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Loop around Indian Beach not accurate

great place for a fire and sunset with libations

beautiful hike, dogs allowed on leashes.

scenic driving
24 days ago

Stunning a must see. Go when it’s not busy. Plan to stop at all the viewpoints or even better walk the coast trail between them. Plan to have your lunch on the rocks or in the private caves.

on Lola Lake Trail

2 months ago

Fantastic trail to beach. The lake was more like a pond, but had a mind blowing amount of frogs making a racket, so it was not a waste of energy. Large, unstable log jam to scramble over, or drop from a sand dune to get to the beach. Again, worth the energy and doable for relatively agile hikers.

2 months ago

At the Indian Sands parking area/ viewpoint, a way trail takes off behind the park rules sign and goes to the Oregon Coast trail in a few hundred yards. All the trees were cut and removed from the way trail 1/2018.

3 months ago

The Oregon Coast trail going north from Indian Sands comes to highway 101 north of the Indian Sands viewpoint road.Walk along the 101 back to that parking area.Down at the viewpoint of the archway at Indian Sands,look for a trail to the LEFT GOING down,then crossing a good spring.Continue south ,briefly going through some trees,then go right through a cut and continue south to the south end of the Indian Sands area.Enjoy one the great scenes of North America! Absolutely riveting! Takes about five minutes from view point of the archway to the view south.

Between Whales head beach road and Indian Sands viewpoint road on Highway 101 there is small parking area outside a guardrail,on the west side of 101.The Oregon Coast trail comes right through here.A few hundred yards north on the Oregon Coast trail a side trail takes off and goes over to Indian Sands and also out onto a penninsula.The side trail goes downhill to junction.Go to left and end up at the end of a penninsula.Terrific!Go to the right and you will end up at Indian Sands.Any of the paths that go north will end up at Indian Sands.

There is a place to park just off of hwy.101 on whaleshead beach road.on the right there.Start up the Oregon Coast trail going north.In about 8 minutes(just past a green bench)a side trail takes off on the left and goes out to a very scenic view point,one of the finest of the entire Oregon coast.

There is a place to park just off of hwy.101 on whaleshead beach road.on the right there.Start up the Oregon Coast trail going north.In about 8 minutes(just past a green bench)a side trail takes off on the left and goes out to a very scenic view point,one of the finest of the entire Oregon coast.

The oregon coast trail going north of Indian sands comes near highway -101 .from there walk along 101 back to the Indian sands parking area.Down at the view of the archway,look for a trail(on the LEFT),going down and crossing a good spring.After going through trees briefly,turn right through a cut and continue south.At the south end of the Indian sands area(you will know when you are there) is one of the great scenes of North America! Absolutely riveting!From the view of the archway,it takes about 5 minutes to reach the south end of the Indian Sands area.

Was beautiful , steep for this old lady and slippery. Worth the trek!

Great secluded trail I came across while doing Cape Sebastian North and decided to go back and do today. The trail goes to the beach and back up....95%+ up or down. Maybe a few hundred yards of level trail on this one. Very nice beach on the bottom. Only sign of humans was a single horse track going down and along the beach.

Great trail through the dunes, on the beach with some beautiful rock formations and through a nice little forest. Maybe my dogs favorite hike! All or part of this we hike quite often. We saw one other group this time around with 3 labs that my lab, Brook enjoyed very much.

short easy hike to a great little beach. loved it

Taking the waterfall path was really a beautiful hike, I really enjoyed the breathtaking views and how secluded it was. By far the best beach I've been on at the Oregon coast. So happy that all trails led us there!

7 months ago

this was not near brookings. it was past gold beach. didn't hike it. maybe next time when i feel like driving longer to get here.

we didn't do the trail but went to the beach. it was great. we'll do the trail next time!

Eerie is the word for this hike today. We are in the middle of the Chetco Bar Fire and it's pretty dark and gloomy. The trail is good and you can see by the pics the awesome views from above. You can see the lines in my pics are the sky full of smoke rolling out from the river and meeting blue sky Not much blue anywhere near us..... Hopefully I'll never see our beautiful home area affected like this again.

Beautiful beautiful beach!! Short hike, a little uphill on the way back.

8 months ago

Awesome view, short and easy hike!

Would be a 5 except part of the trail is next to 101... Usually more beautiful than today due to the marine layer. Still the prettiest hike I've done on the Oregon Coastal Trail to date and I've done it several times.. Awesome views of the not so secret Secret Beach. On a sunny day it looks like you are in the orient or on a pacific island somewhere. Highly recommend this one.

Beautiful views

9 months ago

This is my go to trail with the dogs... I hesitated posting because I seldom see anyone here. Hopefully that doesn't change too much... Very few locals know about it even though almost all have driven by. The trail is sand based with much of it being soft. It goes around a pond and out to the ocean. It is a very private beach with no easy access except this trail. I've done this trail more than any other in the area. My dogs love it... I will update the track when I do it again.

Great views!!

Loved this place. We took the shorter, steeper way with small children and they did fine. You do have to scramble down a big rock at the end, which was tricky with the toddlers, but well worth it.

9 months ago

This a fun trail, that makes a beautiful place to watch to sun go down.

9 months ago

I tried to follow the red trail that is provided, and I got lost on the way back. I could have just done it wrong, but the trail isn't well marked. That being said, its an amazing trail. One of the more natural ones I've been on. It's pretty narrow, so I'd recommend wearing pants and closed toe shoes to protect your legs. I wore shorts and Chacos and was fine, but it could make it more enjoyable for those who like more protection. I also recommend venturing out on rocks. It's gorgeous and the rock is sturdy. Take side trails and really explore the area. It's GORGEOUS!

Best time to go is at low tide. I have been there at low and high tide. Both worth seeing. Low is the best experience to go exploring all the nooks and crannies mother nature has created for us to take care of and enjoy. Secret Beach has stolen my heart.

Loved this hike! We hiked on a weekday and had the beach to ourselves for an hour. Be sure to go at low tide for the best experience. Steep going back up the trail but worth it! Probably the most beautiful spot I've seen on the Oregon coast, and that's saying A LOT! We also had a cute sea lion swim up and check us out as we were standing on the cliffs above. Such a great experience! Do not miss this if you are on the Southern coast!

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