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Amazing hike! Going all the way to the river it's too bad, you have to trust the ropes. Beautiful hot springs gorgeous views. I found it hard coming back up. but I did it! Super fun you will be happy that you complete something like that!

Great hike with some cool caves

rock climbing
5 days ago

Super challenging but the destination is worth every rope climb!

I Love this hike.

Be ready w hiking boots.

14 days ago

Always a lovely trail, easy to follow and straight-forward. It's still cold enough to freeze the falls, so it was a spectacular column of ice.

14 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Worth the challenge! Some rocks have been spray painted with arrows to indicate which direction to go. That was extremely helpful. There are six different spots with ropes to use for climbing down and back up. The springs were so hot - warmer than bath water and crystal clear. Rocks were smooth, so very hard to keep traction once your feet get wet. Take plenty of water and wear good shoes.

Definitely started to get challenging about halfway down. A really nice hike with some fun obstacles.

Great hike with lots of scrambling. The payoff at the end is well worth it!

It's like a jungle gym

23 days ago

Went up snowing. Totally stunning experience. Snow made the trail very slippery at times, and was difficult to follow on the way down with the trail totally covered in slow. Not a long hike, but almost all uphill.

The falls were almost completely frozen, which made for a truly surreal experience.

24 days ago

Awsome view! Great hike!

It was as a good hike a lot of climbing , upper body work out for sure. On the way down and on the way up. You can take children that are into the adventure.

This trail was absolutely beautiful and challenging for me (I have no experience bouldering) I was able to hike the whole trail with a little help from fellow hikers when going up the ropes, so don’t let the rating scare you... it’s totally doable for anybody! The hot pools are a wonder... I’ll definitely be going back!

Awesomly beautiful trail, loved the rope climbing

28 days ago

Easy one hour round trip hike, beautiful natural arch.

Loved this trail. Thought it was more moderate than hard. Scrambling and sliding down the boulders was fun. The ropes were challenging but very doable. Coming up was much easier than going down. Views were beautiful!

Awesome hike! Has various challenges but sooooooooo much fun! The payoff is at the end!!

This hike is epic. It includes lots of technical bouldering and scaling drop offs with ropes that are provided. Don’t let the short mileage fool you—this is a very demanding hike!

One of the best trails near Las Vegas. My favorite so far. Fairly difficult but rewarding. I made a short video about this trail.

Here's the link: https://youtu.be/GCxh09GPPg0

1 month ago

Scramble fest! If you start from the trail head, you will have plenty of energy for the final climb to the arch and summit. Starting from the parking lot adds more miles, albeit beautiful miles, to your hike.
Doing this one solo may not have been such a good idea given my limited climbing skills. Turned around at the 2nd chute. All I think about is completing this hike. I will be back..... with a friend at least.

Awesome hike. A bit tough but hey, what’s a hike without a challenge? Was fun and would highly recommend it.

A nice trail that will get your heart rate going on the climb. There was plenty of snow on the trail that added to the challenge and enjoyment. the falls where just tricking, but still a great view.

excellent challenging trail with beautiful views!

Trail was fun! We stared from the left and continued clockwise when we came across most people did the other way. Someone reviewed that this trail needed more sign to help hikers to stay on the path, which I agree so much. We seen many people practicing rock climbing which is pretty cool. Liked this trail. With some parts, you really need to figure out how to overcome some puzzling way to keep moving forward but you will find different way so, if you feel your stuck, don’t worry, you are not.

1 month ago

Good scenic trail with all kinds of spots to climb and hangout

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