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Beautiful day to hike the beach. A lot tougher then it looks when your sinking in soft sand, dodging the waves and sliding on small rocks. Check the tide schedule before you head to Rialto.

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5 days ago

Like the others, watch for the tide schedule! It’s truly a beautiful scene and definitely worthwhile. I went with my grandfather who had no trouble walking down to the water! It’s a fairly easy trail and a popular one as well - we went on the weekend) and it was somewhat difficult to find parking. Definitely would return whenever i have the time to!

Great time. Would recommend micro spikes at a minimum. Did it without them today it was rough on the way back down.

Loved this hike! The trail has so much character and the terrain is always changing. Thank goodness the snow was gone(mostly)and all the water we had to pass over was easy to do. Lots of fun obstacles and logs to cross, it was very fun! We went out 6 miles and turned back, so total of twelve miles. Would like to go farther next time, heard something about comfort camp or something, we were trying to reach that but ran out of time. We came across a mountain biker that said he saw a cougar just off the path, so use caution. Our dog growled for no reason, so believe it to be true.

Very nice hike! Sadly people can't seem to at least walk off the trail to relieve themselves though! lots of TP on the trail:(
But great work out, beautiful waterfalls and bridges!

17 days ago

I have recorded the Mt. Rose loop several times with my gps. It is about 7-1/2 miles round trip.

deep snow towards the top but an adventure forsure!

Beautiful !!! Snowy closer to the top and the way down !!! Amazing family hike !!!❤️❤️

22 days ago

Trail became snow covered at about 2000 ft. I did not make around the whole loop but it was doable. I was not in shape for it nor did I fuel sufficiently before the start. The trail is closer to about 8mi not 6

Stunning views of the sea stacks and ocean.

Loved this beach hike. Truthfully I enjoyed the shark fin shaped rocks more than the hole in the wall. Beautiful and worth slip sliding in the beach rocks. If you go at high tide you will need to find a way around the water that runs into the ocean. There are a lot of fallin trees that you can use to get across.

Amazing hike! We went on 2/18 and the weather was sunny with a little snow. The river is beautiful and the copper mines are pretty awesome. Make sure to bring strong flashlights and extra batteries if you want to explore them. The hike up is all incline and beautiful along the way. There snow was deep and icy towards the top so bring hiking poles. The trail was closed, and for good reason, where it leaves the river to go up to the ridge. We will definitely be back in late spring to see the views from the ridge.

A tough hike that gets pretty steep. The trail is well maintained, but becomes covered in snow where the summit loop begins. Some parts have only inches of snow, other parts have feet of snow. I went up the left side of the loop and down the right. Definitely recommend walking poles and spikes, I had neither so it made it difficult to climb. The snow makes for beautiful views while going up and down, worth a winter hike. Hiked 11Feb18

This hike was beautiful, but if your cardio isn't the best. I would suggest an easier hike. But once you get to the top it's phenomenal.

Trails were in great condition! Just a little bit of snow closer to the lookout, not too much to see today at the lookout. Still, a very beautiful cold crisp winter hike.

1 month ago

Very Cool! Amazing view at the Summit! We put our snowshoes on at about 2500 feet, the trail is poorly marked towards the top so we followed some tracks. Went up the right side at the loop and back down the same way because the left side was far too treacherous.

Great hike, trails were perfect and weather was brisk but great. Not many out on this one today. Really loved it.

Beautiful hike! Quite a bit of snow. We got less than a mile in and came across a fast moving steam across the path. It was passable but our boots would have gotten soaked so we didn’t get to finish, so ventured down some other trails, which had even deeper slushy snow, 4-6 inches in places, consistent 3-4inches. Got pretty wet anyway, so wished we would’ve went through the steam and finished the trail. We will definitely go back to finish

It’s a great hike down to the beach but is almost entirely downhill. Once reaching the bottom, there are large amounts of driftwood to navigate before reaching sand. It’s truly a sight once you’re on the beach. The only let down was some trash from humans. The walk back was entirely uphill and tiring. The trail is one lane only so sometimes you have to stand aside to let traffic pass. Be prepared to be a little wore out after traversing sand and the uphill climb combo

Nice hike with great views of the river! Initial up hill is not bad.

Definitely a toughie! The trail to the right is definitely poorly marked as you get to the top, there is snow cover and mid day it was pretty soft. About 8-12 inches at the top . I'd just recommend microspikes and gaiters. Definitely doable and beautiful!

2 months ago

This is an excellent hike if you like roaring streams, old-growth forests and don't mind some relentless grade. The great views are not panorama, but places to stop and look at a gorgeous roaring stream that is dropping over 2,300 feet in less than 2.5 miles. The forest and the stream are both unspoiled, and the payoff view is beautiful. My daughter and I walked the entire loop in about 4.5 hours and thoroughly enjoyed it (in January!). We only had short stretches with about 2" of snow. It's an absolute treasure.

What a beautiful day for a hike! Almost 60 degrees in the middle of January! The trails were in great condition still and the views from the lookout were especially spectacular today! The creek was a huge presence today. My only complaint would be too many dogs off leash.

This may not be the most exhilarating trail in the Olympics, but for a long winter hike it was fantastic! The forest was lush and green, there were numerous waterfalls (easy water crossings, but my boots did get quite muddy), and the weather was perfect. I wanted a bit of a challenge so I ran a good deal of it and the trail was clear and easily navigable. If there is another clear day this winter, I would not hesitate to recommend this enough!

I love how the terrain changes as you go. I’ll go back!

trail is in great shape and the streams are full of water and the falls look great. my wife and I did it clockwise which gives the best workout early in the hike. we went all the way up to the viewpoint and continued to to lower parking lot of the Ellinor trail before finishing the loop. all in all 8 miles and took us 3.5 hours.

2 months ago

I really liked this trail through an intensively managed landscape. It begins in a recent clear cut. As you walk along you can see seedlings that have been planted on a 10 x 10 spacing. It will be nice to go back to this trail and watch them grow taller as the years pass. The middle of the trail is intermediate forest and the loop at the end passes through enchanting old growth hemlock.

The trail tread was well established and travelled for the most part. I was glad for the easy walking since I forgot my poles in the car. This would be a good route for trail runners.

Best place on the planet

3 months ago

the beginning of the trail is pretty snow free. however, once you start going left on the loop trail the snow gets pretty deep in some places. we were wet passed our knees by the time we reached the top. the view was beautiful. its a steep hike but definitely worth it

sweet views

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