say it lives up to its name(MJ). Great hike with a waterfall at the end. the waterfall wasn't quite in season. I would definitely hike again in season.

1 month ago

One of my first good elevation hikes. An amazing old tree close to the end.

1 month ago

What a view once you get to the top! clear trail.

It’s a great hike for those that enjoy height and don’t fear narrow trails. The hike to the top will be worth it!! Keep going!

The day I went there was a group of young kids smoking weed and had there dog running with no leash.

Amazing hike! Definitely alot of physical work climbing rocks and ropes. A must try if you love hiking.

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