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A long but very easy doable hike. I definitely suggest completing the loop, because the way back is a lot prettier and more exciting IMO. Use caution when crossing the river, there was a decent log for crossing, but water was flowing too hard to walk through. Use discretion about bringing your dog(s)! With no bridge they either have to walk through the river or cross a log, which the water was too fierce for the poor Shepherd I saw be forced across by his owner, and was very scared. The stream is lower and less fierce when it hasn’t been raining as well as earlier in the AM. A beautiful waterfall and peaceful place to sit and enjoy. Definitely a great hike for a cloudy day when Mt Hood isn’t visible or anyway!

The trail was great and beautiful, but I should have heeded the warning about the bad road. My '06 Dodge Charger, low to the ground, hit a huge pot hole that cracked my coolant tank and the return trip to Portland was less than fun with overheating and pulling over until Fred Meyer in Gresham. Low cars, be careful!

I hiked it last week. Amazing hike! Pretty steep at some points, a great workout for the heart.
My Fitbit recorded 6.75 miles in 3.5 hours round trip. Gorgeous views halfway up and towards the top. It got rainy and windy toward to the summit so bring layers as you’ll never know what awaits you. -:)
Even if you don’t see much because the clouds roll in it feels very rewarding to hike to the top.
I will keep hiking it to keep me in shape.

Happy hiking! Cheers!

7 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike to a stunning, cascading waterfall. probably best to AVOID WHEN RAINING you have to cross a river and The logs get very slippery....slipped and sprained my ankle...but,still worth it! Lol

I’ve done this hike a few times. The falls are beautiful and peaceful, perhaps the most spectacular on the mountain. Take your time enjoy a snack at the falls and snap a few photos on the bridge. Make the loop to see the rocky cliffs and walk along the stream. The only tricky part is crossing the Sandy River, but there are usually big logs and a couple of options for crossing.

9 days ago

Great trail! I took my dog with me and she loved it! The best part was the part leading up to the creek. Its so beautiful out there! I will definitely be returning.

12 days ago

Having on two previous occasions hiked Mount Defiance and Dog Mountain each on the same day, I decided to attempt a triple ... Defiance once and Dog twice.
August 31, 2018
7:20 a.m. start up Mount Defiance (Trail #413 out and back)
10:19 a.m. summit 1
12:57 p.m. down
1:44 p.m. start up Dog Mountain (1st loop, Augspurger Trail to Dog Mt Trail)
3:24 p.m. summit 2
4:31 p.m. down
4:48 p.m. start up Dog Mountain (2nd loop, Augspurger Trail to Dog Mt Trail)
6:43 p.m. summit 3
7:53 p.m. down and done
25.4 miles, 10,440 elevation gain/loss, 11 hours, 6 minutes total hike time
23rd time up Mount Defiance, 95th & 96th time up Dog Mountain

This hike kicked my butt in the hot weather. Was worth it though! The drive is a little rough.

This was incredible. Got there really early (about 6:30am) on Saturday. Literally no one else there for whole hike. The falls are beautiful and the rocks near Ramona creek are stunning.

Hard hike the whole way up but amazing views the whole time!

trail running
16 days ago

Trail is very well groomed - there are some rocky sections at the beginning and end but nothing significant. Basically the entire trail is runnable if you can handle the steep inclines. Beautiful views. A NW Forest Pass ($30 per year and valid all over the PNW for many, but not all trails) is sufficient to avoid the $5 parking fee. Make sure to get permit in advance during the summer because they run out quickly (weekends only from May-July due to increased interest subsequent to Eagle Creek Fire).

16 days ago

Great trail with a beautiful waterfall. Oregon at its best.

18 days ago

this was such a fun trail dispite the fact that the opal pools were not quite as impressive as I was lead to believe. still very pretty. nice easy trail. the kids gave up about mile 4 though so unless you got some energetic kids with some hiking enthusiasm I wouldn't recommend it. jawbone flats is pretty cool I had no idea that was there. the path is mostly gravel road except for 1.3 miles that is good trail type trail. lots and lots of huckleberries this time of year.

18 days ago

arrived at the trail head early afternoon and the parking lot was full so waited till there was less cars and then got on the trail. saw a few groups at the start but was quiet the rest of the way. the walk is enjoyable and the falls are sweet! definitely do this counter clockwise.

21 days ago

Continuous climb from the parking lot. $5 parking fee. Spectacular views from the top. Lots of people. Absolutely beautiful!

