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2 days ago

The trail is a nice, light exercise with some great views of the Eno. If you live nearby it's certainly worth an outing!

pretty easy except for one hill about 3.3 miles no jumps nor barrel curves hiker walk opposite direction but nice trail

3 days ago

An old favorite after a week of rain. Rivers and creeks full. Trails in overall good shape.

7 days ago

One of my favorite spots to hike and run. This trail is constructed with all fitness levels in mind, as well as family friendly. Safe and well traveled.
Trail is dirt, overlayed with mulch, which is nice for running. Compliments to
the staff, very well maintained.

15 days ago

Great for walking and running with my 4 yr old. We like to visit the little nature center after going around the trail and pick up a little ice cream cone or drink. Great prices. In the summer we rent canoes- not available the rest of the year. I wish you could bring your own kayaks, but you can’t.

This trail is well worthy of its intermediate rating, as it has some pretty grueling switchbacks. lots of uneven terrain and loose material. and some slightly treacherous downslopes.

But you do get some nice vistas, the power lines kinda take away some, but still nice.

Bits of advice: Take Your Time! Also either carry a camel back or bring a gallon of water, because you WILL need it. Dehydration is no joke, it's early symptoms are subtle, but it gets bad quick, headache is a clear sign that you are not drinking enough. take lots of breaks and drink plenty of water. When you get back to your vehicle it's a good idea to have a Gatorade or Powerade, you need to replenish those lost electrolytes.

nice trail. we hiked it. it was more of a walk in the woods next to a river than a hike, but it was a morning well spent. I would rate it as easy instead of moderate. this would be a GREAT trail for running. I would run on it every day if I lived near by.

30 days ago

Nice quiet trail. Great escape from it all, will go back

1 month ago

Nice trail! 5 miles with the Fanny Ford extension - which is a must for the beautiful water views!

on Bass Lake

2 months ago

Beautiful hike on a mulched trail. Great Lake views, perfect for a short hike.

2 months ago

Pretty flat and not too many roots at the beginning. The elevation and tougher ground starts around the loop and it was a fun length! Good start to a day

Not hard at all. Mostly paved. It would be much better of a challenge for biking. Close to the road for a good portion

2 months ago

Don't forget to stop at the park's office and see the little nature museum. My only complaint is that the trail can be overcrowded on weekends and holidays with strollers and packs of people. The Sugg Farm area is more rugged and "officially not open" (according to the signs) but has lots more trails. Just keep you eyes open for copperheads and spider webs in summer.

Not much to look at. Cyclists all over the trail.

2 months ago

Good workout trail! It’s well maintained and it was moderately trafficked by people (and dogs on a leash) Go early (park opens at 7:00am) the parking lot will fill after 9:00am...

it's good trials..

One of my favorites.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Awesome MTB trail, it has good downhill flow, can be quick at times along with catching a little air, and the uphill climbs are easy to moderate.

nice trail with slight incline for a moderate workout. good for a technical trail run. alot is by a creek making for nice scenery

3 months ago

Very nice trail. It is well maintained, the path is wide enough for two small groups to easily pass each other head-on while walking/running 2 abreast. The walking path is covered with mulch most of the way, so runners have a soft, but firm surface that removes some of the body pounding of the activity. The one shortcoming of the route is that while it is possible now to make a complete loop around the lake, which is contrary to what some of the online brochures state, one has to run/walk next to the busy road for a little less than a quarter mile on the part of the trail that crosses the dam, near the park entrance. That was the bad news. The good news is that while walking along that part of the path, one can see the very nice path that will soon cut through the woods and remove the necessity of walking next to the road to complete a loop.

trail running
3 months ago

by far my favorite trail in holly Springs!!! beautifully maintained and spacious. park does not open until 8am however.

3 months ago

Good walk in the woods, some of the trail has water nearby which makes for a nice background noise.

on Sycamore Trail

3 months ago

My husband and I really enjoyed this trail and would do again when we come back to visit our friends who live a very short distance form the park. We went on a weekday around 7:30am shortly after the Crabtree entrance to the park opens which is 7am all other entrances open at 8am. Parking was free and easy. Was well shaded which kept the temperature down and the creek that you walk along side where the trail loops was great and not really any bugs attacking you although we did bug spray ourselves well prior to which is pretty good considering it was late July. Nice, even well maintained trail much more so than the CA trails that we're familiar with. Had quite a few roots and some rocks but we weren't bothered by this as we were wearing hiking shoes/boots but this trail is definitely doable in sneakers just a matter of personal preference and comfort level. I wouldn't personally consider this trail moderate it was a nice, relaxing hike but still kept your heart rate up with some changes in incline here and there and of course the humidity which was to be expected. Just FYI, there was not any drinkable water available at the time of our hike on 07/26 to refill our water bottles halfway through the hike as the nearest water fountain was out of service and the sink located outside the restroom nearby is non-potable water which it clearly indicates on the side of the water pipe so plan to bring plenty of water with you. We had not brought our Camelbaks like we normally would have as we were visiting from out of state and were attempting to keep the packing on the lighter side but will do so next time, lesson learned. But overall a great new hiking experience.

Nice hike mainly in the shade which helps with the summer temps. Be careful of the slick wooden steps. All in all great hike

3 months ago

I may be biased as I just moved here from the mountains of NC, but this trail was pretty bland in my opinion. I’d consider this more for running rather than hiking. I thought that there was gonna be a nice river on the trail; however, it was also pretty dull/bland and it’s not very appealing.

Great trail for hiking. Primarily for bikers but I never ran into any until I was leaving. Not heavily trafficked like Clayton River Walk. Changes in elevation moderate is correct. Beware if you don’t mountain bike this trail will make you start pricing bikes.

3 months ago

Many of the trails are marked poorly and duplicate as biking trails. The trails are thin and impassible so you must always look behind you when hiking, reel the pup in, and step aside to let bikers pass. It makes the time in nature a little less enjoyable.

Unless you are using it as an access point to the neuse trail, don't bother. Too confusing and tends to be rather trashed in spots.

Not the longest trail but most definitely a great time. Has some decent technical sections, a jump line, and a really awesome drop in that leads to a wooden berm that’s like riding a roller coaster. Always a fun time and worth checking out.

Really fun trails with cool things to see. I never realized that we had such high bluffs in central North Carolina. The trails are covered with mulch which makes me a little nervous about snakes, but we didn’t run into any today. Lots of signage with information about the nature and science of the place which was really interesting to read about. We’ll be back to visit.

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