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Just went up today with three friends in the fog and wet weather. This hike is a real workout but so beautiful in the mist. Despite the rain it wasn't muddy or slippery except for a few spots near the top. We got to the ropes at the very top but chose not to go up the last bit because it looked pretty wet and slippery. If you don't like a very steep climb then you can do Merrymere Falls nearby instead.

Very steep. Slippery in places and the plant life is almost like a jungle as you get close to the lake. If you have bad knees, the descent while annihilate them. My favorite part was Cub Peak. While your legs are burning and shaking and you just want off the trail, it’s worth the extra bit to ascend to Cub Peak. Far better than the lake.

The hike was a great challenge and the views at the end were beautiful. Throughout the hike there aren’t a ton of views and it’s VERY challenging. I probably won’t do it again.

Incredible day on Mt Ellinore. Started out from the lower trailhead around 1:40 p.m. made it to the top by 3:00 p.m. had a snack and headed back down and in the truck by 4:20. I could see Mt. Rainier, Hood Canal and most of the Olympics. I lucked out with beautiful weather. Yes, this is a tough climb and I loved every minute of it.

Steeeep. 2 miles in two hours and we're in shape.

Cloudy day, so we missed the great views at the top.

Beautiful even in bad weather

12 days ago

Steep hike thats all up hill. Good challenge/workout and amazing view at the top. One of my favorites. Check it out!

Steep tough climb to the top, but the view at the end makes the entire trip worth it!! Also saw some goats along the way.

Very popular trail. Go in the morning to beat the crowd and the heat! There is no water on this trail, so bring plenty. Trust me, you'll drink it. The push to the top is worth it with the reward of a stunning view and lots of mountain goats :) Also, the snow is gone if you are wondering like I was. Small patches for my dog to roll around in to cool off...

14 days ago

one of the hardest hikes i’ve done but well worth the view. slow and steady and the ropes are much more difficult going down then up!

I took my 5 years old . We made it up top and its incredible beautiful. The trail is not crowded at all.

This was pretty hard. I run marathons for fun and this was a good workout. My wife who does not, felt like dying and is still sore 2 days later. The view was good at the lake, I am not sure it was worth the effort.

19 days ago

Kicked my ass but totally worth it for the amazing view. It’s steep switchbacks the entire way up, and then for the last leg you have to use ropes to get to the top, but absolutely worth it for the incredible view of Lake Crescent and a great option away from all of the crowds

19 days ago

This was the first hike while living on the peninsula, that challenged my body in every way. A friend and I, both moms, set out to conquer this hike, and overcome fears.
When we got to the sign that reads “end of maintained trail”., we decided to go on, and keep going.
I didn’t trust my shoes, so I took my shoes off and went barefooted.
There were about 6 rope sections, which I loved.
We went to the right instead of the left, after we finished with the ropes, and perched for a bit.
We had the entire place to ourselves.
We started the trail before the sun rose, which made that view special and spectacular.
I wasn’t sure if I was ready to rock climb to the 360 view, and neither was my friend, so we didn’t attempt out of safety concerns.
The descent was more fun than the ascent when it came to the ropes.
I just, slid down on my tush most of the way and kept tension on the ropes using my left hand.
Overall, this experience was the most challenging, but liberating I’ve ever felt, and that speaks volumes from a chick who charges big waves.

If you go, have fun!

The views are incredible, the hike is challenging, use good form and posture, and claim victory when you make it to either summit!

