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Definitely hard trail. Steep at the end going up and down is rough with a lot of loose rocks. But the cave is amazing! Our family loved it!

This hike is NOT MODERATE! Starts out flat but as you progress to the cave this incline gets steeper and stepper, rocky and rockier. I can’t call a 45 degree incline moderate. But it’s worth the effort, great cave and view.

1 day ago

This trail definitely borders on hard. The last 1/2 mile will challenge you with large rocks and a steady incline. The reward at the end is incredible. As noted by others, park in the first lot you see once you hit dirt. There is another trailhead past the first lot. You will need to walk through.a gate that should be marked with a wooden sign. We had to secure the sign with some extra wire as it had fallen down. Other hikers told us they missed the sign and spent an extra hour looking for the cave. This trail is dog friendly but is challenging for them as well.

This trail is always a joy to hike. It was my first in Arizona. It has change a lot by half of the trail being paved but, the reward you get to at the end of the trail is worth it!

5 days ago

This is quite fun if you like hopping from one rock to the next, but it’s not the best trail if you are just looking for an easy stroll. I liked it! A bit hard to navigate and there are several paths you can take...but it’s hard to get lost with a GPS.

Beautiful views and scenery. Simply amazing when there’s water!

5 days ago

LOVED this trail. Lots of scrambling, bouldering, and rock hopping. We paused many times to observe the beautiful rock formations, caves, tree varieties, fall colours and explore each area. My wife had our 7mo daughter on her back and managed to navigate fairly easily. It has challenging sections that follows the rocky creek bed but is very doable. The massive cave with falling water at the end was spectacular- pictures do not do it justice- it’s epic.

7 days ago

This is a great hike. The trail is well marked, but it can be easy to lose in some areas if you are not paying attention. I went on 11/1 and there were a bunch of people on the trail around 8:30am. I would say this is a moderate hike. Nothing too intense, but will definitely work up a sweat! This is definitely a trail I would revisit.

One of favorite hikes. Great place to sit and play at the bottom. Nice fall leave colors in October!

on Waterfall Trail

9 days ago

Very nice, easy going, beautiful scenery.

9 days ago

Went with my kids (oldest is 5 youngest is 6 months. Was in a stroller. We love this trail! Especially after a good rain and the waterfall is flowing!!!

Mild rock climbing to the most beautiful payout

Cool trail even if there is no waterfall. Petroglyphs, saguaro cactus and lizards along the trail. Beautifully maintained trail. Lots of picnic tables, rest rooms and trash bins in this regional park. Entrance fee to the park is now $7. Nature center at park entrance is worth a visit.

Beautiful hike! Went off trail a few times but still made it. No heavy traffic during the week. Gorgeous views!

Easy trail that leads to a waterfall which had a little water since we recently had a storm. Starts out paved but quickly turns into a regular dirt trail. Nice vistas and Seguaro cactus along the way.

Very enjoyable morning hike! Beautiful changing scenery that offers a great birds eye view of Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Pretty easy for regular hikers but perfect if you want to see the area, get some exercise and don’t have a lot of time.

Probably one of the coolest caves in the area, very nice to relax in after the final pump to the top. Trail can get a little crowded at times so I’d recommend going early.

Great trail, it’s an adventure finding it but worth it. We ran into a rattlesnake while on the trail, no harm done but just keep your eyes and ears peeled, scrambling near the cave can be difficult to downclimb on the way out for sure

15 days ago

The trail is not 0.8 miles total. The cave itself is a mile long, and you have to walk to the cave entrance from the parking lot, so my phone said 2.15 miles total after we did it. Come ready for climbing and lots of rocks. Bring multiple flashlights and and extra jacket because it’s cold in the cave. But it was pretty cool and different than most trails!

My pup and I really enjoyed this trail. It took us about two hours round trip; very beautiful views from start to finish. Saw a couple people at the very top, but didnt cross anyone while actually hiking. Some rocky, narrow parts of the trail towards the top but we had no issue with it! We will definitely be going back! FYI there is a $7 cash only admittance fee into the state park.

20 days ago

Easier if you're short. Tall people will have a harder time in some spots. chunky ground, a low ro walk. Have a headlamp. Makes it much better. Dress for the chill.

20 days ago

Beautiful trail! It was my first time backpacking, so definitely challenging for a newbie!!! Plenty of apples that’s for sure!! Make sure to bring a water filter to get water from the stream! Also definitely recommend having a map and compass

on Wave Cave Trail

20 days ago

Trail is a bit challenging to find.

Great views.

This is more of moderate/difficult hike.

BEWARE of rattle snakes. Stay on the trail, mosdef.

21 days ago

Awesome hike in the desert! It took around 2 hours to complete the out & back trail.

Beautiful flowers and a ton of butterflies! Bring a hat when the sun is out! It gets hot!

23 days ago

Easy for Beginners... First trip with the kids they enjoyed the Hike except the Lack of Shade on the way up but it was a quick 35 minutes up with a few stops to rest and hydrate...

Great hike
Lots of apples at the ranch

This was a beautiful hike this morning! Great views of the desert or lake throughout the hike. The top is gorgeous! I think my kids would love this hike.

The trail does get more narrow and steep at the end which was hard for this pregnant body, but it’s worth it!

24 days ago

Fun little quick hike with some scrambling at the end near the cave. We were surprised how big the cave was. Beautiful area!

Great hike until the last few hundred feet, it becomes a little steep. Great views from top and very rewarding

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