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Hiked 7/14 (Saturday) and it was very busy at the South Falls where we parked but plenty of parking and room to spread out. First part of hike was awesome, traffic thinned the farther in we got. Picking up a map at TH was helpful. We would cut out Rim Trail if we did it again because it follows the road (but the trees are gorgeous). North Fall is worth seeing, don't take the cut and miss it. Plenty of places to pull over and rest, even behind the falls. We had a delicious lunch and local drafts after at the South Falls Cafe. It was awesome: clean restroom, refillable water station (around side), and a great patio to sit, enjoy, relax.

Hike is about 8.7 miles if you explore the entire loop. Truly a beautiful hike. more easy than moderate, although a few spots have quite a few steps and some points of rapid elevation. Started at the south entrance as suggested and traffic was light once we got going on the trail. Definitely worth it.

Family and pet friendly hike along the river!

Be careful as the water was extremely cold! We saw someone yelling for help because her leg immediately cramped up when she got in water.

We also saw someone nearly die... he jumped from the cliff and tried to swim out but was getting pushed down from the current... then due to the coldness of the water he could no longer swim and had to yell for help. Thankfully an amazing individual named Brenda rushed out there and brought him back to shore.

His mouth was extremely bloody from the jump and could barely move once he was pulled out of the water.

By far my favorite waterfall in OR! Breath taking and plan on coming back to see it again!

beautiful at the end. there are multiple starting points. you can park at top in ATV area and take road down walking or drive down closer and park along the road. there us small space at end by actual trailhead. most of hike is along undeveloped gravel road.

3 days ago

Parked at the trailhead. Hike was steep in areas but not too bad, the garbage was sad to see. There's a crossing of rocks in the water so you can take a path to the top of the falls. Crossed the falls at the top and followed the trail out to a pull off where we looped and walked the road back to the trailhead.

It's a great waterfall all right, and you can swim in the big pool below it, but it really is challenging to get to. The road (couple miles) off a pretty smooth gravel road is very rough to the trailhead, which is close to the end of the road and a gate that blocks it. Had no trouble in my Subaru Forester, but went slowly and took the potholes carefully. Parked by the white gate at the end. The trail starts about 50 yards back from the gate and small parking area. The trail is clear enough but both rough and very steep. Ropes along it are helpful going down and back up. The trail along the river is very rocky. Go left upstream when you get down to the river. The deep bowl with the waterfall into it is very striking.
There are plenty of waterfalls in Oregon that are as beautiful and dramatic as Abiqua. For me, doing it once was an adventure, but probably too much trouble to repeat.

4 days ago

Definitely start this hike early!! It gets incredibly busy towards late-morning/mid-day. Also recommend starting at the North end trail-head. You won’t hit much traffic until you reach the last 3-4 miles of the trail. You can also hike down to a few of the waterfalls for a swim! Trail is lined with strawberries/blackberries/raspberries most of the way, so the smell is amazing in the summer! Do be prepared for a nice little hike up a decent amount of stairs.

Over crowded at the pool. And there were some very inebriated folks trying to swim. So much so that they were a risk to themselves. Everyone else was fine. The trail goes down further. We didn’t go. But it is nicely covered in trees. A nice cool hike in the heat.

4 days ago

Get there early. We started at the North end at 9am and it was not crowded. By the time we hit the South end about 11am, it was packed. We continued on to do the loop. Beautiful hike and well worth, you can walk behind most of the falls. When it gets crowded, it is hard for everyone to fit behind the falls though.
One after another, we could not stop taking pictures through the Old growth forests. It is a moderate hike, with switchbacks.

The trail bridge is closed, but There is a sign with an arrow on the hwy. This is the shortest hike to the blue pool. Views were spectacular with the fast moving river, lava rocks, big trees and little creeks.
Amazing hike along the river and through trails of lava rocks. We hiked around and down to the blue pool (the trail was not part of the McKenzie Trail) and stuck our feet in the 40 degree water. The trail is not well marked, but you can see where people stepped. There were a few people who jumped all the way in. It was unbelievable to see the water moving through the lava tubes and bubbling from underneath.
Quite a few mountain bikers on a Monday mid-afternoon.

Great short hike with a great views. The trailhead marker says 1.25 miles each way which is accurate according to the GPS.

6 days ago

I would rate this trail more of easy, but I guess its listed as moderate because it can be slippery in some areas. It has decent levelled trails the entire way. I loved seeing all the roots on the trails and the fact that we were pretty much walking parallel to the ocean is amazing itself. Enjoy the beach when you get to the bottom. The parking lot will fill up fast so get there early, plan a day or a bbq/lunch there since the parking lot park area does have ample picnic tables. Cool for all ages!

Good hike busy with people dogs and mountain bikers. Water is so beautiful both along the river and the pool.

I LOVE THIS TRAIL! It gets packed with people by 10am, so I say get there by 8am to beat the crowd. This last time I arrived at 9am, enjoyed the hike to the pool, and on the hike back to the car- we passed at least 30-40 people. The trail is narrow so you’re constantly having to move aside for groups coming your way. Lots of dogs off leash.

