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on Proposal Rock

3 hours ago

Love walking on the beach, the cool breeze off the ocean, and the sense of God’s peace. We loved it all. Great, fun experience!

Fun loop but much of the boardwalk is in disrepair. We went around cautiously and enjoyed the wildflowers.

Excellent hike with fantastic views. My favorite so far.

Beautiful view! Easy to access and see the punch bowl! Had a hard time accessing the mile loop trailhead. Worth the stop!

Family and pet friendly hike along the river!

Be careful as the water was extremely cold! We saw someone yelling for help because her leg immediately cramped up when she got in water.

We also saw someone nearly die... he jumped from the cliff and tried to swim out but was getting pushed down from the current... then due to the coldness of the water he could no longer swim and had to yell for help. Thankfully an amazing individual named Brenda rushed out there and brought him back to shore.

His mouth was extremely bloody from the jump and could barely move once he was pulled out of the water.

Indian Sands is amazing. Really makes you think about how all that sand got up so high. We could feel Indian presence.
One of our favorite places to go.

A portion of the trail was closed due to construction. In June 2018. We followed others around the closed part and enjoyed the views. There were a lot of people fishing and swimming who appeared to be have a blast. Be sure to check availability for camping before you go. It was completely filled that week.

This doesn’t need another review but I had such a good time I simply must. Every second of this trail is breathtaking. Don’t be fooled by the short distance, this hike is not easy, but it’s a killer work out if you move at a good pace. I think this was a fluke incident but a few falling rocks came down from the peak as I descended and could have ended badly for me if I wasn’t paying attention, make sure to be cautious of your steps and surroundings as the trail is narrow. If you only have time for one hike here, do this hike! You won’t regret it.

Good for all ages! The views were awesome! The other hikers were friendly and that made the day that much better!

The trail bridge is closed, but There is a sign with an arrow on the hwy. This is the shortest hike to the blue pool. Views were spectacular with the fast moving river, lava rocks, big trees and little creeks.
Amazing hike along the river and through trails of lava rocks. We hiked around and down to the blue pool (the trail was not part of the McKenzie Trail) and stuck our feet in the 40 degree water. The trail is not well marked, but you can see where people stepped. There were a few people who jumped all the way in. It was unbelievable to see the water moving through the lava tubes and bubbling from underneath.
Quite a few mountain bikers on a Monday mid-afternoon.

11 days ago

Nice quick hike to an overlook of the lake. Definitely worth the time. Roughly 1.5 hr round trip plus photo and snack time. High traffic

Good hike busy with people dogs and mountain bikers. Water is so beautiful both along the river and the pool.

I LOVE THIS TRAIL! It gets packed with people by 10am, so I say get there by 8am to beat the crowd. This last time I arrived at 9am, enjoyed the hike to the pool, and on the hike back to the car- we passed at least 30-40 people. The trail is narrow so you’re constantly having to move aside for groups coming your way. Lots of dogs off leash.

The pool is also great to visit in the winter months because no one is on the trail and the pool is literally pitch black! Nice 4 mile hike!

13 days ago

Gorgeous panoramic views of crater lake at the top, and amazing views the whole way. Very steep in the beginning- would consider it more strenuous. Great spots along the way to take in the views and enjoy lunch.

Beautiful views of Mts. Jefferson, Sisters and Bachelor on a clear day. As another reviewer stated, this hike was approximately 6 miles round trip with some good elevation changes along the way.

Loved the hike! Super easy to find and free parking! One suggestion I would make is wearing good mountain shoes! I noticed some parts were slippery! Absolutely worth it though, and amazing view

Beautiful little hike! Ground is mostly flat but is very uneven and rocky in some spots. Completely worth the effort. I wouldn't suggest leaving without taking a dip!!

One of my favorites! Fairly flat and easy. Recommend going on a sunny day, as it just doesn’t seem quite as blue when cloudy. It does get very crowded later in the day on weekends. Go early or on a weekday if possible. It’s beautiful and definitely worth it!

Went on this hike today and it was beautiful! There is still a little bit of snow along the trail but it's off to the sides and the whole trail is open. A little steep on the way up in some parts but really not too bad. Recommend hiking shoes as it is pretty rocky.

15 days ago

Very glad we did this. The high peak offers a nice view down into the lake. At the top turn around and see an alpine meadow you did not expect. There are a lot of people doing the trail but significantly less than the shoulder to shoulder people on the rim. Chance to get away

nature trips
15 days ago

This can be a short and quick trail, or you can extend it out all along Otter Rock, the devil's punch bowl, and the surrounding beaches. just beautiful. views a plenty, wildflowers, cliffs, mild rock climbing around the beaches. this was wonderful.

Stunning payoff for a beautiful hike! Only downside was the heavy traffic--we had to move out of the way for a lot of mountain bikers coming down the trail.

Beautiful &blue!!! Worth the hike!

20 days ago

Great trail with beautiful views. Connects to the Indian Sands Trail.

Did it yesterday from the lodge to zigzag river, a little over six miles in about three hours. Good views along the trail with light traffic. Trail starts descending and then ascending, personally, I like climbing first and then descending.

loved this trail. see the top and bottom of a beautiful waterfall. excellent Cliff perch sections on upper trail

22 days ago

Probably the best hike if you could only choose one. Some sleep parts but the views are well worth it and you can grab some food at the lodge upon completing the hike, Great to be away from people in parking lots as they take photos of the lake, feels more special from up above.

on Trillium Lake Loop Trail

23 days ago

such a beautiful view of Mt Hood and a very easy loop trail.

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