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Moderate hike with some dope views. The steps can be pretty slippery in the winter walk them cautiously. We found an abandoned shack which looks like it was once used as a birdwatching tower, but the floor had collapsed. The peak offers a really nice 360 degree view of the Hudson. Overall it’s an awesome hike for family’s and large groups of people.

4 days ago

New section of the Appalachian Trail looks great. ALOT of stone stairs up and down the AT on Bear Mountain itself. Nice views from the top.

We hiked today with micro-spikes and met a couple others with snowshoes. It’s a pretty easy hike with not much elevation gain. The views along the crest are great. It was a day with blue sky, cool (15 degrees), beautiful white snow and lots of animal tracks. If you are the first person on the trail after a snow you’ll want to wear snowshoes.

Great trail. The road to trail head is ploughed but rough. Trail itself is packed and easy to follow. The fire tower is in great condition.

This is a beautiful trial , just a WARNING, there are about 1,000 steps very steep and hard on the knees , prepare accordingly. Otherwise it’s absolutely gorgeous one of my favorites!

I've hiked all of the trails up there, for most of my life-another one of my go to trails. I love the challenge, (I'm 74) the views alone can't be beat! get out there and enjoy!!

Hiked the Yellow loop today - counter clockwise. Nice trail - not too strenuous but a good workout. Had the whole place to myself. Some nice views along the way. Well marked trail throughout.

11 days ago

Great hike with nice views at the top. It was a bit difficult at the top, had to climb a few rocks. After reading other reviews that it was easy, I think we may have taken a wrong turn and went off the designated path. Still had a fun time!

Great hike, with many different types of terrain. You will have to cross many different little streams, as someone said: bring water proof boots.

There is one beautiful view; you'll know when you see it. I thought there would be more, so when you see stay there have a bite, and enjoy it. There is only the one that makes the entire hike worth it.

Didn't follow the loop exactly made the hard right out of parking lot on 1777w trail then took blue all the way there and yellow back that makes it over 6 miles well worth it beatifull views on the way up the blue trail and the view from the shelter is amazing you can see NYC would recommend

Very beautiful. Soon after The intersection of long path and nawahunta fire road the long path is muddy The cave shelter on Stockbridge Mt is worth seeing

Great little hike after a morning of skiing Gore. Did the up and back from the west side parking. So much flow ice bring micros. Even so we slipped a lot due to lack of snow and leaves getting caught in the micros. Fantastic view of town and Hickory.

Nice trek, light-moderate strenuousness, depending on the hiker. Once you've cleared the first rock climbs along the Orange Trail (Ramapo Torne area), it's smooth sailing. Picks up a pretty stream/river on the return, some areas become muddy post-rain but have sufficient paneling/log laying to keep you dry.

18 days ago

Nice easy walk that has a lake, lean-tos and a good open fire tower with beautiful views, would recommend

19 days ago

Short and easy hike to one of the best views of the high peaks. Trail is very easy and flat for the first mile, but begins to ascend the second mile. Can be confusing crossing the marsh next to the beaver pond, but shouldn't be too difficult. Just pay attention to previous tracks!

20 days ago

Pro- Great views from ontop the summit, easy trail to follow, especially if you have the Alltrails map, tons of blazes, not many people on New Year Day (this is not the norm at all, from past reviews seems to get extremely busy), lots of history markers at the beginning regarding the Old Revolutionary Forts

Con- Lot of trash first mile or so in and last mile or so out, tons of broken glass along with graffiti, you never really escape the road noise on this hike

Imo the views make this a must do once, I would try to do in Fall if you could, would probably be super busy but I cant imagine how the colors would look from the views a top

nice trail, well marked

Walked this trail on a very hot day during August and enjoyed every second of it, especially the overlook points and crossing the waterfall, can’t wait to go back!

Love this trail. Delighted that the new part of the trail near the top is now open. Terrific views. Lots of hikers there today - New Years Day.

Loved the hike took almost 5 hours. I wouldn’t recommend large dogs for the whole loop. Some portions you have to climb up. I would do this trail in the summer/fall.

21 days ago

nice. solid start, easier finish

Nice hike. The Fire Tower is remodeled and open. The plane crash site and the building ruins are interesting. The further loop I included had a few real wet spots through the swamps.

great hike but a few spots can get tricky if you aren't paying very close attention to the markers. easy to get turned around.

There’s better up this way

Hiked this trail this afternoon ... little icy early on and a bit muddy with ice under leaves made the trek to the top a bit trickier. Nice view

24 days ago

Great moderate trail, beautiful in the fall. Very busy, lots of tourists. Rain from the previous day made the trail more challenging as we had to climb off-trail. Feet got wet. Plan accordingly.

did this back in October with me and the dog. definitely moderate except for like two spots that were super muddy and slippery. talked to a trail maintenance guy up top and said they arent allowed to do any major work on half of the trail because it flows between private and NYS lands I believe? amazing views up top and not busy at all, just be careful of the mud! ALSO I lost my car key up top (a spare, little black key attached to nothing) so if anyone finds that, enjoy : )

Did this hike a few months back. it is not difficult at all, but the way down was a little interesting given all the loose rocks. Great view of the bay

I live near here so I’ve done this hike many, many times in my childhood and since. It’s great for the kids and the fur kids, usually lots of other folks to greet.

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