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Hiked this on Sunday October 14th. 5 hours round trip. Very challenging, poles and crampons recommended. Lots of false summits and moments where footing was pretty minimal. a lot more challenging than in the summer. take care :) Hi Bogdan, passed you on the second peak, glad you made it.

23 hours ago

Amazing trail, as everyone has said it's not easy. I took the clockwise route up to cory pass but the snow was so thick at edith pass I couldn't tell where the trail was. if you're going to attempt this hike in this season I would strongly recommend crampons and poles. the elevation gain is intense and coupled with snow and ice it makes for quite a treacherous climb. the scrambles in the snow were interesting but definitely manageable. again. crampons, wouldn't have been able to complete this hike without them. No bears but saw lots of tracks!!

Did this hike today. Spikes and poles recommended for sure. There was alot of muddy and icy sections. this hike goes straight up to the top with no easy sections. We did make it to the top and the views were beautiful. You overlook Canmore and the surrounding mountain peaks. It took us half a day with lots of stops for rest and photo taking. The way down was very hard on the legs, and toes for us. Needless to say, I am not in superb shape and am no athlete- this hike is hard for sure but I recommend for the challenge and scenery. Don't forget to pack a lunch for the top and take it all in. Good luck :)

Oct 14, 2018:
- amazing and hard, lots of snow so followed the ridge
- leave your dog at home !!!

What a great trail! My favourite hike so far.

Ohh Devils Thumb, what can I say. The most challenging thing physically and mentally I’ve ever done! Also the most rewarding! My husband and I set out on this adventure for our 4th year wedding anniversary. We were definitely a little naive, this hike is no stroll in the park. Watch your footing and keep to the right. Unbelievable view from the top! This was the first mountain we’ve ever climbed. From start to finish approx 9 hours (with lots of breaks) and we have no experience. Definitely the highlight of our trip!

This is a great hike if you don’t have much time and you want a fun training workout! You don’t get much views until you get to the top and it’s pretty wicked! If your hiking in the winter I would def make sure you wear crampons or you will be sliding on your butt a lot :)

A very busy hike up to the summit or hot spring. Well worth the incline to get there with the views from the natural spring. Will defs be going again with the husband ! Highly recommend

Did this hike Oct 7, 2018. Well packed no snowshoes needed just microspikes. Slushy in some spots making it slick. Great views from the top. Definitely at least 30 to 40cm of snow off the trail. Muddy in some spots with exposed roots and rocks in some places. Definitely bring poles.

8 days ago

Beautiful trail with spectacular views
October 8, 2018 - snowy in the AM but slushy and muddy early PM on the way down

Hiked this with my wife on October 6, 2018 path is easy to follow lots of ice and snow crampons definitely recommended great views. Great way to spend the day would highly recommend this hike
I want to thank Jason Lee’s whom I met on this hike and turned me onto this app nice talking to you in the parking lot Jayson I hope you enjoy the rest of your hiking send me a friend request if you’re on Facebook maybe we can compare hikes thanks again.

6 Oct, 2018
Easy path to follow now with the packed snow trail to the first ridgeline. Once reaching the ridgeline up to Yamnuska Summit, you may want crampons, gators, and an ice axe as the snow is deep now and no official trail is obvious. The hike up to the first ridge for a nice lookout is easily done and only microspikes recommended.

Love ❤️ Mountain! Challenging up but the views make it worth every step. There was a marker (red square on a cliff) that could be easily missed and then you could end up going the wrong way and getting cliffed out.
Really enjoyed the “multiple summits” ;)
The trail is a loop that offers great views the entire time.

did it last weekend of Sept. totally covered in snow and a bit slippery whem scramble starts. highly would recommend spikes.

I did it in the second week of September. Beautiful mountain and a good challenge ! You have to be in a good shape if you want to go at the edge ! But it’s so beautiful , you have to do it! We meet maximum 10 persons during the trail , very quiet!

trail running
16 days ago

The trail head was not marked so thankfully we asked another hiker and were directed the right way early on as multiple trails use this trailhead. Head to the left side of the creek to find the single track trail. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear, especially if the trail is damp or has a bit of snow. We finished it in under 3 hours with work to the helipad and back. It was an incredible climb, taxing on the quads and calves, but with lots of great views of Canmore.

Some beautiful vistas and well worth the hike in the fall time. Colours at the peak are brilliant, but pushing on to the lake is worth the extra effort. Trail is really well marked and maintained. The second section to Egypt is a bigger elevation gain/loss, but with time and good company this is a fantastic fall hike

Amazing views. Not an easy one. Carry a lot water as it can take a few hours to do the entire loop

Did this on September 15th, was almost 10 cms of snow so couldn’t finish it unfortunately! But was breathtaking, also did the big beehive! Will definitely go back on a summers day!

18 days ago

Did the loop (clockwise) on September 25, 2018. The views were absolutely breathtaking along the ridge, it was windy so wear layers, bring snacks, and stay hydrated! I’d highly recommend this Hike. You get it all, forest, meadow, scramble, and a ridge walk — A must do in KCountry!!!

