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Short but sweet.

7 days ago

Beautiful trail!

I live across the street from this beach, as my go to beach. Beautiful waterfall and special natural areas and views that are separate preserves. I've lived this beach, that's why I bought here.

I loooove this place, it's one that's across the street from me and one of my favorites. This is the one spot I take my friends and family here that visit.

Definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve been! Definitely worth it, take the time to explore the area really well. You won’t regret it.

A beautiful hike with varying grades. The loop at Indian Sands is a gorgeous half way point. Enjoyed it very much!!

Great hike for Xmas day! There were four of us, two of them kids 7 and 9, and a dog. It was hard for the kids in 3 parts, all of them in the first mile up. Two water crossings and a huge fallen tree, but they made it up. We went up and down the west trail so I can’t speak on the east but the sun was shining and the top has a nice picnic spot to rest. There are great views of the ocean going up but none at the top. We would definitely do it again!

1 month ago

An absolute hidden gem. Short, easy loop but with enough elevation change to get your blood pumping if you want. Beautiful spot, and very few people around.

Lots of dead trees on the switchbacks.. would not recommend this trail on a super windy day.

steep trek after the warning sign, but the views are well worth it.

2 months ago

Did this hike a couple of weekends ago. It was pretty secluded which was nice you get down the mountain and to the coast. Beautiful views from down there. If you keep going along the trail, you can get down to the beach with the aid of a rope. If you keep walking, you'll get to Myers Creek Beach. I did this hike back on Labor Day weekend as well but didn't go all the way down to the beach.

Unable to make it up to the end due to a slide in the east side of the trail...not able to safely go around. We were almost to the top! Very disappointed in not being able to reach the top.

Short hike/walk, all up hill, to see the gorgeous beach view from the top. This is on the Harris Beach Trail.

3 months ago

Gorgeous hike, the views are there if you are looking for them. I went up the west side, down the east side. So many birds! Lots of trail maintenance has been done and there were no downed trees blocking the trail. Only down side was some road noise on the portion leading to the loop.

3 months ago

Keep an eye out for the second marker post, it’s easy to miss and you end up going a little downhill to an overlook. There are some ridges to climb out on beside Secret Beach and plenty of places to explore and get different vantage points. This area reminds me a lot of Big Sur but with more trails to explore from.

Beautiful hike. Glad we went.

It's a pretty significant climb right away, but the big trees and lush greenery are worth it. The west side of the loop is steeper, but shorter. East side is much more gentle, but longer. We didn't know this, and chose to go up to the summit on the west side. Glad we did - it was nice to be rewarded with a more gentle way down. The downed trees aren't as big of a hassle as others make it seem - that's just part of hiking in the woods (and I enjoyed the extra challenge). We will do this one again, despite lack of stunning views.

Great hike all the way to the coast. Saw several seal loins in the surf. Watch out for some poison oak near the trail.

4 months ago

Foggy on the way down. Back up is a bit got me working, but the views are spectacular.

4 months ago

The main road was closed as it states. If you take South Fork road just outside of Hiouchi and keep going past Big Flat campground it will take you to the trailhead where it dead ends. This will take you on approximately 20 miles of steep dirt roads. I would recommend 4WD but you can get there in a sedan. The trail is pretty flat the first few miles and then there is an area of sharp incline. The last push to the punchbowl takes you past a small lake first. Follow the cairns. It is currently smokey from wildfires burning close by. The wildfires also caused displacement of bees and the area was swarming with them. This would be a beautiful hike under better conditions. We clocked the hike at 10 miles.

Went here this afternoon with my dog and am happy to say the trail is untouched by fire and still lovely. There is one small portion of the trail from which burned area is visible, but the trail itself is untouched. My dog (a dachshund with short legs) loves this trail, as there is just the right amount of scrambling for a dog with a muscular build and spirit, but also only four inch legs.

4 months ago

Was out at the Oregon coast and passed the trailhead on 101. Decided to turn around and give it a try. Had read on here that the views are the greatest but thought I'd give it a try anyway. It's a good workout hike if that's what you're looking for. Actually felt relatively easy as I'm used to do elevation hikes anywhere from 5000 to 9000' so starting at sea level felt great. But a little more than half way up I decided to turn around as I was getting kind of bored and there were other things I wanted to explore on the coast before heading home. There a couple of signs at the trail head warning of recent cougar and bear sightings at the top of the mountain, another excuse I used to not finish the hike.

4 months ago

Love this beach! Was at the coast this past weekend, did this trail twice!

This was our first difficult trail we completed. It was beautiful at every point. Unfortunately the 2 hour drive on the alternate route is one of the toughest parts. Very narrow forest service road on the edge of the Siskiyou national Forest. We started the trail late in the day and unfortunately went down the wrong trail which set us back about an hour and half. Just pay extra attention to the signage on the trail. When it means up, it means up. The first half of the trail was pretty easy. But once you start climbing up hill on the switch backs, be prepared for it to go one for a while. Again, every part of the trail has its own beauty. The last part of the trail is on a pretty rocky terrain but the cairns will lead the way. Yes! You will run into a smaller lake before you get to the punchbowl, which means you are pretty close. It took us about 3.5 hours on the way back. That was with minimal stops. After a night out in the wilderness we stopped at Hiouchi Cafe for some burgers. Perfect way to end the trip. *also the Gasquet Ranger Station provided some great information!

Great views but this is not an easy trail. The trails are also a little confusing as they are not clearly marked. The trail on the left leads to a viewpoint of Natural Bridge and then goes further along the coast. The trail on the right goes down to the coast as well but is very steep and slippery.

Did this hike yesterday, or at least part of it. Also climbed a big rock at the beach. Here's a video I recorded from the top: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxUUlA9w2Qk

5 months ago

Great views and a wonderful hike!!!

I wouldn’t call this easy but it’s a nice hike and beautiful water falls.

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