22 days ago

Man these people aren’t joking about it being difficult. Trust me. I’m not in the best of shape and it took me 3 hours to the top and 1.5 gallons of water. Beautiful sights at the top but do not underestimate this one. Now I’m laying in bed probably not able to move in the morning but it is extremely beautiful especially on a clear day. You’ve been warned!

First half of the trail (to the falls) is alright, seemed really long, way longer than the trip back. Some good scenery, but again, second half is way more scenic. The crossing of the Sandy is a little cumbersome with a dog. Our 75 pound pit mix had some trouble, but eventually made it (both times, you have to cross twice) but it took some coaxing and some help on my husband and I’s part. If you have a bigger dog be warned, it might take some work to get your pup across.

nice hike, liked the falls and the views of the Hood. would have given 5 stars. if there was a better place to cross the Sandy.

on Dog Mountain Trail

27 days ago

all trails got this one right...it’s hard. hiked it this morning. i stayed to right and i’m glad i did. beautiful views on the way up and the views up top were awesome. the way down is just as tough. my legs were shaking at the bottom. so worth it!! saw some folks hiking in vans tennis shoes. silly kids! need lots of water on this one and snacks as well!

After about a mile you come to sign that says difficult and more difficult. Inspired by the reviews go right. There is nothing to gain by doing the more difficult. This is a hard hike with huge rewards

Beautiful opal waters

28 days ago

Late morning hike. Had to cut it short because I needed to get back to PDX. Very pretty, very clearly marked. Interesting topography and soil. Much more arid and sandy than any other hike I've been on in Oregon. Worth the drive. Tuesday is a very quiet day on the trail.

By far, the falls and the first mile heading back down the loop from the falls is the best part of this trail! We came up from the right of the falls and scenery was okay, however once we crossed the bridge in front of the falls and started walking down the loop to the left, the trail became gorgeous for the next mile down. You do have to
cross the Sandy river about a mile from the parking lot. There is no bridge but there are sturdy large logs that are used for crossing, but can be intimidating. Although the trail itself is relatively flat, hiking boots helped a lot just for the traction. The 7 mile RT intimidated me, but we did it in about a 3 hour trip bc it's so flat and wasn't hard to get up quickly.

Easy trail to follow! Loop goes up to the waterfall and then back down.

The only problem I had with this trail is its description as “dog friendly.” Sure, it’s dog friendly if you can carry your dog or they’re small and nimble enough to cross the log over the glacial stream. If you have a bigger dog, that log will give you some trouble.

Someone else told me they went down the stream a little bit to a thicker log. I coaxed mine (75 lbs) onto the more obvious log and half held him up by the harness while crossing. Other than that, great trail!

Very solid trail. Be mindful that in the winter time the rangers will clear out the log bridge to cross the Sandy River, therefore unless you are a seasoned hiker and don't mind getting a little wet, you shouldn't cross with out the log bridges. Hike this in the summer so the log bridge is there. Cool stuff to check out all along the hike. 6.8 total if you do the loop. Don't be a cherry picker and go strait to the falls, take a left turn and hike the pacific crest trail for about .5 miles and then turn up to the Falls.

30 days ago

by far my favorite hike so far this year. beautiful scenery once you get up in elevation. trail gets a bit narrow at points and have to cross a river over logs in the beginning but the over hike was awesome, will definitely be doing this hike again! but a warning bring a day pass! there's none there or near by.

1 month ago

It is definitely an butt kicker leg burner Right from the beginning. I’m in shape but I wouldn’t say conditioned for a steady incline. It took me 1.5 to get to the lookout and that was with LOTS of breather breaks every couple switchback. LOTS of picture taking as well. A total of three hours with me in my small dog. I arrived at 6:45 AM and I was the first car & the first person on the trail I didn’t see anyone until around 8 o’clock. Nothing crazy you need for this trail just water and comfortable shoes, enjoy!

1 month ago

Awesome hike ! Wish somebody would have said it was 6 miles of driving on gravel road because we popped a tire on the way down ... oof ... but other than that it was a really cool hike ! The natural water slide at the end was so cool. Maybe if they could put up more signs pointing to where to go to that would be helpful because we got a little confused.

Hard hike but great views as a reward. My legs were burning on the way up and the wind was pretty crazy also. Seemed more like October than August but still some pretty great views! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

Amazing views

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