The pool is also great to visit in the winter months because no one is on the trail and the pool is literally pitch black! Nice 4 mile hike!

discovered this over 20 years ago and it never gets old. first time walked 3 miles past the old gate (now a newer, more secure gate) just for fun not knowing the falls were just a bit off in the other direction. very sad to see trash left at and around the trailhead this spring. keep this up and we will all have to hike down from crooked finger rd. maybe that will deter those trashy people from even showing up. the ropes were a nice addition though as it can be a bit slick in the extra rainy season.

I love this hike! The south falls can get a bit crowded but it’s worth it. I starting hiking at 8am and didn’t run into too many people!

7 days ago

We off roaded down into the area January 2018- it was a short hike to the falls. Gorgeous!

One of the most beautiful hikes we've done. some people seem to start the hike at the start of the gravel road but there is no reason to. We have a high-clearance vehicle but not four-wheel drive and were able to make it to the White gate although it was a little tricky in one spot. If you have a sedan I would recommend only going down the gravel road for about a mile before parking to the side and walking the rest of the way. it does get narrow in some places but it's not too bad. We were able to find the "easier Trail", but it is important to note that it is still steep. i think from this point ot was only about a half mile each way. We recommend taking hiking sticks to brace yourself just in case. If you are able to get close to the actual Trailhead then it is a pretty fast hike from there. And wear bug spray just in case. we started before 7am on a Friday and it was only us and 2 others. a few more groups started showing up on the trail around 830am when we were leaving.

basically, when you get to the White Fence (about 2.5 miles from main road turn off) if you backtrack just a little bit on the left side(the downhill side) you will start seeing some Trails going downhill. You want the second Trail back and you will notice that there is a white sign on one of the trees talking about it being private property but that you can use it. That is the trail you want. there are some more in-depth reviews down below so I recommend sifting through them.

Loved the hike! Super easy to find and free parking! One suggestion I would make is wearing good mountain shoes! I noticed some parts were slippery! Absolutely worth it though, and amazing view

Trail of Ten Falls ~ Silver Falls State Park

Absolutely incredible hike today with Marcus and Arianna, had a blast with all the falls! We started at the South Falls TH and right out the gate South Falls is 177 ft, this will be the beginning point of our ten-mile journey. Next stop is the Lower South Falls, this 93 ft gem is cool and allows you to go behind the falls for some cool pictures. Another 1.25 miles down the trail brings us to the Lower North Falls that is only 30 ft tall and feels less impressive after the first two but still cool. Next stop hung a quick left before crossing a bridge to find ourselves ready for a break and hitting Double Falls. One of my personal favorites of the day and the tallest waterfall of the day. This beauty was 178 ft tall and you can walk right up to the base for some cool pictures, worth checking out. Next up crossed the bridge to Drake falls and was my least favorite of the day, cool viewing platform but you can’t see much of the 27 ft falls. Middle North Falls is our next stop and it’s 106 ft falls and wasn’t chained off today so pretty cool site! At this point we are so into seeing all the falls we didn’t notice how far we have come, we are about halfway on the journey already. Twin Falls is only 31 ft tall but pretty cool how they split in two and makes for some good pictures. Next up is a mile to the North Falls and it’s 136 ft tall with a Volcanic Cave behind it, tied for my favorite of the day. This spot was amazing to stop and have lunch and cool off, incredible cave behind the falls, makes for some great pictures and people watching. Heavily trafficked area at this point we are close to the next parking lot. Sit down and take a look at this crazy formation of Volcanic Rock above you and brittle rock eroding below you, super impressive and worth a trek back here someday. Pass through the hundreds of people parking and viewing the falls, Upper North Falls is 65 ft and the last one before we head back. Pretty cool spot to stop for a minute and rest, watched a couple dogs swimming at the bottom of the falls having a great time. At this very moment we are 6.7 miles in at 2 hours and 56 minutes with an average 20-minute mile, not bad considering we are enjoying every site we can. Heading back to the last falls of the day was Winter Falls, it’s 134 ft fall but was not active at this time of the year. Barely a trickle over the rocks so we didn’t make the trek down based on all the disappointed faces coming out of the canyon lol. Last leg of the day for 3 miles with no falls was a nice hike, I had an absolute blast with my kids.

Beautiful little hike! Ground is mostly flat but is very uneven and rocky in some spots. Completely worth the effort. I wouldn't suggest leaving without taking a dip!!

One of my favorites! Fairly flat and easy. Recommend going on a sunny day, as it just doesn’t seem quite as blue when cloudy. It does get very crowded later in the day on weekends. Go early or on a weekday if possible. It’s beautiful and definitely worth it!

8 days ago

Walked the full 7.6 mile trail.
Friday was pretty busy in the area near South Falls, less do near a North falls. Very quiet in the backcountry. Still lots of water in the falls and perfect temp at 70.

Beautiful! Spring is a wonderful time to visit thed falls as they are running strong! Could miss the Rim Trail portion...too close to the road.

Beautiful! A waterfall, lots of little caves to explore, tide pools, and an old road carved into the side of the rocks! CHECK
THE TIDE CALENDAR before you venture off so that you don’t get stuck !

Amazing waterfalls
took around 3.5 hours for entire loop

The first 2.2 miles are walking down a gravel road. The off-road portion of the trail is only about a half mile long and is much steeper, though not difficult.

9 days ago

beautiful waterfall kinda hard long hike but was worth it defiantly going back this summer

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