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It's a good hike for being so close to the city. Nice views, streams, meadows, pitch pines and rock formations. Pretty well marked but pay attention at junctions. Went up the black mark on white and came back on the yellow to the white. Met some nice folks on top who arrived from different starting points in Harriman. The trail is rocky and footing is tricky at times with small loose rocks. Good shoes and poles with serve you well, especially on the way down. Still a little muddy in spots. Waterproof shoes a good idea for now.

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1 day ago

easy to acces from new york. nice walk a little bit climbing on one site. easy to walk on the other one

Instant beauty the second you step foot on the trail.

Hiked mountain on easter sunday. Loved the view and would like to hike again when all the snow and ice is gone.

Nice hike. Great view if you can get around the picnic eating folks with their many dogs. So many dogs.

The west/southwest part of this trail is non-existent. Literally. We found it but only because there’s no foliage in the undergrowth. If there were, it’d be unfindable.

You can string together a bunch of good sections - but be warned: you’re not going to do this ‘kite’ loop unless you’re prepared to break out your Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass.

Day hike. Nice climb to start, was a clear day, NYC skyline in full view. Easy downhill on well maintained trail steps. Great views of Bear Mountain Bridge and the Hudson Valley.

Still plenty of ice near the top. Great views!

Great quick hike with the kiddos (8 and 5). Only took an hour and thats with stopping to picnic at the top. Pretty nice views along the top for the minimal effort to get to the top. Was a little muddy still but not too bad

We did this hike on 4/14/18. It was a cool, crisp day.

The mile-ish hike up was strenuous and the rock scramble was challenging, which was a great workout. The waterfall was picturesque.

Unfortunately, although the weather was nice, it was hazy and the views were less than amazing. Perhaps with the fall foliage, there would have more of an impact.

great quick hike for the family, kids ranged from 7 to 17. Beautiful views.

7 days ago

A lot of carriage roads but the Gertrude's Nose trail makes up for it. Awosting Falls running pretty good.

12 days ago

The is one of the northern-most Catskill peaks and a part of Long Path. Rarely used and with a great lean-to. There aren't any water sources nearby so bring all you'll need if you're staying. There are 3 great Vista spots from the top : @the lean-to looking south and east, to the east toward Pisgah and further on Windham high peak, and then looking westward toward the nearby Moresville range. I'll post pics when I go next.

Beautiful trail

17 days ago

Park at the first lot near the 6/293 intersections to minimize road walking. Empty YMCA camp was interesting. Long Path is a great trail, few nice up and downs on the north side of Route 6. Torrey Memorial has a nice view of Bear Mountain and Popolopen Torne with Turkey Hill Lake below.

I had a hard time finding the trail head. When I did it was a a good hike still a lot of ice and snow. There is a nice stream and nice overlook. It was an moderate hike not hard

18 days ago

nice park

22 days ago

This was a nice trail. The hike up the white trail was a good climb that will get you breathing heavy. From there we followed the yellow blazes out to the megaliths for a view. A very nice man pointed out the different mountains we could see in the distance. On the return, we followed the black dot trail(white blaze with black dot). This trail was much less traveled and quiet. Overall, a nice hike

22 days ago

Went yesterday and did the route leading up the steps instead of going along the lake first. Everyone was warning us after the tower that it was a steep descent but fortunately we didn't have any problems (maybe it was the fact we were wearing hiking shoes and everyone else was in nike trainers?). Seemed like we might've had the easier route since everyone looked wiped out coming from the other way. It was a quick and steady incline the way we went but after the tower, there wasn't much of a challenge besides trying to not fall on our butts during the steep descent :) Took us 2 hours with a sandwich break.

Very snowy currently (March-April 2018). Pretty hard to do without additional gear, but still nice.

24 days ago

With diverse landscapes and different levels of difficulty, this trail is not too hard nor too boring. It has gorgeous views of creeks, waterfalls, woods, lake, etc. My boyfriend and I took our dog for a hike on this trail and we had so much fun!

So many people. But it was good start.

26 days ago

There are a lot of amazing views on this hike as the trail hugs the edge of the cliff for a good portion. The elevation changes are spaced out well and strenuous at a few points. Overall, the payoff is definitely in the hikers' favor. Once the views are all thoroughly enjoyed, the return trip through the forest is also very nice. I did this hike with a good amount of snow on the ground, I imagine this will be much easier once the snow melts.

Quick and steep, do not underestimate Prospect Mountain it will kick your butt.

This trail is great in every season!

This was a great trail to the falls and around the lake. Note that the ice caves trail is closed, as you can’t enter or even see into the caves due to too much snow.

1 month ago

First time ever snowshoeing! Was really lucky to have had someone else out there a day before me to have patted down the snow and made a trail. Made it doable! View up top was great. Will come back when the snow is lower and definitely when it’s all melted.

1 month ago

I live locally, but this was my first time crossing the foot bridge and heading up Prospect Mountain. The trail was still icy and snow-covered in late March. I slipped up the first half of the hike and ended up giving in and putting my spikes on after crossing the highway.

There aren’t any breaks on this hike. It’s short, only about 1.6 miles to the top, but it’s steep. I was breathing hard at the top. The views are beautiful, and there’s a ton of room at the summit.

This is a very popular and well-traveled trail, which is a big downside. I’m selfish and I want the woods to myself. Probably won’t hike it again anytime soon, but it was a decent climb.

Went during mid-March. At least a foot of snow still present at the higher elevations. Really enjoyed the first half of the trail up to Perkins Tower. Beautiful views and you can even see the distant New York City skyline. Trail becomes more populous on the AT portion back to Hessian Lake. Not a fan of walking on paved roads or the many stone staircases to finish the loop but I guess no other safer way. I prefer a less groomed trail I guess. Still a wonderful hike!

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