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Absolutely amazing views up and down the coast. Saw a whale and a sea lion at the end! Pretty muddy about halfway through. Moderate traffic on the weekends, go early.

I thought people might have been over exaggerating the level of mud on this trail especially when I started out. The first half of this trail is well maintained and not muddy at all until you hit the first view point with railing. From then on is sinking mud puddles and lots of roots to navigate. I wouldn’t call it hard but it’ll definitely slow you down since you’re constantly checking your footing. I would save this one for summer when it’s dried out. But the views are worth the trouble if you can’t wait! Also I didn’t notice it on the way out to the cape but you’re going gradually down hill the whole time so the hike back out is mostly uphill. Extremely gradual uphill but constant nonetheless.

Great thank u

this is a nice climb and short - combine it with the Amanda trail for a longer stretch and more elevation. I did that to condition for Yosemite.

on Cape Lookout Trail

16 days ago

I imagine this hike is easier when it is dry. The views were breathtaking. Wish there were more markers to indicate how far along I was on the trail. My trekking poles really saved my hide on this trail. Calling this trail "easy" is a bit of an oversell.

23 days ago

It was a beautiful, sunny day on the Oregon Coast when we did this hike. Gorgeous views of the ocean and you get to hike in a forested region. The trail can be muddy so watch out for that.

23 days ago

Extremely muddy right now. My wife brought walking sticks which were extremely helpful for her and our son to navigate the best path in the muddy areas. We saw several people with mud on their backs from taking a fall. Views are beautiful. The whales were migrating and there were volunteers at the end point to let people know where to look. The trillium were in full bloom which was awesome, although their numbers were greatly reduced by hikers who thought it would be fun to pick them, despite the signs at the trailhead telling people not to.

24 days ago

There are two other trails available at the same spots (south trail and cape lookout I believe) Beautiful scenery at the end, I recommend to visit this place when it has been sunny and dry for a few days, because the trail gets pretty muddy at some spots and in addition, wear the boots that would have a good traction

26 days ago

Albeit not very "punchy" as it was low tide but and amazing place to visit!

28 days ago

Short but challenging hike up the dunes. So many people went past the fences/danger signs but there's still plenty to see behind them. Visited at low tide and saw many starfish, anemones, and barnacles. Super crowded on a warm/sunny spring day. Parked on the beach and it took almost 30 mins. to get out because two cars got stuck in the sand.

Beautiful place to watch the sunset

Absolutely loved it

1 month ago

Beautiful! Muddy, so bring three right shoes. No complaints from me on a sunny day!

road to the lighthouse is currently closed

Beautiful, moderately traveled trail with many switchbacks up the side of a hill. Spectacular views of the ocean and lots of wildflowers in the Spring. At the top is a parking lot with bathrooms and a shelter overlooking the ocean. Amanda Trail ends up at the same parking lot from the other direction.

Spectacular views at sunset!

The path is along the sewers so the whole thing smells really bad. Not going again. Wish Waldport had more trails for kids bikes and dogs.

Very muddy (but very beautiful!) Saw whales and various birds

Although it was super muddy, the views were spectacular! I also liked the fact my Honda Civic could make it to the trail head. Easy to find and the trail was well marked.

Awesome hike! Totally worth it!

Loved the view!

2 months ago

This is a great hike for the family. We did this hike with a 3 and a 4 year old and they did great. The trail is very clear and well maintained until about half way when you start to hit the switchbacks. At this point it gets muddy and there are tons of tree roots. The trees on this hike a huge and grow in all kinds of crazy shapes. At the beginning there is a fallen tree that made a cave under the roots that the kids love. There are a few trees that have "tunnels" under them that are fun to play in.
There are lookouts along the path that allow you to look back to the beach and look down several hundred feet to the ocean. Great hike. Great views. And the plus is that it is close to the Tillamook Cheese Factory were after a long hike you can stuff your face with free cheese and get some ice cream.
I am not sure about the actual trail length. Alltrails.com says that it is 4.6 miles round trip, the trailhead sign says that it is 2.8 miles each way (5.6 miles total), and my GPS says that it was 6.5 miles round trip. Not sure which is right, but either way it was fun.

So even though the trail is closed, I advise you go anyways and just go as far as the trail leads you. It is closed due to erosion but if you go past the closed signs, It is breathtakingly beautiful AND dangerous so be smart. One of my favorite hikes now and I definitely recommend it.

Gorgeous look out. Not very muddy in the winter, pretty steep but not too long and a good workout. Beautiful old growth trees.

Great hike! It’s a doozy in the winter months, be prepared to get muddy. I wouldn’t recommend small children. Lots of exposed roots which were great while it was wet and muddy, helped with my footing. The view at the end of Cape Trail is breathtaking! I’d love to go back and hike the North and South trail!

2 months ago

One of the best coastal trails we have! Easy five-ish mile out and back with a some elevation gain, which you'll feel most on the way back to the trailhead. Expect to get muddy even in summer, especially in winter, and the views are well worth it. The trail is well maintained but not level and in many places tree roots are both a blessing and a curse. Great place to view sea birds as well as ospreys, bald eagles, and an occasional peregrine falcon. Excellent place for whale migration observation in late December and again in mid-March. Good and interesting hike for kiddos who can go the distance. Plenty of people bring their doggos but if your dog doesn't like heights, other dogs, of standing on a cliff near other dogs at the same time, maybe best to leave them home. Also, PLEASE LEAVE THE TRILLIUM ON THEIR STEMS which begin to bloom in February. Picking the flower can irreparably damage the entire plant, requiring years to recover before being able to bloom again. Please help protect them. :)

half way. then erosion has closed the path.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike down. Only saw one other group on the trail when I went on a Saturday in January. It was muddy, but that is expected on a hike in winter in Oregon. Be sure to pace yourself. It’s easy to zoom on down and walk a couple of miles down the beach before you remember you have to the the switchbacks back up :)

3 months ago

The view on the way up is beautiful!

This is one of my absolute favorite trails I’ve discovered in Oregon. The forest and the ocean-doesn’t get much better than that!

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