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Short hike on a well graded trail - well worth it - especially at sunset! 19 Sep 2018

Great, well defined trail. Spectacular views of Crater Lake. It was challenging due to the elevation but there were plenty of view points to stop and rest. We did this in September and the weather was clear and cool. Highly recommend this trail!

4 days ago

Absolutely STUNNING views of Crater Lake and the surrounding mountains. Moderately challenging and the payoff is well worth it.

Amazing views of the lake all the way up.

5 days ago

The perfect hike. So many beautiful views and the trail was fun. We went in mid September and the weather was amazing. It took us about 2 hours, which included lots of stops for photos and taking in the scenery.

i gave it a 3 but i think it should be more of a 3.5. For being so close in the city it is really nice. it is pretty busy on a September Saturday (not unexpected) I had to park a quarter mile from the trailhead. As there is space for only about 25cars in the lower area where you can park. The lower area is pretty through Mccleary park. This area follows a stream and had nice water features. There was however plenty of trash and it really bothered my daughter. Also as there were plenty of dogs someone couldnt be bothered to bring their crap out. I agree with the assements about the first 1.5 miles up being easy and the next 1mile being moderate.

5 days ago

This is a very popular trail. And for good reason.

6 days ago

Nice little trail to the falls with no one around. I did it fairly early in the morning. When I got to the falls I saw a Rock Chuck or also known as a Marmot by the falls. That was interesting since I've only seen a few and it was the first my dog has seen.

11 days ago

Not crowded. No mosquitoes today, but also no wildflowers. A bit too late in the season, I guess. Easy walk along a well established trail. Slight incline the last 1/4 mile, but nothing tough.

I would rate as moderate, just because of the elevation change near the top. Great views all around today. The smoke from nearby fires wasn't too bad today. Beautiful area.

12 days ago

Difficult for me; easy for my 25 year old son who is much fitter than I. Great view at the top but lots of bees.

14 days ago

hiked this before dawn and caught sunrise at the top which was cool to see but it was a bit smoky and couldn't see all of the lake or crater clearly.

great view. you can see the whole Cascades and Siskyous (if it wasn't for the smoke from the California fires) The National Park Service rates it as moderate to strenuous. possibly because of the elevation (8,013 ft) Even so, I had less problems with the thin air than I did 40+ years ago at the same elevation on Mt. Fuji. (Who says youth can handle it better than oldsters?)

1069ft elev in 3.5miles.. Hike is worth.. and the view from top is amazing..

17 days ago

Must do trail

19 days ago

Given this is the highest spot in which to view Crater Lake and the surrounding peaks, it’s a no brainer to put on your to-do-list! However, do keep in mind exposure here is pronounced so happy helpings of sunscreen is highly recommended—I personally had to apply SPF 50 twice and I’m not that big of a stranger to the sun.

Additionally, the hike is pretty much a constant trek uphill, so be prepared for the lovely calf burn. Also, for whatever reason, the fire lookout was swarming with buzzing bees on the day that I went.

If you can get out to the trail early in the AM, there’s a good chance you can circumvent a large amount of crowds. On the holiday weekend I went, I really didn’t run into many hikers until I was descending the trail around 11 AM.

Challenging but worth the views

Very easy and short hike up for some nice views of the lake. Can get crowded so go earlier in the day.

27 days ago

The most beautiful views you can get in the park. Starts off flat and then incline/switchbacks start til you reach the lookout. Plan for an hour and a half up and 45 minutes down. Bring a layer for the top because it gets windy/chilly. Most of the trail is exposed so recommend plenty of water and sunscreen. You’ll break a sweat but it’s very doable.

Great trail, the map can be a bit confusing at times, but it the trails are all maintained, and the views are fantastic.

Too many folks.

1 month ago

Moderate with strenuous sections. Great views. A solid
Enjoyable hike.

Fantastic hike. A little challenging, but great.

Well maintained trail in the heart of PDX. I prefer early as the trail is open at 5 AM. Nice and quiet then.

Nice, quick hike that offers amazing views of both the entire lake and Wizard Island.

nature trips
1 month ago

Earlier posts and the USFS website are not accurate! The trail is open, clear and in great shape. Not a single tree was across the path. The Blanket Fire did a lot of damage in the area, including right around the springs, but, overall, the area is still beautiful. The area nearest the river escaped much damage, probably due to the moisture, and the rest of the area is a fascinating blend of healthy, blighted and burnt forest. Yellow Monkey Flower and Fire Weed were both in b full bloom along the river and on all the logs in the river. Hummingbirds were everywhere, and a lot of Dippers were in the water. And to top if all off, seeing such a famous and mighty river start almost immediately after coming out of the hillside was both humbling and impactful. The hike is fairly short, fairly easy and well worth the trip to get there.

1 month ago

Great hike in the city.

1 month ago

1.5 hrs (1 hr up and 30 mins down) with 11 and 15 yr olds. Great views of the lake. Crowded but 4 stars due to smoke from wild fires. We got the views and we could see all the way across but not the deep blue color! Keep an eye on the crater webcam if you are not staying at the lodge. Dry and steep going up and starts at 7k ft so take water. And have lunch at the lodge after, while you wait for your table have a drink in a rocking chair on the patio overlooking the lake.

Love this trail, perfect hiking place for a hot day.

Love this hike, gives great views of the basin, crater lake, wizard island & phantom ship. It is short but it is all uphill. I went to watch the sunset on Garfield & I passed only two people who were headed down while I was going up

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