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I thought this might be easy because it was so short, and it was, but dang that’s some steep sand in places. I threw my shots in the back of the truck on the way back because they were so muddy with sand. That being said, do not come to Pacific City and skip this hike. It gorgeous! I hiked on a very cold and rainy day, so the trail was mine alone. Watching the sun go down over haystack rock was a gratifying experience. This is so much more than a beach walk/hike.

23 hours ago

Stunning ocean and hill views for probably over half the hike, and the rest is lush, green and also beautiful. With all the footwork between the steps/erosion control, roots, and narrow path near the top this hike ends up feeling longer than it is - but totally worth it.

3 days ago

went today and we were the only people out. kinda chilly and a bit icy but we warmed up while walking. it was so beautiful and we plan to come back during spring/ summer! definitely easy for all skill levels!

Although access to the falls is closed, you can still get close enough for good pictures.

This trail is full beautiful waterfalls. Just do not follow Google maps to go to the trailhead. Google Maps will take you on literally a very narrow jungle road. I suggest you use the day time for your entire trip because at night it gets extremely foggy in there. It reduces to visibility to only a few yards. All in all it was a great experience.

5 days ago

Pro-tip: show-up early and you'll like have the entire trail to yourself. Ran into tons of newts, so watch your step! This is a quick trail and a fun option on your way to or from the coast, fairly short and sweet.

Great views. Perfect for a hike with the pups.

5 days ago

Truly a gem of a trail. Views are amazing and there is some fun biodiversity in the forests/groves/exposed areas that the trail takes you through. It culminates with amazing views of Short Sand Beach and the Pacific.

Great hike, challenging! Did up and back in just under 3 hours. Some reviews mention rock slides, I felt that it was rocky at points but not necessarily a rock slide. Good boots are a must! Trekking poles are not necessary. Snow at the top in December!

Pretty muddy most of the year so bring some good hiking boots and an extra towel if you have a 4 legged companion! Otherwise, the views are spectacular are more than you could ever ask for a hike under 5 miles and essentially no elevation again.

Great hike, with a nice mix of uphill & downhill stretches. Not too many views, but a really lovely stroll through the woods, mostly sheltered from highway noise.

This is a great hike, the waterfalls are breath taking and beautiful.

You should know that the trailhead is in a very remote area of the coast range- the access roads are primitive and not maintained like a regular road. You will be driving on remote roads for at least 30 minutes to access this trailhead.

I strongly recommend following William Sullivan’s (Oregon Coast Range Hiking Book) driving directions to access the trailhead; do not use google maps. Google took me on a dangerous “shortcut”, a 6 mile detour on a 4X4 completely unmaintained logging trail. My car got scratched to shit. I could have easily gotten a flat tire.

On the way back, I followed William Sullivan’s directions in conjunction with apple maps; this was much safer (still gravel road with potholes, but much wider and maintained). I strongly recommend having a car with ground clearance.

All in all, great hike, and don’t be dumb like me and leave navigating up to google on this one; do some preparation in advance. Bring a GPS or detailed maps. Happy trails

Hiked this today in the later afternoon. It was lightly snowing at the top which made for a cool experience. I didn’t get to see the epic views due to the clouds/snowing but as I hiked back down it cleared out for a beautiful sunset and you could see the ocean.

Beautiful views!

I loved this hike! So worth it for the view. Great for dogs. Be prepared for a good bit of mud.

I was camping at Bullards Beach State Park and took the trail from B loop all the way to the beach, then took cut creek trail to North Loop. When looking at this trail on the app it was listed as moderate but looked easy. it was definitely marked moderate correctly due to the fact the majority is thick soft sand. All in all it was a wonderful trail. Well marked with posts and occasional signs. I would do this one again. Wear comfortable shoes.

Just did this a few days ago and I’ve done this hike multiple times. It’s a perfect little day trip (coming from Eugene) and the falls are gorgeous!

Easy fun trail

This is a nice, easy trail with a great view of the waterfall!

The views were great! The trail was very muddy so wear shoes/boots with good traction. I saw several people turn around and go back because of the mud and the narrow trail. This would not be a good trail for anyone scared of heights.

If you start at Indian Beach- all the best views are basically at the beginning.

This is an easy kid and pet friendly hike

Incredible hike! Have not seen such a sight as what we experienced going to Gods thumb. Went through a variety of terrain, beach, mossy, stream, mud, grassy. Trail was muddy and steep so needed to grab onto bushes to help not slip. I’m not afraid of heights but I got nervous at points due to my adult children goofing off at the top. Loved it overall!

14 days ago

An absolute hidden gem. Short, easy loop but with enough elevation change to get your blood pumping if you want. Beautiful spot, and very few people around.

14 days ago

I love this trail, but surely I am biased as I did this trail several times a week with my prior dog.Bobbi did a through review, I'll add that much of the path gets muddy if there has been a solid rain; the Emery branch is dark and can be very muddy but is nice it is own spooky way. The elevations are like rooted stairways, good agility practice if you like trail running.

on Old Jetty Trail

14 days ago

The path is single file, fairly flat and smooth except for a few roots. The South entrance is through the Shore Pines and progresses into tall Salal bushes and Wax Myrtles, then as you approach the North end the Evergreen Huckleberries start to fill in (best flavor in the Fall) The North end of the trail becomes more sandy and terminates on the road to the South Jetty; you can cut over to the ocean if you prefer a loop. When it is too windy on the beach, the dune sheltered trail is a nice option.

This is a nice trail - the lower half has views to the north and has a steep drive up to the higher half if you go that way.

However, there has been a lot of logging on either side of the trail, especially on the lower half of the trail. In November 2018, there was still the strong smell of fresh cut Dougies, smoking brush piles, even logs that had not been pullled. Don’t expect a lot of old growth.

That said, it’s still a nice trail. This would be a great narrow road for trail running too. I saw no one. But I saw a lot of interesting boletes and lactarias. The views are gorgeous! Not another person in sight.

Definitely will do again.

Took the kids up for Thanksgiving Day break . It was perfect no wind what so ever and the fog cleared right as we came up to the head we love this hike !!

Its a great hike, i would definitely recommend this hike.
Different type of hike going down first and coming back up is no joke. Beautiful view definitely worth it.

Really fun and fairly easy trail! I will say that the second half of the trail becomes very, very rooted. I went the day after it rained and it was very slick and muddy in some spots, so make sure you bring a pair of sturdy shoes that are waterproof.

I only saw a couple of other people on the way out (started at 10:30am Sat), but ran into many groups of people coming back. Parking lot was full when I left at 1pm.

Also, beware of the lifting chain link on the trail if you bring a dog or small child. Some parts of the links were lifted and could have cut a paw or tripped a kid. Would not suggest letting your dog off leash, although many people did let their dog roam free.

Overall a nice hike with great views. Recommend getting there early and coming prepared for mud.

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