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washed out
3 days ago

great trail lots of water crossings, some fairly deep full height hiking boots, but some great views and sounds of the river rushing by.

3 days ago

Great trail, constant gain in elevation! This trail gives you no breaks. We went left at the Y and it seemed everyone we passed did as well. It was snowing and once you reached the Y it started accumulating. By the time we reached the summit it was several feet deep. Gators and micro spikes a must. You could use snow shoes, but would be till you nearly reached top. This is a very tight trail with lots of obstacles. Also, thanks to whoever installed the orange ribbons, it was a lifesaver in the snow!

Nice hike in mostly flat terrain except for the beginning and the end. The river is gorgeous and there are some down trees but you can get around them.

5 days ago

So... I get to the parking lot and it's DUMPING rain. I'm determined to hike today, so I go for it. I'm quickly reminded that Mt Rose makes you earn every step; the switchback before the fork are never ending. About a 1/4 mile past the fork (I went left) I needed spikes. Luckily a hiker before me was wearing snowshoes and packed the trail down pretty good. I deviated from the trail at one point and sunk up to my crotch; the snow is fresh and deep. Anyhow, made it to the summit, but of course as I'm relishing in my victory, the snow and wind really kick up. I headed down and found some cover on a snowy look out, made some hot soup and took a power nap. Despite the elements, it was a great hike; I'll be back again.

Challenging but making it to the lookout is worth it. Rest of the trail is very pretty and well-maintained. Great for dogs.

10 days ago

The way up was a great workout. Didn’t have time to go to the viewpoint but we enjoyed the falls and different creeks.

Nice variety of terrain, from tall covered forests to ledges and open crossings. Peak has great 360 views of Lake Chushman and Sound.

Incredible all around

Hiked 12/30/18. Beautiful weather, no snow on the trail. I'd recommend doing the loop counter-clockwise. We had great views of the mountains on our way up. The various creeks were beautiful. Lots of spots to stop and have a picnic by the water. Saw a few other on the trail but probably gets a lot of traffic in the summer. Overall, a fairly easy but pretty hike, perfect for a winter hike.

went here December 30, 2018 and weather was great. don't skip going up to the Mt. Elinor viewpoint. It makes the hike a lot better. I plan to do this again when we have more daylight so we can summit it.

Brought my puppy on the hike and she did well, wasn't too steep, but would recommend having a good hold on dogs who get nervous on bridges or near water since they are everywhere on this hike.

23 days ago

Attempted to summit Dec 30th but turned around at the top of the chute. There had been heavy rains all the day before and the snow was very wet. We were a bit uneasy about crossing the stream in the chute when the snow was so wet and unstable. Would recommend bringing snowshoes and using a vehicle that doesn't have problems with snow or pot holes.

23 days ago

It has been a while since I did it,but I remember there were nice switch backs.The lake makes the hike worth it.

Hiked this one back in June of 2017. Snow on the trail. Road up was a little bumpy. Once you start hitting snow the trail can be difficult to find in spots. We used microspikes in June. It was sunny, and once we broke out of the treeline sunglasses definitely came in handy as the snow was blinding after awhile. We stopped at sort of a false summit where I succumbed to my fear of heights (and hunger). I will certainly be back now that I have more experience to try this bad boy again!

A tree was down so we had to hike in to get to the trail. It had been windy and rainy for the week prior so the trail had quite a few trees down and it was washed out in areas. We stopped about 4 miles in because we lost the trail. It still was a great hike, but you will need waterproof boots and gear.

got there about 1pm and finished about 5 with stops along the way, trail was good river was at max and we saw as we passed the skok river on our way back into town a warning of flood danger in skok river area.

Even with all the recent rain and wind this trail was in great shape. Beautiful hike. Great mix of up and down and flat. The road getting there was littered with falling rocks and flooded spots. Not safe in dark but doable in any car otherwise.

Great, moderate trail. Was a rainy day but the trees managed to shield us from most of the rain. Very pretty and a bit of a butt burner for these Florida hikers.

The road was fine. Some potholes, but manageable. Started at the lower trailhead. Four cars when I arrived at 11AM. Heavy overcast day with some fog. It was still a very nice and of course very challenging hike. Steep obviously. Trail through the forrest was in good shape. I like old growth. Snow on the trail on the way up. A bit slushy in parts. Used microspikes about 2/3 of the way up and to the top. Took the Summer route. Fair amount of snow on the ground during the main ascent. Maybe 5". Met two guys who had hiked up with skis but they were only able to do a short run at this time. A few dramatic cloudy views on the way up, but at the top it was heavily fogged in. I loved being there anyway. Great and tiring hike. I saw about 18 people over the course of the hike, but had some quiet time. I'll be back on a clear day, but I would recommend it even if it's not.

