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1 day ago

#1 favorite hike to show friends and get them excited about hiking.

1 day ago

We knew going in that it would/could be a crowded trail, since we were going on a Sunday. My boyfriend and I arrived around 1 and finished the whole thing at 4:30. Not as crowded as expected. Great hiking weather. All around great time.

I walked my dog here this morning which limited us to the paved path only. I was prepared for this based on other reviews. There is a nice parking area with bathrooms (did not check those out), the trail is very clean and there are educational signs along the way. At 9:00am on a sunny Sunday there were several other walkers, runners, families with strollers and dog walkers but it didn't feel crowded because the path is so wide. I found this trail a bit boring due to it being out and back with a suburban feel. It was nice to check off my list though. If I didn't have my dog and could have gone on all the paths it might have been more interesting but I appreciate the need to protect wildlife.

Very hilly and nice views

2 days ago

This trail is amazing! Doing the entire 8.7 mile long loop took me about 4 hours w/ stopping frequently for photos. The first loops of the trail are heavily trafficked but if you continue past the Winter Falls loop there is only light traffic. There are areas that are slightly steep but not a lot of elevation gain overall. The falls are beautiful!

3 days ago

This is one of the shortest hikes I've done that still gives you high-up Gorge views. If you exercise regularly, it's an easy climb. The trail did get fairly crowded with families around 11 am (I went on a Friday), so go early or during the week if you don't want to be passing someone on every switchback.

Great hike, really cool history, and beautiful views.

5 days ago

Awesome Hike, highly recommended!

Very nice hike, with beautiful scenery. A lot of people were not very friendly and didn't smile, something we are not used to. It was nice to see Rep. Adam Schiff on the hike, that was very exciting. My wife and I enjoyed the hike and will definitely be back soon. We will most likely rent a cabin to make it more memorable....

Must see! My 8 year old did this hike and loved it! Will be going back in the spring for sure.

Great place to train that is conveniently located to west side communities in the Portland area. If you are hiking, keep an ear out for mountain bikers. Early morning is the best time to hike - the lake is still quiet with mostly fisherman and a few kayakers. Later in the day the tranquility is broken by jet skies and party boats. I have done this route twice in the last month and my Garmin showed 14.5 miles.

absolutely awesome. well worth the full hike of all 10 falls. bring snacks and water as its almost a full 8 miles especially if you need a bathroom break

Well trafficked but absolutely gorgeous waterfalls. Best in spring or early summer. By July the Winter Falls were dry. Great swimming holes, bring your suit and have a dip if it’s hot.

Arguably the best views of the gorge are from this trail. Located on the WA side of the gorge it's grown in popularity since I first hiked it. Yes, I'm terrified of heights. Yes, I went suuuuper slow but once I got going the hike became easier and more enjoyable. On a cloudless day the view is out of this world. I found the history of the rock very fascinating and it blew my mind that I was climbing the exposed inner core of a prehistoric volcano. Read the signs when you go if you have little ones. It adds an extra dash of fun.

Since the Eagle Creek fire I've been on the hunt for trails that felt similar to my beloved Columbia River Gorge. Silver Falls is unique offering family safe hiking that allows you to experience several massive falls in a relatively short loop. I loved being able to go behind the falls and actually touch the roaring spray. The views are stunning. If you go during the hottest months bring plenty of water. I visited in early July and some brave teens hiked down to the water. The water was far too cold for me to swim but if the trail gets too hot go ahead and jump in. Be careful when you plan your trip because it is a very popular tourist attraction. The weekends get crowded. There is a cafe, interactive center, gift shop and bathrooms on site. There are also picnic tables if you choose to pack your own lunch.

14 days ago

Stunning views but busy in the summer.

Great hike! Easy hike for the whole family. Today was the beginning of a holiday and very crowded. Get there early and get a good parking spot. Like another poster said, start from the South Falls parking lot !

mountain biking
15 days ago

It was challenging, but not highly strenuous. I started at the Banks trailhead. The ride starts out easy then slowly transitions to a continuous uphill grade till the trail ends in Vernonia. The ride back is a blast. It's all downhill and smooth riding. Twenty miles each way. I highly recommend it if your looking for day ride in the country.

For great views of Beacon Rock, try the LITTLE Beacon Rock trail across the road; be sure to scramble to the top of the peak on your right at the end of the easy trail

18 days ago

This was my first time going and it was amazing! Beautiful views and all of the other hikers were friendly and said “Hi” when going past. At the top were a few squirrels who came up to me while I was munching on snacks! They were a little hungry.

This was my 8 year olds favorite hike this summer. Very cool to see how it was made and go over all the Bridges and switchbacks. My 3 year old walked to the top on her own, so it's not a overly difficult, just all uphill.

19 days ago

Hiked the 7+ mile loop for the second time with friends from Ohio. The weather was perfect, the trail was dry and the trail was not too busy for a Thursday. The only downside, this time of year the water flows is low, so not as much water going over the falls. We did it in just over 3 hours.

20 days ago

such an amazing hike! I loved being in the rainforest setting and getting to see all those waterfalls, as someone from Kansas, was so fucking legit!!

Hiked in 2016 before the fires. My favorite hike to date. Memories I'll cherish for a lifetime.

22 days ago

i went early (just after 6am) and went in from the north falls location. The trail is very well maintained and definitely the easier side of moderate if you're somewhat active of a person. We enjoyed a lot of tomfoolery and lollygagging and turned it into a 10mile, 6hr hike but so worth taking the time to stop and enjoy everything and take a few breaks for the people less accustom to hiking in my group. the codes were great, very few areas had any issues as far as overgrowth etc. I will say that if you're going to actually enjoy nature go Early! towards the end of the hike there were a lot of younger folk who were trampling off trail and getting down screaming in the water under some of the falls and very little trail etiquette. I will definitely go again.

Beautiful old growth forest some of the greatest waterfalls you’ll ever see. Great hiking trails. Trails get slippery when it rains and they can be snow covered in the winter. The waterfalls are beautiful in the winter if you can get to them. Safety is a concern on the trails when there is snow. If planning on camping you need to get spaces weeks or months ahead of time. Camp sites are crowded and close together. There are cabins and yurts, but you need to plan months ahead to get any of them. There are horse camps, bike trails, summer camps, family camps, picnicking, swimming, special events- civil war reenactments, history lectures and space to get away and be by yourself. There are spaces large enough to play football or baseball. The hike around the falls is the big attraction. The hike is easy with a few steep spots, but do to the length of the hike it should be and is listed as a moderate level hike. You can drive to several of the falls and take short hikes to see them. This is the largest state park in Oregon. Be sure to bring your camera to get pictures of the falls, wildflowers and old growth forest. A great place to build family memories.

22 days ago

Just amazing! Great for families and the views are breathtaking!

Hike to Tunnel Falls with my boyfriend in 2015 will always be a special memory to me. Beautiful hike.

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