Started our journey at the lower Ellinor trailhead which added 1.9 miles to our hike. It starts out with a nice incline through the trees with a nice clear trail. Once you get to where the lower and upper trailhead meet, you start heading up switchbacks which get steeper the more you climb and more rocky and root filled with each one. Then it breaks out of the trees and it’s a steep (I mean steep!) climb up the mountain with a trail that is rocky and narrow at times. Near the top you will have to scramble up huge boulders with a hint of a trail as you climb. Once you get through that you follow the trail still another 20 minutes or so to reach the summit. Brutal incline and trail at times. I’m glad I didn’t know how hard it was going to be or I wouldn’t have tried it. It was a cloudy overcast day so we didn’t get to see all the views the summit had to offer but saw mountain goats and chipmunks so that was worth the climb. Coming down was just as daunting due to loose rocks and climbing down using my hands. Hard on the legs as well due to the steep nature of headed down. This trail will test you especially if you aren’t in amazing shape. Kids, dogs and older people were seen on the trail as well so it’s doable just take your time if you aren’t in the best shape. Will be back on a clearer day to see more! Clocked in 8.6 miles starting at the lower trail and over 20,000 steps with 250 flights of stairs per my phone app.

Started at lower trail head. This is the longer route. The trail was a steady incline with rock scramble at the summit trail. Took us about 2.5hrs to get to the top as it is steep and challenging. It was worth it to see two mountain goat at the top. It was cold at the summit so I suggest bringing a jacket. Good hiking shoes a must. Round trip took 5.5 hrs (10 miles logged). It would have been better to go on a clearer day but was still worth it. Not for novice hikers although there were a lot of kids and dogs on the trail. The road into the trailhead is dirt and bumpy. I would go again and just start at the upper trailhead to make the hike shorter.

This hike is not hard. Perhaps negotiating the downed tree would cause some to pause. I love this hike for its simplicity, quick venture and ease of access. The river is divine to listen to as you stroll along. Perfect for kids as it has variety to keep them entertained. I love that it’s not crowded. Only saw two families today on the way back to the trailhead.

Great hike . Tough but well worth it. Started at the lower trailhead for 3.1 miles each way. The small trail sign near the trail head is on the road . Once you start the trail, the larger info sign about the the lower and upper trail is located just inside as you start the hike. Well marked trail and easy to follow footpath.

21 days ago

Awesome trail! A friend and I did this hike back in July. Pretty steep incline on the way up. Ropes can be a little intimidating, but they are doable. Gloves would have been helpful. It is well worth the effort when you get to the top and see the views of Lake Crescent!

23 days ago

Wonderful but difficult hike, made it about 700ft from the summit, had to turn around because of the steep incline and snow (May/June). Will be retrying in September/October.

25 days ago

This hike is mentally and physically challenging. Significant elevation gain in a "green tunnel."

The views of the Pacific and Vancouver Island are well worth the effort.

One significant downside for me is that the ropes used to get to the top are sketchily attached to some small plants. If the ropes would go, it is a long way down. Not for those scared of heights.

Exhausting, but we'll worth it. Distance seems to be debatable, feels like way more than 6 miles. Streams on the way up to cool off and refill water. The lake is amazing, goats all around and snow packs near by. highly recommend!

26 days ago

Made it up into the dog leg left area before the saddle, I called it quits at about the 5570+' elevation. It was a total four points pull/push ascent with large and small loose rock there. I felt alright but didn't have the right gear at that point to be safe. Needed pants not shorts, gloves, helmet and short mountain axe/pick to climb with and self arrest. Other than that, it was an incredible scenic hike! Blueberries and flowers galore! The 'trail' is not much more than a glorified goat way with cairns or some red flagging. I didn't have a gps app and didn't have an issue finding the way. I would like to make another attempt and at least get to the saddle to get the views out over the Olympic range.
The descent was brutal on the legs by the time near the trail head.

29 days ago

This was one of our favorite hikes in Olympic. The trail starts in a rainforest type feel and you start to gain elevation quickly at the first couple of switchbacks. As you get higher (about 1.5 miles in) the foliage changes and you can begin to catch some views of Lake Crescent below. I was a little hesitant about the rope climbing porting as I have not done them before and am an experienced hiker. The rope portion really was not bad and give you extra support to climb up. My husband is afraid of heights so I would recommend not looking out at the lake or around as you are going up the ropes. We went to the what some say is the false summit and the view was incredible. It is a little scary/sketchy at this point as it is all rocks and the trail is very narrow. There were a ton of bees up at this point too so we did not stay up there as long as we have liked. We did not continue on to the actual summit as we are not experience rock climbers. I found the ropes to be more helpful coming back down the top. Grab a pair of gloves (there was a pile at the beginning of the ropes portions going up) to help save your hands using the ropes on the way down. Would recommend and do it again!

