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2 days ago

Had no idea there was still this much snow and would be so few people. only saw 2 people on the whole trail. had thought this was heavily traveled and never been to the area so went in hiking boots and sneakers. some parts of the trail leading to the lake were a foot or two deep if you step in the wrong spot. up at the lake you might drop 3 or 4. luckily someone had snow shoed before us so we tried to use their tracks but it was very slow going and lots of falling through. very hard to find the trail around the lake, which is still frozen over and covered in snow. it was surprisingly challenging with trekking through such deep snow.

this place was absolutely mind blowing though and so serene without anyone else around. best hike ever.

also note you need to park at snow bowl and walk half a mile on the fairly dangerous highway.

this hike was beautiful.
went on a monday and it was completely silent around us. its a great trail, does cross over atv trails but that is no biggie. the dogs loved this trail also.

The hike was decent through forests and clear cuts. Views were nice at the top and the falls we're great. Groups of ATV riders were considerate. The reason for the 3 star rating was due to the constant gunfire noise throughout the entire hike.

I haven't hiked the whole 30 miles of it but this is a great trail because there are so many other options to branch off of and cool places to see.

nature trips
1 month ago

Started the Wildwood Trail off of SW Fischer Lane. Also hit the Redwood and Oak trail. Did not go through the whole 27 mile loop of Wildwood but all trails we hit north of the Visitor Center was very enjoyable. Our starting point of the Wildwood was intensely green and vegetated. Oak trail not so much but for a sunny day in Portland, with very limited run ins with other hikers it was an enjoyable outing. Far more of a decent walk than what I would consider a "hike".

We chose a beautiful day to snow shoe. Easy hike.

My all time favorite hike. But it has gotten so crowded in recent years. I visited here just weeks before the fire closed it in 2017.

Very sad. But can’t wait for it to reopen.

I love this place specifically because i can bring my fur baby here and let her run free w/o having to leash her and i's a good amount of trail walking for humans too. We come here as often as we can!

1 month ago

Love this hike all year round! Snowshoed yesterday and after all the snow this past weekend the trail is gorgeous! Brought two dogs with me who also had a blast. Parked at skibowl and walked along the road to get to the trailhead, which isn’t ideal, but it’s well worth it!

very pretty loops. lots of BlackBerry bushes awaiting to go green again! lots of dogs out with there people today.very pleasant park. pups poops appear to be picked up well by there people. responsible which is nice.

2 months ago

Great hike but we parked at ski bowl, we weren’t sure if parking was closed or not by hike, some people parked there but there were no parking signs close.
We took of our snowshoes for most of the hike

my very first trail in Oregon

2 months ago

20 minutes from my front door, great trail for training

2 months ago

Trail from the lake up to the mountain is completely snow covered.

2 months ago

Can be crowded

Easy hike with lots of great views!

Beautiful hike

Great place to take my dog to hike :) Lots if friendly people too! Would recommend

3 months ago

Very good trail

Beautiful! One of my favorites!

12/17/2017- Parking at the trailhead is closed. Closest parking is at lower ski bowl. Traction needed on trail and roads off of 26. Trail is mostly clear of snow to the lake, but lot's of slush. From lake to Tom Dick & Harry is 100% covered with snow and ice.

4 months ago

Hiked early December, ran into a lot of snow in different places. It was a beautiful hike with many views of Shasta! As you depart from the PCT, the trail isn’t marked and we trekked through about 6 inches of snow. I assume it would be easier to see without ground covering. The hike back down was also not noticeable as there was snow. Looks like it was to go down around the ski slope, but wasn’t completely sure. Ended up turning around and going back the way we came. Fairly easy hike for an experienced hiker. Traveled with one, inexperienced hiker who had quite a bit of difficulty.

This is the easiest and maybe one of the most beautiful trails in the gorge. Hoping it opens back up soon ❤️

One of my favorite ever hikes- So sad it’s closed! Feels like another world being surrounded by huge amounts of moss and greens while in a valley between the rock. Ugh. Absolutely love it. The falls at the end are worth visiting a thousand times over.

This hike is mostly flat making it “easy”, but visit in winter and be prepared for an adventure. It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Imagine a very thin cliff trail of ice chips with icicles falling as you hike and cling to the side of the wall. It’s beautiful! Like Fern Gully. There were times I thought we might die, but only because of the heavy ice.

4 months ago

This trail is a nice and easy stroll. Absolutely go in the Fall it's gorgeous. But the lake was dried up, I'd like to go again in spring when it's full.

Awesome! A bit crowded on on weekends with good weather, but very pretty.

A little mud, but hardly any snow on the trail! It’s a great time to hike this and an easy one if you have smaller dogs.

Such a wide open space for dogs to be off leash and explore. A place that, no matter how many parking spots are filled, it's easy to separate from the crowd once you get going. It's mainly flat hikes, but beautiful none the less. It has river access if your fury buddy wants to swim too. In the Fall/Winter it gets muddy, but no one should complain.

5 months ago

Was a great hike. Perhaps I didn’t go on the correct trail, but the one I went on didn’t seem hard at all.

Beautiful with snowy sides and cute chipmunks , barely any other hikers at 2 pm saw only a few different people and their well behaved puppers. Cute trails and waterfalls /creeks hidden around bends.

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