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Well maintained trail, borders on 'hard' difficulty at times being rather steep. No snow today.
My hike said it was 5.8 miles, which is significantly longer than the 4 that I anticipated. Granted, I took the Humbug viewpoint detour but that's only .4 round trip. Not sure how I got an extra mile. But all around very satisfying and I'm now very exhausted:

Fun little hike, rain was coming down hard and made the trails muddy, but still a worthwhile trail, and the camping shelters kept us warm and dry. Don't miss the WWII bunkers!

I thought people might have been over exaggerating the level of mud on this trail especially when I started out. The first half of this trail is well maintained and not muddy at all until you hit the first view point with railing. From then on is sinking mud puddles and lots of roots to navigate. I wouldn’t call it hard but it’ll definitely slow you down since you’re constantly checking your footing. I would save this one for summer when it’s dried out. But the views are worth the trouble if you can’t wait! Also I didn’t notice it on the way out to the cape but you’re going gradually down hill the whole time so the hike back out is mostly uphill. Extremely gradual uphill but constant nonetheless.

One of the best hikes (if not the best) I’ve done on the Oregon coast. Saw a heard of elk, and it was gorgeous out.

Beautiful hidden hike. Took longer than I thought to get to the trailhead but was totally worth it! Good hike if you’re headed to the beach

10 days ago

Hard to beat this hike on a clear day. Beautiful old-growth forest and breathtaking coastal/ocean views! Great wildlife viewing too!

This trail is another awesome hidden gem. The trail itself is fairly easy to moderate at points, as it had some downed trees and bush across the path. I hiked the weekend of the windstorm in April 2018. The suspension bridge was great, I was expecting more movement, but it only had slight bobbing with only me on it. Very sturdy and well built, with a perfect view of the gorge and falls below. Keep going down the trail after crossing, as it switches back down towards the falls for a front row view. Very powerful, and pools were filled and raging at this time of year. Hike back is all up hill, but not bad at all. I had the place to myself early, but passed many people coming down on my way back up.

on Cape Lookout Trail

15 days ago

I imagine this hike is easier when it is dry. The views were breathtaking. Wish there were more markers to indicate how far along I was on the trail. My trekking poles really saved my hide on this trail. Calling this trail "easy" is a bit of an oversell.

Fantastic hike! Took about an hour & 45 to get up and a little less than an hour to come back down. Gorgeous views! I brought a small dog and he did fine but was very tired out by the end.

I had a perfect day for hiking. Had A skiff of snow the night before, but the sun came out and the view was incredible.

18 days ago

Had to cut trees on road and hike 1.4 miles to trail head. The hike was amazing. The Trillium was in full bloom. Falls were amazing. An incredible date hike!

Easy out and back trail. Was surprisingly busy for a middle of the week... was spring break for some, just not Oregon. Good views. Well maintained.

Nice hike. Kids liked the falls. Good workout. Really far out while driving. You think maybe you've missed it. Keep going. Worth the drive.

Easy hike. Definitely worth seeing the bridge and falls. Plan to do again soon.

SUPER easy hike! Got there faster than I was expecting and even got to stand at the base of the falls! Definitely one I’ll be revisiting soon!

Beautiful hike and stunning waterfall.

21 days ago

It was a beautiful, sunny day on the Oregon Coast when we did this hike. Gorgeous views of the ocean and you get to hike in a forested region. The trail can be muddy so watch out for that.

Amazing place absolutely love it!

22 days ago

Extremely muddy right now. My wife brought walking sticks which were extremely helpful for her and our son to navigate the best path in the muddy areas. We saw several people with mud on their backs from taking a fall. Views are beautiful. The whales were migrating and there were volunteers at the end point to let people know where to look. The trillium were in full bloom which was awesome, although their numbers were greatly reduced by hikers who thought it would be fun to pick them, despite the signs at the trailhead telling people not to.

Very fun short hike w great views! We missed the North loop which would have made it a bit longer. But crowded on a Sunny weekend and hard to find a parking space. There is a nice side trip- a covered bridge on bear creek road if u go that way instead of taking 101.

24 days ago

Good hike!

25 days ago

A gorgeous springtime muddy hike. Ankle deep in mud in some places, but the view was worth it!!

This hike is beautiful. The forest is great and the elevation gain is a slight challenge. The ocean view at the end is pleasant.

Silver Falls was gorgeous from the upper trail. Golden Falls was very nice too but difficult to see very well. Trail was easy to walk, even for kids. Just some sheer drop down cliffs so be careful with kids that don’t know about trail walking. The road is was clear, lots of potholes but nothing too bad. The toilets are absolutely disgusting!

Incredible! Very muddy, and busy.

Incredible! But, busy.

Great hike.... cable suspension bridge and view of fall were awesome

1 month ago

Absolutely love this hike. Have hiked it 3 times so far, plan on going more.

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