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We started at Sunset Bay and hiked about 2 miles towards Cape Arago before we turned around. We can’t wait to do the complete trail when we have more time. The beginning of the trail was pretty muddy at this time of year, but only the first part. The views are spectacular!

Easy hike with some gorgeous views along Oregon’s coastline. The trail isn’t marked well but it’s pretty self explanatory. We took the road back down to Sunset from Cape Arago due to time constraints but it was still almost 8 Miles. We saw lots of marine life as well as some panoramic vistas.

amazing hike

This is a beautiful trail along the beautiful Oregon coast - definitely worth your time. The trail itself is narrow - not difficult but if it had been raining within the last few days the mud will make it difficult and a little risky to traverse if you don’t have good balance. Also, I’ll say that while there are markers on the trail, they are very easy to miss and with so many offshoots of the trail that lead to great viewpoints that you will want to take, I can see people getting lost easily. Pay close attention or download the offline map. Finally, while this listing states it’s great March through October I would recommend late March if March at all - while it’s beautiful in winter there is a lot of leafless trees that in certain would make the trail even more breathtaking if viewed when spring has sprung. April through October would be the best time to partake IMO.

One my my favorites! A little bit of a steep hike up the first part, but beautiful!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail full of Ocean and cliff side views!

I loved this small hike. Such a big reward and it was clearly marked, luckily the road wasn’t closed.

10/7/16. Did this via the Knox creek trail head. First snow of the season hit about 3/4 the way there. Little visibility, but awesome to knock this off the list. Dogs loved the snow.

Going south on the Oregon Coast trail from the Thunder Rock Cove pullout,the trail goes through forrest.At Natural Bridges there is a nice view.Continuing south it comes to open area above a cove.Further south the trail goes to another view area before dropping down to beautiful China Beach.

Going north from the Natural Bridge parking area the Oregon Coast trail goes through forrest,reaching the Thunder Rock Cove parking area shortly.In that stretch a side trail goes down to a view.

From the Natural Bridge viewpoint,the Oregon Coast trail continues south through forrest,then a opening above a cove.More trees and another parking area/viewpoint.South of that viewpoint area the Oregon Coast trail goes down to the north end of beautiful China Beach.

The Oregon Coast trail goes north(and south)from the Thunder Rock pull off.Going north the trail forks.Either way will go to Secret Beach,but going left at that fork goes down to Thunder Rock Cove and some very beautiful views before it rejoins and goes north to Secret Beach and other points to the north.

Found some old photos from a trip up the California and Oregon coast I took 8 years ago. Absolutely loved this place got out of the car to explore for a few hours. Some of the most unique landscape in the US. Highly recommend this gorgeous place

First time hiked this trail. The view is so beautiful in winter. Driving there was a challenge, but it was so much fun. The road is covered by ice and snow. You need an 4x4 or an AWD car to get to the trailhead + make sure you have your snow chains with you. My car is Subaru Lagacy Outback. Its clearance was not enough in some parts. I know how to drive on snowy roads, so I didn't have much trouble. The trail: First 0.5 mile of the trail is easy to hike and crowded. It seems like people come here to take their Christmas trees. Between the 0.5 and 1 mile section there is so much powdery snow on the trail. After 1 mile, the ground is frozen, so it is considerably easier to hike. There are fallen and about to fall trees everywhere. I had to stop after 2 miles. All in all, it was a fun day.

Beautiful area and a great hike! However, this full trail is not dog friendly. We had to turn around halfway through because dogs are not allowed in Shore Acres State Park. Still, it was a nice 4 mile hike (out and back from Sunset Beach).

I'll have to do this one again. I couldn't figure out the trail. I saw that it's the one to the right of the parking lot, but then it just brings you to another parking lot. I saw a turn and it didn't look like it went anywhere. So I didn't get to see too many views. But what I got to see was still beautiful.

My dog's 2nd hike for this year. We love the waterfalls and small streams that we passed. The lake was beautiful, we set up a hammock and had a picnic. We enjoyed the wonderful view and friendly birds.

There was no snow anywhere on this hike as of Saturday, October, 28, 2017. There were some puddles in the road at Lolo Pass but the trail was dry with only a few logs across it. There was about 100 feet of muddy trail on the north side of Bald Mountain if you choose to extend this hike a bit and loop around Bald Mountain.

Gorgeous views!!! Easy hike. Bring water, phone or camera. And maybe a blanket to spread out if you want to hang out just to just soak it all in (highly recommended)

I did this hike about a week ago with my dog and he loved it! There was definitely a lot of snow and so we could only get so far without proper gear but it was still incredibly peaceful and gorgeous. I will definitely be coming back again!

Lots of snow on the trail which was a little slick but beyond amazing view of Hood!

5 months ago

Beautiful hike. Opposite of most because to get to the falls you are climbing down and to get back to the trail head you climb up. It is steep, I found myself struggling a bit at the end as I was climbing uphill. The views were definitely worth it though! Great waterfall and if you are feeling more adventurous you can wander to the second or even third tier of the falls. Its a difficult climb to get to the very top, so if it is rainy/wet or you are just not super confident I would stick with the first or second tier. I did this hike with friends and our combined 3 dogs (2 shiatsu's and a Siberian husky) and they all handled it like a champ.

on Hanging Rock Trail

5 months ago

Although the roads are in rough condition to get to the trail head (mainly just the last couple miles), the hike was completely worth the trek. First I recommend stopping along the way to the various waterfall viewpoints the park offers. The hanging rock trail itself is in good condition and leads you through a forest where a fire came through in the early 2000's so some of the older growth still has char marks on the base, which is cool to look at. The path is a reasonably steep climb, so if you are coming with kids prepare for some pit stops along the way to catch your breath. Once you get to the top the view is phenomenal. If heights don't bother you carefully go onto hanging rock because the viewpoint is one of a kind for such a short hike. Regarding the roads, we went with friends and we both had Subaru foresters - if possible I recommend a suv type vehicle. If that's not possible you can feel it out or find a place to park on the shoulder of the road farther down. Make sure you do that before the road gets too narrow, otherwise cars won't be able to get around you. The biggest problem with the road is huge divots and uneven surface.

I wouldn't go out of your way to hike this trail, especially if you are looking for a view. However, it is good for biking or going on a run. The path is for the most part flat with a few steep up hills. There is also a place for frisbee golf a little bit before the entrance of the trail.

Go right at the parking lot. Beautiful!

9/30/17 • Perfect day for this hike, early Fall brought cool air, blue skies and no wind. I parked at Sunset Beach on the South parking lot, the trail head leaves from the parking lot, over a bridge and up a hill. I left at 1:00 and returned 3:30 and I did the complete trail. The trails have a lot of roots across them, be careful. I would rate this trail easy until you get the the end loop which most people probably skip but I found the most rewarding. The first 3 miles are fairly flat once you crest the top of the first hill, and follows the shoreline with great views and smells of the ocean. 3 miles in there is a sea lion viewing area and right after that you cross across the road and the trail gets steep. I had trekked most of the trails along the path but never did all of them at once. I wore one backpack and took 32 oz. of water, banana and cliff bar. Towards the end of the loop there is an old home foundation that people have went in and graffiti and I found a cache with people's names which I signed. My phone was unable to connect so keep that in mind. Thanks for reading! ✌️

Doug DeShazer

5 months ago

One that was almost forgotten. Did this one with my wife on an anniversary trip 2 years ago. A beautiful area.

This hike was INCREDIBLE. I have no idea why the app says best times to go are June and July. Fall foliage was stunning, cooler temperatures and some wind made for zero bugs and not a cloud in the sky. Will go back and do this one again and again!!

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