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Good moderate trail to begin your day! Nice and cool with wonderful breezes. Get there early, trail head parking limited.

Perfect for cardio and leg workout while surrounded by ever chhanging stunning views

love to hike this trail with our dogs!

Great hike. moderately challenging, as I had to rest three or four times at the switchbacks. pack plenty of water. amazing view at the end.

First this is not a moderate trail. No way, no how. That said, it is a great hike but not for the feint of heart. Bring walking sticks, gloves and wear ankle high boots for support. We took the skyline up and the runners trail down. Lots of places to fall and break something. The decent is very technical, especially through the creek.

4 days ago

A tremendous hike that's both challenging, but very rewarding for the physically fit. We took the jeep trail to the hikers trail and it wasn't as difficult as the runner's trail up, which I did last year. It is a great race to watch on tv, but plan to change your underwear after coming too close to the edge more than once, or on the downside part of the scree. If you survive that, the chute with running water and loose rock will make you long for the scree. However, stopping at Seward Brewing for a few cold beers and food are a just reward for conquering this HARD climb. I love it and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the entire region from the summit. You're welcome for the near death experience, Jeff!

7 days ago

Amazing! We hiked up the hikers trail (not the runners). The middle section (bench trail) was really muddy and tight with vegetation so got pretty wet since it was raining. Where the trail turns left to go up the ridge, we hiked into the bowl instead, following the river, and through a wildflower meadow and up some snow patches and scree piles. Came to a ridge above a little alpine lake there. It was cloudy so we could only see a few of the crags above the bowl, not any mountains across the valley. Really pretty though! I'd definitely hike this again and try to do the actual ridge part of the trail (called the skyline section?) probably would bring sandals too for the muddy parts because my shoes and socks got soaked from hiking through wet plants and mud.

My first hike and it was magical! Me and my 2 friends went past the waterfall to a cave above it and could see the entire valley! I would recommend this to anyone.

Great summer hike in Vegas area

11 days ago

A short rewarding jaunt from Raintree. The spring water is icy cold and refreshing. The beautiful flowers and plush vegetation that have grown around the tiny water fall is the real treat.

12 days ago

Great trail with a beautiful lake as the prize. Last 1.5 miles is pretty overgrown but you can manage if you pay attention. River views mostly along beginning 1.5 miles and keeps you cool, we love this trail, easy to find and follow.

I did this hike with my husband and our labrador. Its a lovely moderate hike. I there are some areas (with the switchbacks) that it is hard to see the trail and pretty rocky, but you will not get lost. The falls are a beautiful spot to rest and enjoy the view.

Loved this trail. Fun boulder scrambling in mid Dec. A fav, for sure. Definitely doable. Hot springs more muddy than expected. Trail depends upon a beautiful scenic view of Lake Mead.

Very well preserved trail with stunning scenery! The trailhead campgrounds are also incredible. A must for any travelers.

I did this hike with my almost two year old. I carried her some of the way. Up by the waterfall it gets a little tricky with a little one as I didn’t want her to fall or me fall while helping her. It was a great hike though. I would do it again.

20 days ago

Nice view at the top but lots of people crowding the trail.

20 days ago

Nice little huff if wearing a babe. Would recommend using trekking poles if you’re wearing a kid carrier as there are a lot of loose rocks and can be a little treacherous on the way down.

20 days ago

The temperature was only around 80F late morning in early July. When it was 104F degree on the Strip, it was an amazingly refreshing experience to hike this trail. Great view and well maintained.

Great exercise. I recommend going in the morning so the switchbacks are in the shade.

Awesome trail, we took the upper bristlecone trail and headed farther up the mountain following bonanza then hit what is labeled as “old bristlecone trail” on the way back. It wasn’t as maintained as the upper trail but was stunning and had shade the whole way back. It was an amazing 8 mile hike going around that route

Very well marked. Cave provides great shade. The last 50 or so feet to the cave is steep and slippery.

Fun hike. View at the end makes it worth it.

Tougher than it looks. Bring water and good shoes or boots to wear. View at the top is rewarding.

27 days ago

a long hard all uphill hike with 3 experienced kids ages 6-14. some great scenery. There are two clearings that are amazing! We camped at one right before hitting raintree. The spring was dry. We went one week after a good rain, then it rained the night before we went and rained on us on the way back with some hail. Trails were washed out and slippery. Still a great hike. You can see the stratosphere at the 2nd clearing about 3/4 of the way up. It looked as small as a matchstick.

27 days ago

Fun, challenging trail for a guy just getting back into hiking. trail is in great shape, or was in the way up. Mountain rain storm creeped in and turned the trails into rivers. Still has an amazing time. Couldn't tell how much water the spring was putting out due to the amount of rain falling. Under the giant bristlecone is a great place for lunch. I'd do this one again in conjunction with the North Loop Trail.

the trail was beautiful. definitely easy to get lost if your not paying attention. i went counter clockwise and missed the trail marker taking you up the moutain to complete the loop. i hiked 2 miles out of my way and climbed some crazy rock wallls then turned around when i realized i had no exit. definitely recommend this trail in the fall or spring.. heat was brutal in july

Loved this hike!!! Gets your heart pumping but plenty of places to catch your breath and such incredible views!!! I will definitely be doing this one again!

We loved this hike. It is definitely worth going to the top to see the caves and a very small waterfall. I think it may be longer then the 2.5 miles posted, more like 5 round trip but I didn't track it.

As others have said, it's a well-defined trail up a beautiful part of the Spring Mountains. I stopped for a break here on my way down from Mummy Mountain. The trail is well used but I've never seen it get "busy" like nearby trails do. The springs are in a nice shady portion of the trail and were still trickling; the water is cool and clear, but you'll probably want to filter it just to be safe.

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