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gave it 5 stars due to how short the hard parts were for such a huge payoff, oh when you see the caves turn around you got off trail switchbacks start behind you

short hike to amazing views

A beautiful hike in the spring with the summit covered by wildflowers.

nice little walk, peaceful and clean

The description says this is a loop trail which, up until now, was not true. There is a new section of trail which you can descend off Table Mountain and make this a loop. If you take the trail, which is shown on the map up to the top of Table Mountain and hike southerly along the West rim of Table Mountain for approximately 1/2 mile you will come to a stone memorial monument. Continue along the rim for another 400 feet and you will come to a depression in the escarpment, follow this down (it is a little adventurous but most people should be able to do this) to the point where you will "T" into another trail (this is the climbers trail that goes to the Grotto climbing area, go there for another adventure). At the "T" turn left and follow this trail down to the Peoria Flat Road and back to your vehicle. An easier way to do this trail (it a bit less adventurous as you are going uphill in the adventurous section) is to get to the parking area with the toilet either by hiking or vehicle and follow Peoria Flat Road past the locked gate approximately 1/2 mile to a will defined trail that diagonals up and left (you will pass a couple of other indistinct trails on the left but you will know you are on the correct if you come to a steel power pole just right of the trail after going 300 feet on the trail) Continue up the trail and you will come to a rocky section where you will be hoping from rock to rock, continue past this section to a point where the trail descends into another rocky section. Before you descend find a trail on the right that does steep uphill, follow this trail to the rim and continue north along the rim to intersect with the trail going down after approximately 1/2 mile.

Not a bad trail. Was too easy and left us wanting more. The sad thing was there was no other trails on this side of the lake.

More signs would be helpful. I missed a sign directing me to stay left and went right which brought me to thousands of rocks. I climbed almost to the top of the rocks, but felt that this was not the trail. I eventually picked up the trail again, but never made it to the top because there wasn’t a lot of sunlight left. Will return to finish the trail.

Was a super nice hike. Not too hard at all.

trail running
1 month ago

Great for trail running.

Park at the first gate to add a bit extra to your hike. It’s rocky and steep at the very top, but doable. The views from the top are awesome.

1 month ago

this was a really nice and easy walk. my dog enjoyed it a lot. lots of beautful plants and trees. this area has a LOT of water which attracts mosquitoes so WEAR REPELLENT!!!!

I'm glad it was clean! easy for both the kid and the dog

The trail was well groomed and easy to hike. There were tons of huckleberry brush with even a few berries!

2 months ago

First 1/2 mile is a steep climb. No good view of the water until you get to the back side of the hills. Good workout hike, pretty views of the surrounding hills. Overall an okay hike.

Hiked to it from both directions on the Arnold Rim Trail. Nice views from the top.

We enjoyed the Wawona swimming hole today

Go before just before sunset so you can see Monterey at its best BUT park across the park (not in the parking lot to this place) because it closes at 6. Also, there are stairs so don’t go if you have knee problems. good if you’re trying to practice your enduro

This is a good trail with a wide path. It is a weird trail to find as my google maps has you park near a city park and you follow the road path (marked with a hiker figure) to the trail. There is another parking lot near the trail but you have to drive through residential streets to get there.

Bring gloves with grip to help you go down to the river. Also help when you have to climb on some boulders on a hot day. Bring lots of sunscreen.

Perfect trail for the littles (ours are 3 and 5). There were some pretty flowers along the walk, and we saw a ton of quail, squirrels, cotton tails, blue jays, and hawks. Bonus: there’s a bathroom at the trailhead. We’d definitely come back!

3 months ago

no waterfall, was completely dried up at the fall. All the cigarette butts and graffiti on the rocks ruined it for me. Felt more like i was hiking in a canyon in the city or something. Dont waste your time going here. Maybe in spring but even if there was water i wouldn't go.

Nice easy trail and my dogs loved it. Didn't see much wildlife but enjoyed the quiet. It's a great area to walk the dogs if you need a change of scenery.

3 months ago

Great swimming hole !!

Love that this trail has different routes, flat & hilly!!

Nice forest feel. Worth exploring all the different roads/trails at the top to see the best views.

4 months ago

Cant wait for cooler weather to do this one again. Got a lil freaked out by the rattlesnake sighting. but the views are wonderful!

4 months ago

Great little trail that goes through the park into the back by the river. It circles a little pond that looks like it may have bass and frogs in it. It reminded me of some of the places I fished as a kid. After I finished the trail I went next door and played the back 9.

I want to leave this review as a WARNING for anybody who goes to this place. I have been here several times and yes it is beautiful, which is the reason I have returned each time, but the last time I went was nearly my last day on this planet. I have swam in the pool at the end of the trail countless times, even under and through the waterfall, but apparently this last time the flow was significantly stronger than the previous times I went and I was pulled deep underwater and held against the riverbed for around 2 minutes. I thought for sure I was going to die but I was lucky enough that I forced myself along the riverbed until i was on the other side of the current and finally pushed out. Several people pulled me out of the water and I was unable to speak or move for close to 30 minutes. PLEASE take the waterfall at the end of the trail VERY seriously because its strength changes dramatically throughout the year.

Quick and fun hike with a clear trail. Great views from the top, and a doable hike for a wide range of ages.

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