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Olympic Rainforest Map
20 hours ago

Started with light rain. Trail has many spots that could use water bars. Lots of water on the trail. Bring your waterproof boots. No snow from TH to Lower Lena. Light traffic. Bring oxygen mask and TP if you use the TH bathrooms. Ugh!

One of my favorites! It was pretty soggy today. I wore rain boots and my fiance wore some sturdy hiking shoes. We were both just fine :) The only difficulty was directly after the bridge was under a couple inches of water, but there were some logs laid down for you to walk on. Beautiful!

Gorgeous green mossy woods with several waterfall crossings. Also saw elk at the end!

3 days ago

Quick day hike leaving from the visitor center parking lot. Trail was fine for a while but about half a mile in there were trees across the trail. Some were easy to go around, other places were more difficult. I would not recommend going until it has been cleaned up a bit.

Big hill to start but then it is pretty flat.
the beach is very rocky on the second half of the hike. Amazing views. we had a great time.

lovely hike. no snow yet. lots of little waterfalls. the most gorgeous section is right after the Notch Pass junction. the path comes down beside the river.

No snow, no ice. it almost felt like spring. some water on the trail, but nothing anyone can't manage.

Follow the written directions to the trailhead. The directions using coordinates on app take you to the wrong place. Great hike, fairly easy. It’d be a great hike on a hot day since most of trail was in shade. The drive up wasn’t too bad, some potholes with partial paved road.

Easy and beautiful. The trail was a little wet but nothing hazardous unless you’re climbing down to see the falls up close. The drive to the trail is a little iffy, only because there are so many huge potholes everywhere. Easy hike, will do again soon!

all the time..

We visited this trail on January 2nd when the state parks were free the moss was a bright green! A great hike for dogs. We saw a few waterfalls with on the maple trail.

14 days ago

mud boots recommended for occasional ankle deep water and mud today. thanks to the person who made this suggestion.

This is a beautiful trail, however we only made it 3 miles round trip since our 3-year-old prefers to hike himself, so it was slow going. We knew going into this we wouldn’t complete it, but we were hoping to reach the bridge, but we did not. This trail is marked as kid friendly, but I’m not sure I 100% agree. Maybe for older kids ages 6+. It’s a longer hike for kids, plus the trail has some steep hills on the side.

Overall, it looks like a great hike, I will update my review when I do it without the kids.

Loved it!

Nice hike. Good if you want something that’s not too difficult. Winter so it wasn’t to busy but even still on our way back down we saw many people on their way up. Beautiful views of waterfalls and the lake is lovely. Only specs of snow at the moment.

16 days ago

Be prepared to get wet if you go in the winter! The falls were incredible. It was a very easy hike and took us about an hour to get there, take in the falls and relax a bit, and get back to our car. Some tourists in running shoes and umbrellas managed it just fine, too!

I visited this trail on December 24th and it was nice and clear. I went early in the morning and didn’t encounter anyone else. It is very short and paved, more of a sidewalk than a trail. The waterfall itself is pretty, especially for how easy it is to access.

Due to a huge storm and the gov shutdown trail is very challenging. I would rate it as hard. You’ll have to do a lot of climbing and ducking under trees. Do not bring your dog you won’t make it through. Fun trail if you’re looking for an adventure and I recommend not doing it alone buddy system.

Downed trees on the Sand Point leg of the trail, about half mile from the trailhead. Tall foliage makes it difficult to locate trail again once you go around if you’re short. Bear tracks on beach nearest the Sand Point trail leg/beach junction.

Really easy hike! Most people go for the stump house but the beach offers beautiful views, as well. Especially in the fall.

19 days ago

Beautiful walk.

Awesome views on this easy hike. Loved every minute of it.

Graveled path for most of the way and beautiful forest.

12/30 What a gorgeous hike! Just a little bit of snow near the lake but the trail is definitely wet. Bring waterproof shoes! There's so much to see on the way up. The restroom at the lake was locked but someone had broken into one of the stalls. I feel guilty for saying this, but Im really glad they did.

Super fun and easy boardwalk trail, we backpacked in and camped at one of the sites along the water, it was a blast. Didn’t do the full triangle, just an out and back, no time for the full beach section, but I’ve heard the petroglyphs are very cool.

Beautiful hike

Very easy trail that meanders along a river and a smaller stream. Last few hundred feet to the waterfall are very steep and require a climb up a few dozen stairs. However, the end experience is well worth the effort.

Enjoyable hike through moss covered trees and brides

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