(Start clockwise as others have said).

***Please Note Late Season / Novice Hikers (May/June - Sept/Oct): During transitional months, the snow accumulation could put one at risk of a fatal accident and/or fall if you are not experienced, or prepared. During these months I’d strongly recommend not completing this hike, if you have minimal experience with scramble / ridge walking. Once you begin the scramble It would be dangerous to go back, if you did not want to carry on. There were definitely some sketchy and exposed areas with the snow. I’m sure this Hike would be a lot easier in the summer months, a brief class 3 scramble, and majority is steep hiking or class 2.

I’m no pro hiker, but definitely comfortable with a challenge and love hiking. I wanted to note the difference with changing conditions. It was dodgy in some of the snow covered sections. I also saw several people having a difficult time (some in running shoes w/ minimal gear). Please bring spikes, gloves, and have a pole handy. Stay safe and enjoy the stunning views along the ridge. Cheers!

PS: If you loose the trail after going down the tight switchbacks at the end of the ridge, turn right — follow the tree line along the ridge and you’ll find the trail again.

I have the largest fear of heights. We did it on Wednesday the 26th and did the clockwise like everyone says. I don’t think you could get down if you didn’t go clockwise as there is too much snow and it’s getting super icy.

Due to my fear of heights, I had a bit of a moment. Or five moments on the ridge. I freaked out when I realised I had to finish the hole thing.

It’s not hard physically, there is only a few parts that are steep. It’s hard mentally.

It took us 5 and a half hours with loads of breaks (since I cried once or twice) we took loads of pictures. Saw some moose on the way home!

The views were one of the best I’ve seen in my life. I’m in love! This hike would be perfect on a summers day (although the autumn colours were Devine!)

Did part of this trail today. The switch back up the slope past Lake Agnes was icy. We did not bring spikes so we back tracked and hiked to the end of the box canyon. Very nice hike. Fairly easy.

19 days ago

Hiked to the hotsprings today, very snowy traverse across to the path. make sure you have appropriate footwear or it could be a sketchy trip.
Didn't make it to the summit as the weather was turning and I wasn't feeling super confident in the snow. Hot springs fit 2 people in the top spring and the same in the bottom which is much shallower.
A good workout and diverse scenery.

I don't mind admitting this was over my comfort level and physical fitness level. Got to the helipad but the trail is rated hard for a reason so do be mindful of that and be more concious of you abilities than I was. Views are amazing and the trail is easy to find all the way up. I'm going to love that I made it all the way up in a few days when my physical pain goes away! And yes, I'm a bit newbie to mountain hiking and not in top top shape... this is true! So just a heads up for others like me who want to attempt this... maybe you might want to do a few more moderate rated hikes in the mountains before doing this one. I'm from flat place in Ontario and i can do trails rated hard all day long in my area. but the rating system is so much different here in the mountains!

20 days ago

A wonderful day to hike today September 26, clear beautiful views, a light sprinkle when we started so we were a bit worried, but ended up being a beautiful day.
So close to Calgary and a nice cardio. About a dozen people on the trail.

20 days ago

Great hike! Not hard until you start the scramble to summit (it's a lot further up than you think lol!).

Fairly well trafficked the day we went, easily saw 20-30 people throughout the day. The hot springs, while a nice feature, are not worth hiking in for alone... The water wasn't very warm and there is maybe enough room for 4-6 adults max (expect legs to touch under water with those numbers).
Summit scramble is amazing! Lactic acid build up is real after this one :) you will be rolling out those quads/glutes/shins the day after ;)

Saw no wildlife, kids, or pets on this one.

20 days ago

Hiked to the Nihahi summit (23/09/18)
Very well marked, follow the map, little bow trail until you see the Nihahi ridge sign. Follow the beaten path to the summit - expect it to take ~2hrs 30mins with limited stops for photos/breaks. The scramble and ridge walk are easily the best part of this hike, there was no snow on the trails/mountain when we did the hike but it did have a few slippery muddy sections (poles or cleats not necessary).
Super awesome views!
Started around noon and was driving to Bragg Creek for a post hike drink around 4:30pm (only did a couple peaks and round trip of 12km).

Saw no wildlife and passed 16-20 hikers and three dogs (2 of the hikers were <10 y/o kids!).

An amazing hike with constant views for only medium effort. We finished in 3.5 hours (but didn’t take much of a break at any point). It was starting to get snowy (about a foot) but still easy enough to find your way without sliding around everywhere. I’m scared of heights and never felt very exposed. I would highly recommend!

21 days ago

Great hike. Started in clockwise direction stunning view of Banff and mountains. Pretty cool once you get to the saddle and hike through the snow for 2k. I'd recommend keeping on the left on the trails between km 1 and 4 as this is the most direct route but steeper. I measured the loop as 12.5 km in total for 5 hours of hiking. You'd want to be fairly fit taking this one on, as the elevation gain between km 1 and 4 is cruel but definitely worth it.

A classic hike. Exceptional views. Bit of scrambling here and there. The ridge walk looks easy but takes much longer than you think. Bring lots of snacks and water - took us 7 hours.

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