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3 days ago

This is an amazing hike with amazing views of the Pacific, Hart's Cove and Chitwood Falls. We heard seals barking for a majority of our hike which was also very cool.
A few notes: 1. The directions on this website do not take you to the correct trailhead. When the forest road splits, stay to the left and continue to the end of the road. 2. My Apple Watch clocked 5.9 miles from start to finish, and that didn't include how much we were walking around down at the base of the meadow. Additionally, my elevation gain was clocked in at 1,328ft. I'm not sure if this review includes the hike from the top of the meadow to the base where you can view the cove. 3. The trail is NOT available year-round as this page says, it is closed Jan 1 - Jul 15 (these dates sometimes change). 4. As many others have said, this hike is not as difficult as AllTrails has rated it to be. It's definitely an uphill, somewhat difficult climb out, but certainly not impossible. 5. We counted 6 switchbacks in the first/last section of the hike, not 9.

Overall a great hike and I highly recommend it!!

Super easy paved trail to lighthouse. Your GPS will try to take you around the bay side to get here but it is inaccessible. Come here from the south side.

5 days ago

Your GPS will not take you to the correct trailhead. The correct trailhead is the same as North Cascade Head, but further down the road. There are signs.

Beautiful view

6 days ago

Beautiful place for watching whales, surfers, birds, and maybe the best sunsets on the Oregon Coast. I’d highly recommend visiting at low tide so you can go to the beach on the north side of the point and go into the Punchbowl. Fun tide pools and gorgeous views!

This trail was great! Some ocean views along the way and a superb ocean view (108* view) at the end of the trail. Some parts were pretty muddy and some of the big root sections had little ponds of water so I was glad I wore my extra tuff tall boots. Brought my dog with me and she loved the trail too :-) when we got to the end of the trail it was sunny and warm, felt like summer! Fun trail and definitely would recommend!

Challenging climb, but gorgeous views at regular intervals on the way up, including an absolutely beautiful view at the top. Do it! The trek up is aerobic, for sure, but the trail is well-marked and mostly covered in pine needles.

fun, relaxing, my pup loved it

My tracker data said it’s actually 5.5 miles but elevation gain is right on. Great hike.

Another short and sweet little hike that I have to give 5 stars to for sheer beauty of the ocean and the adorable Cape Meares lighthouse. There’s plenty of benches to sit on so you can stare off into the abyss of the ocean, and a good amount of interpretive signage talking about the local birds. Also plenty of parking and bathrooms. I imagine this gets insanely busy during the summer, but it was raining cats and dogs today, so the visitors were sparse. Critters spotted along the trail: banana slugs

24 days ago

Wear sturdy shoes. The trail is muddy and uneven. There aren't any guardrails along the cliff edges. Not for kids or unleashed dogs.

I might hike this trail a couple of more times but that's about it. It's a great workout and the view is nice at the end.

very easy. no clear viewpoints of the size of the spruce. room at the base for pics and a small bench to sit and relax if needed.

did this hike October 22, 2018. essentially a drive up destination. very short walk to the attraction. walking access from this trail to a variety of the other attractions along the coast.

Great views- good hike for kids to burn tons of energy! watch out for cliffs and stay close to kids.

26 days ago

Previous reviews are accurate. There’s a boatload of slippery mud, but I went during a drier spell, so it really wasn’t too terribly bad. And there’s the tree roots. So many tree roots. I definitely felt the elevation gain at the end, but this is a doable hike. The view was gorgeous along the trail, but at the end, all I saw was fog. That being said, I’d still highly recommend this trail. Critters spotted along the way: one snake, one banana slug, and a couple chipmunks. This is one of those trails where everyone goes, so be prepared for lots of people and lots of dogs.

trail running
26 days ago

Great trail! The switchbacks at the beginning/end are probably the most challenging part of the trail. The trail is easy to follow, well maintained, and the views at the end are excellent, even if it's foggy/cloudy. The trailhead is well marked, so if you're driving and your GPS cuts out (like mine), just keep following the road. You can't miss the trailhead.

There’s really no trail here, but that doesn’t matter. It’s fabulously beautiful, and a cool place to watch surfers and SUPers from a high vantage point.

We did the Giant Spruce Tree first and glad we did because we were tired after taking the way up R Perpetua Trail. It is quite an incline, but since i’m usually hiking in altitude in Colorado it was nice to be able to at least catch your breath! The view is spectacular and worth the climb.

27 days ago

Nice hike. Was a bit muddy in places, so I’m glad to have done it after a dry weather stretch. Can’t imagine how slippery and messy it’ll be in the middle of the rainy season! Great views! Couple of scary drop off cliffs, so keep an eye on your kids and pups. Lots of people and dogs. Some uphill and some downhill, but overall quite manageable, even for someone in not great shape :)

Beautiful, quiet, serene. You can hear and sometimes see the ocean throughout the whole trail. The visitor center has good information and there are many other side trails to explore.

30 days ago

Yes, a challenging hike, but if you take your time going back up, you can do it. I'd say it's a moderate hike, but not extremely hard. Counted 9 switchbacks to the bridge (helpful for the way up). We did not see the falls in the Cove. Maybe didn't take the correct path across the meadow to the back of the Cove, possibly the falls was dry. A few groups of us down at the Cove weren't sure if we'd missed it or if it was dry. But the views of the ocean were worth it anyways.

1 month ago

Excellent hike! The roots and puddles were a bit difficult but all around an amazing hike!! So gorgeous!!!

1 month ago

I did this hike on my birthday vacation and the views didn't disappoint! It had been a while since I had been hiking, and this wasnot only beautiful, but a great workout as well! I wouldn't consider this a hard hike, but definitely moderately difficult. Especially for those who aren't used to climbing hills. Otherwise, this was fantastic! Btw... my phone clocked this at 6.2 miles.

on Cape Lookout Trail

1 month ago

The muddiest trail ever. Crazy tree roots. Pretty views. Great for kids and not hard.

Lovely, very easy beach walk. We (wife, dog, me) were there at low tide and don't know what high tide looks like.

Awesome short trails. The kids loved it. Great views.

nature trips
1 month ago

We couldn’t find the trail, but I’m sure we could’ve if we hadn’t been distracted by the gobs and gobs of whales! Absolutely gorgeous site overall.

1 month ago

I read a lot of reviews of this place before going. Several of them mention how insane the hills are and it is not for someone who is out of shape.
I'm not in shape. I only recently started trying improve my cardio after quitting smoking. by recent I mean within the last two weeks. Yes, the hills were pretty steep and long. but I didn't have any problem with it. I never felt like it was kicking my ass at all. I stopped once in a while to take a breather and get some water, but I didn't truthfully have any issue.
The journey was great in with a wonderful view and great out leaving me feeling rewarded for my effort.

1 month ago

This is a great trail. I’ve hiked it twice: once was a rainy day in the spring, the other was a sunny day in the fall. Although both times the views and sights were incredible (especially the misty fog on the rainy day), I’d highly recommend a sunny day after not much recent rain. It can get quite slick and muddy. There is a beautiful beach with fun tide pools at the end of the trail, which you might have all to yourself. The trip back up was taxing, but I am not particularly fit, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for most :). Highly recommended, for the prize at the end of the trail!

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