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Awesome trail! I would mark it on the easier side of moderate solely because of the distance, otherwise it was a pretty easy trail. The trail is mostly shaded which was nice. The wild flowers and the wild raspberries were fun to look at and my dogs enjoyed the access to the lake. I went counterclockwise and think I would prefer to go that route again.

Good for my old dog.

it was a nice walk bit wished I had a bike

Went Aug 12-13th and stayed at campsite 17. Absolutely a beautiful trail from start to finish. Ran into 2 small groups of hikers on the trail which was amazing. Made you feel like you were the only people on the trail. Plenty of alone time. The hot springs itself was crowded at night...kind of annoying, but the people were nice....the morning however was very quiet and peaceful. We only stayed one night and I don’t think that was enough. I would have liked a full day of relaxing at the hot springs instead of feeling rushed to do the 9 mile hike back to the car. Campsite 17 is about a 20 min hike up to the springs FYI. I heard some negative reviews about the hot springs being dirty and It wasn’t at all. I think the new permit system has really helped cut down on the over crowding. Please be respectful of this beautiful gem! Pack in and pack out!

One of the best 'Colorado Gold' Autumn spectator roads to travel. Great old mining dredges too.

Great trail! Make sure you do the sleepy lion trail up. When you hit Hull ranch do not go that way go to the right where you will find the summit of the trail and a gorgeous view of the lake. We almost missed it and went the Hull route. There’s not a lot of shade on the last 2 miles back so be prepared for that.

2 days ago

Probably the easiest trail around Vail. Very moderate incline and rewarding, beautiful views. If you're looking for an easy, pretty hike while visiting, I would pick this over Booth Falls! This trail is normally extremely crowded, but I went on a cloudy Friday evening around 5 PM, and there was only 1 other car at the trailhead. Please don't feel the wildlife and no there is no designated picnic area at the bottom.

Is there a picnic area at the bottom for lunch after?

Well maintained trails that are surprisingly pretty busy. Definitely take some water with you and wear the right shoes, rocks can get a bit rough at some parts. Plenty of hills and the views are gorgeous but if you’re not used to the elevation, I’d recommend taking it slow at first. Only down side is it’s a state park so you have to pay to enter.

Great trail!! Some narrow parts with a slight hill but smooth easy walking the entire way!! Brought my dog on both occasions and it was great! Great views, beautiful trees. Peaceful and quiet. Not too many people despite the amount of cars in the parking lot.

4 days ago

My husband and I arrived from Kansas City on Thursday and hit this trail on Friday. We had Quandary Peak on our Saturday agenda so wanted a scenic but reasonably high altitude hike to help us acclimate. This trail was very enjoyable with some moderately steep sections but lots of mild areas too. So many stunning views along the way. We found a ledge to rest at the top for a snack, and were greeted by a fat little chipmunk that shared our snack straight from my husband’s hand. Such a treat!

great for a family hike.

4 days ago

The trail itself is relatively easy. The high altitude is its greatest challenge for most. Beautiful scenery in all directions!

off road driving
5 days ago

Does not allow ATVs on the trail because it’s still classified as a county road. All trails needs to better distinguish between OHV allowed and HV.

Beautiful and very easy

Great distance and elevation for beginners who want to get some incline!

7 days ago

Another note:
Geo Markers (2) located at 39.53518, -106.25963

7 days ago

First of four hikes we did in the area around Vail and still the best. Beautiful hike with lots of variation and great views. It was also the first hike after spending a week at sea level. Jumping up to 12k ft without acclimating was a challenge. Also, this hike was done on a Monday morning around 0845, and there were about 8-9 cars at the trailhead. By noon, it was a zoo, WAY TOO MANY people on the trail and probably 35-40 cars in the parking lot and along the road. Do it, but do it early.

beautiful loop. Love the mountain view.

This trail was amazing. I went two nights 8/6-7. I suggest going two nights. Spending a whole day just relaxing is worth it.

I went up solo. It took Me quite a while to make it up. Start early and take breaks as needed. It’s not a race. The altitude was pretty rough for me. The trail is pretty rocky so bring solid foot wear. Also many parts of the trail are through thick brush. Long sleeves will save some scratches. On the way back down by the ponds past the creek ford I encountered moose. But I came up on the with no coverage or protection. The bull was chill enough that I could back off slowly and not spook it, but easily could have been bad. Be mindful out there.

The people up there were all great. Just a group of strangers all there to relax and enjoy the hot springs. Everyone was there for a great time. Don’t be uptight cause there will be drinking, probably nudity and a few were smoking pot.

I would suggest bringing foot wear you can wear in the spring. It’s great but the bottom and edges are super rocky. It’s very painful getting in and out. Sunscreen and bug spray cause flys and mosquitoes were all over me. Also don’t skimp on cold weather stuff. The days were very nice, but even early August as soon as the sun sets behind the mountains it got VERY cold.

Well maintained trail, nice views.

Absolutely beautiful hike! Flowers/colors are amazing! We hiked in on 8/3 for 1 night.
Took us about 5 hours to get to the first camp site #19 and at least 30 minutes more to get to site #4 (our site). The hike from #19 to #4 may have been the most difficult part of the hike. We saw 3 moose, a few deer and a far off bear sunning itself in a rock near silver dollar lake! Rangers stopped us on our way and asked to see our permit, ID and bear canister. The springs were spectacular and surprisingly uncrowded. Took us 3.5 hours to hike out.

off road driving
11 days ago

This was a beautiful drive. I would highly recommend it to anyone who new to off road driving. It is very easy, but still beautiful and fun. The Como side was rough, but manageable. I started from the Breckenridge side and though the town was crowded the road really wasn't. Clearly tourists don't know about the road or get nervous in their rental cars.
I will be going back in the fall. Maybe to camp a bit and see the colors. I am sure there will be more people on it then.

11 days ago

This is my favorite hike in Granby now. The scenery is spectacular. The trail keeps your interest throughout. The streams and waterfalls are beautiful. I took a drink out of a waterfall coming directly from the top of the mountain. It was delicious. I recommend bringing a “Lifestraw” with you. It will cut down on having to bring water bottles. The trail is full of water features. The trail is not real steep. It has a nice mix of inclines, declines and level terrain. I advise wearing shoes with hiking soles. A lot of the area is rocky. Highly recommend. .

Great hike. Well maintained trail and beautiful flowers and views the entire hike. However this should say HEAVILY trafficked trail. I don't think I have ever hiked any trail with that amount of people on it. Parking lot full and cars parked for 1/4 mile down the road in both directions. Great hike, just expect to be hiking it with a lot of other people.

11 days ago

Views are absolutely stunning!! Would 10/10 recommend this hike and will have this high on my list to do again in the fall. Definitely get there early. I showed up at 8:15 on a Saturday morning and pretty much had the trail to myself. By 10:30 when I got back to the lot it was nuts!

11 days ago

Wow! One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever experienced! Lots of wild flowers and birds to enjoy on your trek up. The views from the top were unbelievable and definitely worth the hike. I would recommend getting there early as it got pretty crowded by the time we left. The trail was listed to be 4 miles, though my Fitbit logged 5.2 total.

Great hike! A bit strenuous at the beginning but well worth it. Make sure to take the Walker Ranch Loop down to the falls. Awesome views!

Beautiful mountain views and lake, great trail and several other trails to take if you want.

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