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2 days ago

Easy hike with plenty to see and hear. Loved walking through the forest and hearing the ocean waves. Great panoramic views from the highest point, and make sure to head to the end of the Cape Falcon trail to view the secluded black sand beach. We got to the trail head at about 8:45 and only started encountering other hikers on the way back, so go early for more quiet time, as this is a popular route with families. My favorite hike on the coast!

2 days ago

Great hike - be prepared that it's all up hill going out. The ending is worth it though!

This is our favorite beach and typically our home base for our Oregon trips. Not too busy, but close enough to lots of other activities as well. So beautiful! Lots of VRBOs in the area. Enjoy the peace and quiet.


Busy place but not to cloudy . Great place to relax :)

Signs at the trail head still say closed. The area that “closed” the trail is a dried washed out creek. Easily crossed considering the the rest of the hike takes good footing with loose rock. Also passed the park workers replacing the bridge. Second time hiking this, always love the burn towards the top. Bug spray would be helpful :)

9 days ago

Very easy and fun hike! Great view at the end to sit, watch the ocean, and eat and rest. The view is awesome! Also visit the beach after and put your feet in the water to cool off!

Steep but rewarding hike. Get there early on a weekend to avoid the crowds. I wish I would have brought trekking poles; there are many areas with loose gravel going up.

Love Oceanside will definitely be back!

Need a good low tide to reach Lost Boy Cave at the far end of the beach

This is a great trail, done it many times over the past 50 years, even with grandparents who were in their '70's!

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14 days ago

This scenic wooded coastal wetland tail has a dash of historical backdrop which makes the Fort Stevens State Park trail an excellent and nostalgic destination.

on Cape Falcon Trail

16 days ago

Great trail. Very well maintained. Easy hike. This trail has everything: beautiful walk through the forest with old spruce trees, amazing views of the coast, a small secluded waterfall, and a spectacular panorama view of Cape Falcon at the end.

17 days ago

A lovely hike, with a big view payoff at the end. Relatively easy, with moderate ups and downs, but there are lots of tree roots to step through on the path so anyone with a tendency to fall needs to take care. Parking lot fills up by 11, so get there early!

18 days ago

My favorite hike on the beautiful Oregon coast

Trail was very overgrown when we did it a few weeks ago. There was a crew working on it so maybe it's better now. The views were nice but quite frankly this was one of my least favorite hikes I've done this year. In my opinion there are way cooler things to see in the area. If you are just looking for a wooded walk with a few views along the way maybe you'd really enjoy it, just not my thing.

Very beautiful, but fills up quickly. If you’re looking for some peaceful hiking, get here early. Aside from that, well worth checking out ❤️

23 days ago

Great hike with beautiful views.

23 days ago

Arrived about 11am and was perfect timing as a handful of the early morning hikers just arriving back to the parking lot so got a close spot. trail is well thought out zigzagging up the first 45 minutes into the hike or about half way. good thi g as it saved some energy for the 2nd half that was much needed. beautiful views trail are a challenge if you dont stay on the metal fencing they have nailed into the ground. at one point a bridge had broken and was very slick leaning to the down hill side, so just be aware and go slow. this hike is hard not hard for the avg hiker. so many ages and body types through out the day. dont be discouraged as the views are amazing and the feeling of success us even better. enjoy as I will do this hike again.

23 days ago

So beautiful

Great hike with beautiful views of Mounts Rainier, St Helens, Adams and Hood. The wires are great for traction but there are a lot of broken wires that might not be good for smaller dogs.

24 days ago

My daughter and I completed our second hike of Saddle Mountain Trail. We were hopeful for a clear day at the summit. On the way up we were teased with breaks of big blue sky and bright sunshine But after a 1 hour and 15 min hike up, we arrived to a disappointing set of dense clouds.

Despite no view we had a fun day attacking the 5 mile loop and 1,972’ elevation. The trail was busy but not too bad for a Saturday. The plant vegetation narrows the trail in many places.

I do hate the heavy metal mess (looks like chain link fence) they lay on the trail to manage erosion. It can be deadly slippery if your not cautious., even on a dry day.

Nice hike. Easy ups and downs. Any level hiker will enjoy this. View at the end was fabulous. Keep walking when you get to the cape. You have to push through some shrubs to get to the point, but it’s so worth it.

so gorgeous! 360 views, wild flowers, cool rock formations...the last bit is steep but worth it

Another fabulous Oregon Coast Trail. You can also park at the south end of the trail and hike to the top making it an in-and-out hike. Going this way, the total in-and-out distance is about 3 miles. Elevation gain is about 1200 feet and I would classify this as a moderate hike.

No idea what the previous review is talking about... except maybe he's trying to keep this excellent hike to himself.

Note to hikers: This is an Oregon Coast trail and the Oregon Coast is essentially a rain forest -- so guess what that means? Muddy trails. Also, not surprisingly, there are lots of trees and plants growing here... which means, not surprisingly, there are often lots of roots on the trails. So, if muddy trails with lots of roots are not for you, you might want to consider skipping hiking on the Oregon Coast all together.

Awesome hike! Pretty steep at some points, but stunning views. Tons of bugs at the very top, but there are places near the top to enjoy the views that are much less buggy. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, very little shade the second half of the hike.

This was an easy hike... but SUPER gnarly at the end! The views the entire time were absolutely stunning with lots of great spots to take breaks and get some good photos and views, and even though the parking lot was full (arrived around 1pm) the trail wasn’t as crowded as you’d assume. Mostly direct sun exposure and very difficult and tiring at times, so 100% bring a LOT of water, sunscreen, and good hiking shoes and poles or walking sticks if you have them. The rocks toward the peak are VERY slippery and it’s easy to fall or lose your footing, but it’s doable (two of my friends were in converse and made it out alright!). Last mile is the hardest, but just take your time and push through it and the views are absolutely worth it! Took my group about 2.5 hours to get up (LOTS of breaks and photo ops), and just under an hour to get back down. 7/12/18

30 days ago

Not a very difficult hike, but the grade gets pretty steep toward the top. This wouldn’t be possible to hike for the average person without special gear if it weren’t for the fencing and wires they have near the top to help keep your footing. There are plenty of awesome views all throughout the hike.

My favorite hike near the Oregon coast. Lots of elevation gain and absolutely breathtaking views of 3 snow capped peaks (Hood, St. Helens, Adams) Astoria, and the mighty Columbia River dumping into the great Pacific Ocean.

Super fun and easy hike. Took my 9 year old. Very little mud on the trails but we did see a deer. It’s nice to have the beach towards the end to enjoy.

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