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21 days ago

A fabulous, easy and scenic hike that leads you to some beautiful sites. They’ve recently redone all the old bridges for safer travels. An enjoyable hike for all ages and very pet friendly. If you take your child/children on this trail, have them bring a small toy to leave at the fairy trees that are located towards the middle of the trail - can’t miss them.

was a very relaxing hike. Took 15 Cub Scouts, ages 5 to 10, on this trail and they all made the 2 miles and enjoyed a nice hot lunch afterwards! Great trail for a day hike to get out into nature, great for a young family!

did a few times with the wife and kids

The colder it gets the better this trail gets. Winter gem.

We just missed the fall colors but it was soon after a rain so the waterfalls were great. My mom is 69 and not in good physical shape but she was able to complete the 0.9 mile hike.

Easy peasy, nice trail, well maintained. The dog and I had it all to ourselves on a rainy, fall Saturday. Beautiful!

1 month ago

Short but lovely! Took the family here for a sort hike. It was busy but worth it. The falls were great and running full from all the rain. Definitely worth the stop!

This is a popular trail but it’s worth it!

A great family hiking trail!

2 months ago

A really short walk between two housing communities at Graham Park, but it's really cool. I had never visited the park before, and there is tons of stuff to do there other than walk. Basketball, tennis, pickleball, baseball, fitness training, they have all that.

Some reviewers here said they didn't walk "through the woods" here but found other pathways to try. Well, you have to go up Smiley Cookie Lane (thanks, Eat 'N Park) toward the housing community. The trail is on the right next to the sidewalk leading up the hill. It then cuts to the right half way up and continues along. I don't know what is growing up there but it smelled really sweet and nice. It's a quick walk through a little forested corridor to the other side and another community. You then turn around and head back. Not a bad little one mile hike at all.

Fantastic Trail, Beautiful Forest. Many great trees flowers and wildlife. Rated 4 stars due to the trails only being marked one way. Be prepared for some wet feet as you cross the creek twice there is no foot bridge. Much easier than Hemlocks Trail. Also I recommend a stop by the Cave trail, it's not far from Meeks. https://youtu.be/9IM-0uHrHz0

2 months ago

Nice, relaxing walk with some pretty water features. We went with our 2 y/o and dog on a Saturday morning, but it started to get a bit crowded in the afternoon. The park was clean and well-kept, however some of the fellow walkers were a bit rude and unfriendly.

short trail but very beautiful. The trail is carved along a small creek with neat sedimentary rock formations with several waterfalls.

We linked the blue, green, purple, and yellow loops together. It was pretty well-blazed for the most part, but there were a few confusing turns. We used the Allegheny County Parks Trails app, which helped a lot.

It had just rained a lot, so it was pretty muddy, but nothing prohibitive. Pressed dirt trail. We found a lot of cool mushrooms.

Went on a Thursday afternoon and saw only 2 other people. We'd definitely do this again.

It was kinda muddy and had to cross through 2 shallow creeks but loved the trail. Pretty easy 2.5 mile loop

great trail but during heavy rains it can be soggy in some parts. signage is mostly great.

I was a little skeptical because it was such a popular trail and I was thinking it.kight be a let down... and I proven wrong. it's a great walk/hike with absolutely gorgeous scenery. you're only hurting yourself of you don't go!

on Fall Run Trail

3 months ago

Beautiful trail, lots of nice bridges, falls are terrific. Fun for kids.

I love it here! Go here regularly.

beautiful scenery and sounds

Great trail for my family and my 6year old:) no rain so falls weren’t happening but still a nice hike:)

Very Easy trail great for a quick walk. There are many very beautiful bridges that follow a wonderful stream. The 30foot waterfall is Definatly the highlight, but there are a few other small gems along the short hike. An observation deck is along the side of the waterfall, great for picture snapping.

Trail Video

It was an easy trail, some spots were rocky but lots of beautiful views.

Such an interesting trail, with bridges, steps, and different paths. It is in a pretty neighborhood, too! Muddy, so bring sneakers, but didn’t get any cuts and bruises as the other traveler, so can’t speak to that. Was in August.

Great hike on a short loop. I went right first to Tolliver falls which is small but has a little beach and pool area if u want to cool off. Then upper falls that you can go on and has a nice vista view down river and a little down the river a nice view back upstream at it. Lower falls after that then nice rocky hike to muddy creek falls the biggest of the group.

Nice easy hike for families. Good shade cover and near streams. 50 or so stairs in the 1st quarter of the hike

Very nice. Too short. Well maintained.

Great trail, easy to navigate. There is one area with about 50 stairs, but it was easy enough. I walked my two dogs, didn’t see anyone else and didn’t have any issues. Of course it was the middle of the day on a Thursday! I would recommend this to anyone, it was quick and pretty easy. There are a couple of places you have to look for the trail markings to be sure you’re on the right trail, but easy to find if you’re paying attention. My dogs enjoyed it, too!

4 months ago

If you hate snakes, be prepared. Not small snakes either. This hike is beautiful and super fun to explore and walk close to the water but there are a lot of water snakes on the rocks and trails. The vegetation reminds you of being somewhere tropical. Easy, relaxing hike. Great hike for all that enjoy hiking and exploring. You should wear hiking shoes, I saw multiple people wear sandals and there are many places to trip and fall. The trail isn’t flat by any means, and you need to watch where you step.

4 months ago

I considered this more of a walk than a hike. The falls are pretty. You can connect with other trails to see a total of three waterfalls.

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