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Great place to run.

Look for Aldon Place trail head. there is a nice parking. it is down hill heading into Lebanon but the ride back wasn't hard. Nice trail for an easy bike ride.

on Rocky Knob Trail

3 days ago

It was ok. It has one view that overlooks the reservoir. Expect to go up and down in elevation. We did counterclockwise and the return part was grueling at times.

3 days ago

We hiked counterclockwise in a loop and parked by a water/electric (?) building at the end of Quarry Gap Road. Locust Gap to Hosack Run to AT back on Locust Gap. Wear hiking shoes and it had wet spots and creeks to cross. The AT shelter, Quarry Gap, was adorable, and we enjoyed relaxing there. You’ll see a lot: creeks, rock formations, AT shelter, tunnels from the rhododendrons, and steps along the AT. Will do it again!

trail running
3 days ago

One of my favorite places to run. Always something to look at.

Just near the AT museum there's a road to the right, old shippensburg rd where you follow that all the way to the end. There's some parking there where you meet to trail head.
The climb was a great steepish uphill to the top. Unfortunately, I had to turn around at the second rocks bc of a big black bear greeting me. That was fun! A copperhead was laying in some rocks at the top too so they are around. Beautiful hike what I could do though! Near the parking there's a turn to the AT also that walks by a river.

Our family did this a few moths ago. Great hike

on White Rocks Trail

11 days ago

loved this hike. didn't make it all the way out to the end. went in the evening and lost the light. will be revisiting.

Not sure why it says heavily trafficked, I only saw 2 people on the trail and a father and little boy right near one of the lots. Pretty rugged trail in places with a lot of ups and downs so a good training hike or just enjoyable as is. People were not kidding about the spiders! They usually never bother me but after my hair and shirt had plenty of spider silk (plus what I wiped off my face) I started using a long thin stick to clear them as I walked. Some great views of the river but found the gulley you go through in the middle just beautiful and serene. Have hiked a lot of miles since moving to PA and this is my favorite so far for solitude and beauty.

Goes for miles.. Beautiful trail

14 days ago

Beautiful, but it should be noted that if you cut off to the right at the fork in the trail. And that it really should be reclassified as hard coming back up the loop from the water is actually very difficult. If you want an easier hike you must go clockwise as someone else recommended.

Great trail for a walk or bike ride. Less secluded than the MD side of the trail but better for people that may want to stop at a cafe or pub along the way. Check out Bonkey's for an ice cream break in the New Freedom section.

Horribly marked trail. Only went a little under half mile in then turned around. It was a little later in the eve to risk it.

What a neat geological attraction! I enjoyed the beauty of the CCC stone stairs, which I think add a lot to the scenic beauty of this trail-especially next to rainbow falls.

1 month ago

did this with 2 preschoolers and a dog. challenging enough to keep it interesting for me, but still doable for the others.

Short hike .. kid friendly. Beautiful scenic route and the balanced rock outlook is breathtaking.

1 month ago

It was a rainy day so the rock helped us stay dry during a downpour. One trail sign was broken, so we had to guess which way to go. The other trails in that area were more fun.

1 month ago

My first hike. Short but full fun. Gradual uphill as you start. Definitely need good shoes as most of the trail in rocky. Some rock climbing too. Well blue marked to reach Center Point Knob and then another trail starts. It was busy obviously due to nice hot weather. Good short adventure...will try more challenging ones now but will hike again here in white rocks.

Wild rhododendrons were amazing a lot of the trail was just filled with them literally 15 to 20 feet tall and Trails made through them where it actually appeared like a tunnel. Thick vegetation made it hard to really see the views although we had several views of large boulders on the mountain side. The trail was very well-maintained with lots of views of the stream. You could hear it too many places . Majority of the trail was wide. The elevation zigzagged back and-forth to the top of the mountain ( first half your climbing up) you reach the top of the elevation and it is quite a climb. The descent was well-maintained with a series of steps built into the mountainside that were just amazing. The massive wood notched beams that cross the creek was a perfect spot to rest and get more photos

This is a great trail if you’re looking for something challenging and rewarding. The switchbacks are super fun and the peacefulness is the best on this trail! Wear waterproof shoes as there is water to cross. Happy Trails!

Bring bug spray!

awsome time, nothing to strenuous for hiking.

road biking
2 months ago

Really good trail for families

2 months ago

Very nice trail and not as difficult as the description sounds. However, I only walked from the Iron Masters Mansion and followed the AT to the point where the Sunset Rocks Trail begins. It was a steep ascent from that point to the view of the valley, but it was relatively short. I didn’t have time to do the full loop but looking forward to it some day. Almost walked into a rattlesnake at the top. He was busy sunning himself on the rocks so he never moved the whole time.

Great hike with rocks to scramble for views.

2 months ago

Mtn Laurel is in full bloom June 7. Rhododendron are still some days away.

Finished out the north trail today. I was trail running nicely until I found myself on the wrong side of GP Falls, which is unmaintained and filled with briars. There was also a lot of blowdown (see my recording). I almost grinded to a halt when I got to the point of scrambling rock and going off course between miles 4-5.

In the end, I'm chalking it up as a getting-to-know-you outing because the bridge to the other side is dismantled; its not there. I river crossed, but later found I didn't have to do that. There is an alternate way. Like I said, "getting to know". But, it still turned out to be a good outing.

This is one of my favorite hikes just follow the stream up and then there is a nice rock to climb with a great overlook. Head back down the same way.

Very challenging hike! Fun rock scrambling over the boulders and great views. Cool site at the halfway point of the AT. Really enjoyable

3 months ago

Great short hike. The rocks made it a good workout. Beautiful view from the top.

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