We rather started from upper parking and it was a good idea, because 1,5mil took us 2h. I must say the trail is very steep and excercise like step aerobic mostly in second part. Trekking poles are very helpfull. We were happy that we reached a peak but we only saw the other side the mountain because of the smoke. We also saw a white goat and took a picture of course. And the best at the end, we chose a winter trail on the way back bacause we wanted make a loop and it was a big experience because you go in riverbed and there also was lot of climbing down, and many little stones slipping under legs.

rock climbing
1 month ago

First hike in the peninsula. The cascades were smoked out so we drove to mt ellinor. ellinor was smoky so we drove to storm king. Storm king was smoky but we hiked anyways.

Amazing hike. First portion is flat, wooded area that feels rainforesty, then a steep portion through beautiful forests until you start reaching rock outcroppings (and I assume without smoke, a view too). Once you reach the rock out-croppings it’s not much further until you come to the roped portions of the trail. You probably don’t really need the ropes but it makes the hike a lot more comfortable to use them. If you have a fear of heights you may get a little flustered. After the first sections of ropes there’s a little flat area with a rock outcropping that is apparently the false summit. Then you have to follow a trail through the woods to another section of ropes. Again they are not needed if you’re physically/outdoors inclined but are helpful. Eventually you will come to a chain to help you through some class 4 or 5 climbing. After you summit the chain, there’s a little notch to rest in. Looking at the trail below you, you must go right from here to reach the true summit. This is another class 4 ish climb with sketchy, chossy rock to grab onto. I only recommend this part for those who know what they’re doing or are confidently in their physical and mental demeanor. After this climb this you must hike a further and do more small climbs to reach the summit.

All-in-all, reaching what I think was the true summit I logged 8 miles.

Beautiful hike whether you stop at the first set, second sets of ropes, the chain notch, or the true summit. Only go as far as you feel comfortable... I am a rock climbing instructor & there were certainly parts where I had to take deep breaths to keep my mind together. I could see a less experienced adventurer getting stuck near the summit

The whole hike was excellent! the first few miles started easy then it gradually increase as you work your way up to the top. Going down from the top is a little scary so I suggest you take you steps carefully. It took me almost 4 hours from top to bottom (lower trail)

1 month ago

One of the best hikes I have done. There actually is very less part of the trail remaining. Most of the part is buried under scree debris. Few points worth noting before going -

1. Most hike is at 45 degrees + angle. Be ready for exhaustive climb.
2. Carry lots of water (2+ liters). Most of the trail is exposed without any tree cover and is on the east face. So for major part of the day you will get direct scorching sun.
3. Use shoes with good grip. Most part is loose rubble and scree without rock holds.
4. Summit climb requires traversing a rock wall exposed to at least 100 ft drop. Be extremely cautious on the patch. Not recommended for people with vertigo traits.
5. Look for carrons at places to find the right trail. I have added few more carrons at ambiguous trail junctions.

1 month ago

Good views at the top but the climb to the top is brutal. It was also super hazy/smokey (not the trails fault).

If you are not in shape or don't enjoy hiking then find another trail. Bugs were not bad besides a fly surrounded my wife the entire descent. Total trip was 8 miles from phone app.

Honestly would not hike again.

It’s about two hours of sweat in the trees, but once you really start climbing - that little half mile stretch of a thousand feet in the middle isn’t the climb - this becomes an exhilarating hike. Summit Loop isn’t as maintained as the lower part because of less traffic. Be ready for a bit of scrambling. Went up on 17 Aug and had no issues with bugs. Still hazy and could only see the closest mountains. Bring hiking poles and at least 2 quarts of water. Not for the weak or faint hearted.

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