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Went last year in a long overdue rating. Definitely go if it opens again!

2 days ago

Really pretty hike with a gorgeous view of the falls at the end. The trail was a bit rocky, but otherwise not too bad, just have to be aware of your footing at times.

Herman Creek trail is indeed open. Hike it as an out and back only at this time. Do not attempt to make a loop of it using Casey Creek, Nick Eaton or Gorton Creek trails to complete the loop. Those 3 trails are heavily fire damaged at the top in the Green Point Ridge area. Trails are impossible to follow without GPS if at all. You can get up to Green Point Mtn. via Herman Creek and Herman Creek Cutoff trails, but I'm warning you, turn around after the splendid view at the Green Point Mtn. summit and come back the way you came in. Speaking from distressing personal experience.

Not sure why this trail is called Indians point loop. Trailhead is at Herman Creek campground. Follow herman creek trail 406. When you come to the loop, id suggest veering left onto the gorton creek trail #408. Even though it is the longer part of the loop, its is better shaded and not as steep as the Nick Eaton Trail #447, which you would take on the way down. I took the Nick Eaton trail on the way up and it was not as well covered and more steep. If you decided to take the Nick Eaton trail first, the fist three miles are pretty much inclined switch backs with little tree coverage from the fire :(. Once you get to three miles, the hike becomes much easier. Definitely suggest bringing hiking poles with you

I’d probably rate this as an easy trail. The falls are great and we only met a handful of others on the trail. It was pretty sad seeing all the damage from the wildfire throughout the hike.

Took my hubs who was reluctant to go. It was a bit uphill to get to the Pool of Winds, but totally worth it. It's beautiful. I would've taken him further up the mountain, but it was too late in the day, and beings his first in a long time, maybe some other time :)

Pretty good hike. Nice and quick but the end result wasn’t astonishing. Good for people who know that but probably not for kids. They’ll think it was a waste of time.

A beautiful hike. the online maps say it is closed, but it is not closed. my wife and I had no problems hiking up to the waterfall. we then went a bit further down the pct till it met with the Herman Bridge TR. we took the Herman Bridge TR back down then walked back to are start for a nice 10.7 mile hike. (the Herman Bridge TR is also open and cleared for hiking in spite of the closed that it says on line)

The trail is closed as the logs and rocks have blocked access for walking, this is what we were told when asked at visitor center in Multnomah Falls. We didn't go any further to check but trusted that old guy.

Beautiful falls. Not too difficult hike (we even took 5 beginners). The trail wasn’t busy- even on a Saturday.

Nice mix of forested trail and open, sun-exposed trail. Yes, it’s steep! Be ready for a calf/ham-string workout. I recommend good hiking shoes/boots and plenty of water. It’s early July and the trail was often DENSE with poison oak, so do be aware of that. Reminded me a bit of Angel’s Rest, with similarly rewarding views and a nice breeze at the top. It’s a great hike for a quick and intense outing (I suggest getting lunch afterward at Double Mountain or Pfriem in Hood River).

My absolute favorite hike in the Gorge. Because of the easy access its nearly always obnoxiously crowded, but if you get there early (7-8am) you can usually get in to the waterfall before the hoards arrive. The log jam to start makes me feel like a kid again, clambering over obstacles and scooting up rocks on my butt. You will get wet on this hike, I recommend water shoes (not beach water shoes but hiking sandals, Keens or similar) as the entire gorge floor is rock covered.
Absolutely stunning if you can get there before the crowds.

Perfect for a short hike in the gorge. DO NOT follow Google directions!

Spectacular falls! Many wildflowers in early July. Blackberries and thimbleberries along the trail barely starting to ripen. Not too much poison oak.

15 days ago

Pretty path, however pretty steep and it was very rocky about half the time. Walking stick recommended. Gorgeous view once you’ve reached the peak.

18 days ago

The trail is open with lots of burned trees. Sad to see. There are also some nice green areas and a beautiful waterfall. Nice to see the forest understory coming back after the fire.

Amazing hike and view at the end of it all, very worth the effort! First time really ever hiking seriously but was able to complete the whole trip in 5 hours with another friend. Both relatively fit, so definitely recommend if one is not very active to start a bit easier.

19 days ago

steeper than you think. watch out for extreamly heathy poison oak on the side of the trail.

This hike is rated as moderate because of the length but some of the switchbacks are very steep, and require you to go uphill through gravel/jagged rocks. It’s a beautiful pay off though!

Is this open now?? I see some reviews recently, indicating that this is now open. I will be there week of July 4th. Thank you!

I only went 3.5 miles in. The first mile is the hardest with alot of steep switchbacks. 1st waterfall of the 3 I saw was the best. Great workout and I saw only 2 hikers. There is a lot of burn damage from the most recent fires but trail is open and being maintained.

Absolutely amazing, the water can get pretty high and difficult to trek through but overall a spectacular experience

The hike to tunnel falls was one of my favorites when I lived in Portland. Granted, it was always extremely crowded, but stunningly beautiful. It’s a shame that it was destroyed by careless people playing with fire.

Hikes back open

1 month ago

The top has great views of the gorge. My sister and I did this hike around 7pm and we had the trail to ourselves. Careful walking across the rocks, and the grasses under the power lines are pretty overgrown (but you can still see the path).

1 month ago

Careful with loose rocks. Great hike.

1 month ago

Hike is now open. Steep uphill, couple spots with rock scree, great workout. Amazing view of the Gorge from the top.

Very nice trail leading to a good payoff when you arrive at Rodney Falls. Views of Hardy Falls are limited but the rest of the scenery and small waterfalls/streams are gorgeous. Be careful if you go to the Hardy Falls overlook--fairly steep and I would imagine a little slippery if wet.

I actually hiked this back in August before the fires from Multnomah falls through Wahkeena and onto Angels Rest. Over 11 miles total! Lots of incline! Bring lots of water and food. One of my favorite hikes, so glad I got to be able to do this one early on.

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