Very beautiful love it!! I will be climbing it again in the summer. I went two days ago made a video of my climb. You be the judge of this mountain. Here’s the link

This is a well maintained trail in a naturally beautiful area. It is a bit of a drive to get back into the lake, but very well worth the drive.

This is a trail I will do again.

Hiked Ellinor on 11-24-2018 and there is snow! it doesn't begin until about a mile in, but as you got higher it got deeper. I would definitely bring trekking poles, krampons and any extra pair of gloves. I've never hiked Ellinor in the summer, but with the snow it really didn't get too hard until the last half mile heading up to the summit, but once you're up there, it is magnificent!! we felt like we were on top of the world!

Great hike! Beautiful views at the top. I went 11-29-18 and there was virtually no snow, but you could see a lot of snow on the taller mountains. It took me 5 hr 20 min round trip with very little breaks/detours. I encourage going clockwise (left) when you reach the loop trail beginning, due to it being steeper that way and I feel it's easier going up steep terain, than down it.
A great challenging hike, but Wagonwheel Trail tougher ;)

1 month ago

We started at the lower trail, figured it would be a nice warm up before starting the steeper stuff. Had to put on the spikes before the lower and upper trails merge as the trail is packed ice and snow. Beautiful weather in the early morning, and great views of Lake Cushman when you break out past the timberline. We climbed the steep sections, which have about 2.5 feet of snow, but there are paths thru it -very icy and packed so be careful. A storm front was fast approaching and when we got to the summit we were greeted with freezing rain, strong winds and dark clouds coming in quickly. We did not linger, nor did we continue to loop the last bit of trail section, ( is it used in the winter?) we went back the way we'd come. We encountered about 20 other people during the course of the day. No goats to be seen today. Very pretty, will go again and hopefully get some nice weather to enjoy the summit views. Vlog of our day showing the hike if your interested: https://youtu.be/yVLkhDbZp6w

SNOW!!! We weren't expecting it because the last review we saw said no snow, lol. Thankfully we packed for the worst so we had what we needed. The view from thr summit was CRAZY, exactly as we hoped. Able to see Rainier and all the way up to Baker. Plus Mount Washington to the east. Absolutely gorgeous up there. Highly recommend spikes, poles and a change of socks/ gloves, lol. If you have gaiters I'd bring them to. This was our first trip so we started at the lower trailhead. Honestly, the lower portion looks like any other Washington forest hike so ill skip next time. Once you hit the snow it got deep and steep. There was a trail cut but it was pretty narrow. There was a TON of people with only sneakers, no poles, no gloves and so on so be prepared, it gets cold fast. Needless to say, I didn't see any of them at the summit which gets pretty sketchy. You can safely glissade most of the way down so that was fun and quick though I ripped the butt outta my pants half way, lol. The road to the trailhead was not too bad, no snow the whole way to the lower. I'm unsure how the upper road and parking lot was. Happy hiking and be safe

Love it! Didn’t make it to the top but next time I will.. There were snow had to turn back because didn’t have the proper shoes. I made a short video of my hike. https://youtu.be/denEQQuMF18

1 month ago

What an absolutely stunning view! I tried for a late season summit and was met with several feet of snow at the top. It was fairly hard packed from lots of travel but still very slippery and challenging. I'd definitely recommend microspikes and poles. The view from the top was so worth the frozen fingers!

Beautiful view! Worth it! Will do it again.
The check out my hike on Mount Rose below

2 months ago

We didn’t have ideal weather which impacts my rating a bit. Extremely foggy and misted a bit but it was still a great, challenging hike. Saw several groups of mountain goats along the way up to and at the peak. The fog did manage to part for about 10 minutes while we were at the top so we could see some of the nearby peaks and the lake below. Down seemed to take a lot longer than up, but that was probably mental because of the weather.

2 months ago

We did the hike from the lower trailhead. We lucked out with the weather - November 12th and sunny, temps in the mid 40s, but this hike is such a workout that we shed our coats pretty quickly. No snow anywhere on the trail, a few parts were slightly muddy. The first part through the forest is very pleasant, but fairly steep already. After the merge with the upper trail, it becomes very steep, and very rocky. Our lab is pretty fit and used to hiking, but she was not happy crossing one section which is all big rocks (an old rock slide?). Other than that, the trail is wonderfully maintained - fresh log railings and LOTS of rock steps. Beware, what was supposed to be a 5.3 mile hike was really more like 8.9 miles according to our smart watches - and sure felt like it, too! The views from the top are amazing and get progressively better the higher you go, so it's definitely worth it, but next time we may consider leaving the doggo behind.

beautiful hike! Gotta love up hill!

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