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1 day ago

Good views at the top but the climb to the top is brutal. It was also super hazy/smokey (not the trails fault).

If you are not in shape or don't enjoy hiking then find another trail. Bugs were not bad besides a fly surrounded my wife the entire descent. Total trip was 8 miles from phone app.

Honestly would not hike again.

Great hike. It was not easy to walk because there where al lot of loose stones on the beach. But its worth it.

It’s about two hours of sweat in the trees, but once you really start climbing - that little half mile stretch of a thousand feet in the middle isn’t the climb - this becomes an exhilarating hike. Summit Loop isn’t as maintained as the lower part because of less traffic. Be ready for a bit of scrambling. Went up on 17 Aug and had no issues with bugs. Still hazy and could only see the closest mountains. Bring hiking poles and at least 2 quarts of water. Not for the weak or faint hearted.

Very enjoyable walk along the beach. Lots of cool big driftwood up on the beach. Some nice tidepools right before and right after hole-in-the-wall. Lots of mussels, snails and starfish in the tidepools. The day we went it rained off and on but was still very enjoyable. There were lots of campers there. Beware of small pockets of "quicksand" both me and my wife stepped in some and went up past our ankles, got socks wet. Make sure to go at low tide, check tide charts online.

7 days ago

Trail is in good condition. Good hike on a hot day, mostly shaded. Not the best views on the way up. Awesome view at the top.

Beautiful walk on the beach - mostly sand but some pebbly areas. Spotted a bald eagle in the top of a tree about halfway there. Also enjoyed exploring the tide pools around the Hole-in-the-wall to see all the creatures living there: hermit crabs, baby fish, sea anemones.

Solid leg burner hike. Went left instead of right, climbed 1200ft in two miles. The descent was just as good. All with my 11th month old on my back in the Osprey. The creeks are beautiful and there are plenty of benches along the way to stop and rest.

Caught in on a late afternoon before high tide when the clouds and the sun were fighting over the beach. It made for some really cool pics. Great beach hike and a must do if your in the area.

Did this hike with my 4 month old in a pack:) hubby had our 3.5 year old also but she hiked alone for half of it! Very do-able even with little ones! The steep parts definitely made my legs burn but it was moderate!! Would recommend

22 days ago

This trail is a better version of the stair master. Make sure to carry plenty of water, sunblock, and bug repellent.

23 days ago

I’m giving five stars because I finished it. Oh my butt kicker.

23 days ago

Very relentless hike up the whole way. Got towards the top where the ridge loop is and we were hearing really strange noises that freaked out our daughter. Turned around right before the end. Thought downhill would be easier but very tiring. 5 hours total with lots of stopping to rest. Would rate this hard not a moderate hike.

25 days ago

The hike to Hole In The Wall did not disappoint! It was a foggy, windy late afternoon walk in, but the sun came out when we arrived. Tide was out and was able to explore.

Well maintained - well marked. Lots of benches along the trail. Beautiful scenic views of the creek.

trail running
1 month ago

Loved this trail. I think taking it clockwise (turn left to start) is definitely the better choice. You can get a solid workout in for the first 2.1 Miles and then enjoy climbing along rocks and downed trees over several beautiful creeks on the way down. Recommend. Loved it.

Such a great hike. There is one hill that’s a bit of a beast, depending on which way you go. Great challenge for beginning to intermediate. My Blue Heeler loves it.

kicked my butt.

Very cool

1 month ago

This hike was kick butt! The view was so worth it though. It is a grind the whole way up, just make sure to pack lots of water and a can do attitude!

It's amazing and perfect! :)

1 month ago

Great day hike starting at the shores of lake cushman. Strait up the whole way. We took the short side of the lollypop up and the long way down to save the knees which I would recommend.

Hiked here today. Gorgeous weather and almost no one else on the trail. If you go to the left at the trailhead, you get the uphill stuff out of the way. It is uphill for several miles. A few places to access the creek. There are also lots of little bridges to cross. Probably considered moderate by most standards. My GPS said it was 6.3 miles and 1,289 ft of elevation gain.

1 month ago

Went on a rainy day, so that might affect my review. There were some really cool rock formations but the rocks on the ground were kind of hard to navigate. Be sure to check the tide charts before you go.

Good hike, nothing too special. Some very cool bridges.

Fantastic coastline!

We did this one first thing in the morning before doing Mt. Elinor. It was beautiful and not too hard (definitely moderate), and we almost had the trail to ourselves.
I’d recommend going left on the loop when starting, that way you get the climbing out of the way and you’re treated to several beautiful creeks on the way down.

Very pleasant hike. Not too challenging beyond the first few hundred feet of climbing. Not heavily trafficked for a Saturday in June. Saw some folks on horses- beware of the horse poo. Had some fun on the forest service roads - a good area for 4x4 driving.

Pretty and dramatic coast line great tide pools. Hole in the Wall was pretty cool, walking through is fun. Check the tide charts before going, if tide is in you can't walk through the hole, also the walk up top of the beach on loose rocks is a little harder than the hard sand below.

1 month ago

Trail never stops going up. Most of the down trees are when you go left at the Y towards the summit. I took the clockwise route and the hike down from the summit across the ridge line was very nice. Poles are not essential, but make the hike easier. Some small baskets on your poles help with sinking into the organics on this mostly tree covered hike.

If you are short on time . . Or ya just wanna park and be done . .this is it . . beautiful flat sandy beach at least 2 miles north and 2 miles south . . Can’t say much more except . . this is it!

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