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5 hours ago

I’ve only hiked a portion of this trail but this forest needs to be seen to be believed. So much natural beauty. I hope to go back someday to see more.

Very easy trail and good start into the hiking season. Bring good bug spray because horseflies, bees and nats are present plenty. Lots of shade with spots to veer off and get close to the river. Pretty views and beautiful waterfalls.

Easy hike along a turquoise blue river through a quiet forest.

I love this trail I love climbing the waterfall at the end up to the two other waterfalls it’s beautiful

Done this hike twice. First with a friend and second with relatives that has 2 - 7 year old kids. I rate it as easy but on the way back- from the waterfalls- it is pretty steep. Make sure you have good shoes though since going down can be slippery esp. if it rained. Highly Recommended!!!

I did 20 miles of this trail last summer. It was rugged terrain with elevation and many challenges for a first time hiker. The scenery was breathtaking. We woke up one morning at dawn to a deer grazing 5ft from our tent. One she left, we were visited by a coyote. I'm hoping to go back so that we can hike the glacier.

[HELP - lost drone!!] Went on this hike on Saturday. yes, it is a gravel road much of the way, but still fun and worth it! a girlfriend brought a small drone to take group pics at the falls. unfortunately the drone got stuck in the big tree that hangs over the rocks at the bottom of the trail at the lower falls. we could see it and tried throwing rocks, but no luck getting it down. it would be awesome if someone on the group can get it down or finds it. Reward!! email me at kmadd@outlook.com. thank you!!

Always a nice hike, railroad tracks are cool and in the middle falls some swimming holes!

5 days ago

Great hike

Very well maintained trail! People there to help you find the falls and also lots of signs!

Backpacked this loop on 7/7 - 7/8. Going clock-wise with a long 1st day (15 miles) and camped at Dear Lake, out 2nd day. The trail still has snow at the peak of High Divide but footprints were simple to follow. The basin was still full of snow and all basin lakes were still frozen, which was kinda disappointing. If you plan to come for basin lakes' photos, maybe 2-3 more weeks will be much better.

Plenty of photo ops! Stunning scenery. Pack-in a little snack and munch while resting on the massive rocks at the water rapids edge. Great trail for kids and adults alike.

7 days ago

I read the reviews and hit the trail in the morning. We finished before the crowd began the walk. The walk/hike was beautiful! Definitely going to do this again.

Nice trail. Better signage/marking may help users know where each trail is. Overall the waterfall trail is slippery yet great to experience! Yellow rope has been placed to help hikers along the edge.

Lovely mix of terrain. Mostly flat trail hugging the river. Great views. Mossy trees. Alleged black bear sightings, which we luckily avoided.

10 days ago

Not impressed--a hike? yeah not so much..do you LOVE walking on a long road covered in rocks as Pierce County officials cruise by you? How about TOO MANY PEOPLE? Do you enjoy seeing trash EVERYWHERE? Then this is the walk for you..its not a hike, kid friendly? Maybe...There are no views of anything lol except a dirty trail littered with garbage (water bottles, candy wrappers, misc clothing items) ...seriously..save your energy and go elsewhere, this isnt one of those "hidden gems" this is one of those dirty creeks that run along a highway that just happens to have a drop off that creates a waterfall...otherwise, 6 hours of my life I will never see again....

I rate this as a 4 because the waterfall makes up for it all!! The trail itself is pretty boring to and from. It is a gravel road with no real views. Fortunately there are some indicators to the falls, but not well marked. We went on a busy morning, so just follow the crowds. It can get a bit jam packed at the falls itself because it narrows down toward the falls. Still one of the best falls I have seen up close and it's worth the jaunt.

Went to the lower Falls very beautiful and pretty definitely a hike going back up but over all worth it we brought our 2 yr old in a hiking pack so it was easier , coming back an ambulance past us on the gravel trail , like everyone says please please be very careful we saw 2 girls trying to climb up the Falls and obviously someone got hurt when we left people get hurt here all the time so please be cautious!

The falls were beautiful, but be warned that most of this hike is along a logging road. A very nice logging road, but if you are looking for the single track experience there is only a short and fairly steep bit of it from about mile 2 to the falls

Katrina engelbretch's review below is awesome!! Thank you! I hiked this trail about two weeks ago and it can be a little confusing! Her directions were perfect! The map on the app is also helpful. Nice, easy hike with beautiful payoff at the end.

13 days ago

Gorgeous, unique, enjoyable hike! Not too much elevation change. Left from the HOH visitor center and hiked three miles to the waterfall and back. Gorgeous views of Olympic and the hoh river with its unique color. Recommended!!!

13 days ago

June 31, 2018
Rode bikes in first 4.5 miles, stash and lock em’ up. Very steep climb on way up, map says 1.5 as the crow flies, but probably closer to 3-4 miles up with turns and whatnot. Hike is very difficult up, with downed logs and etc. Lake was thawed and beautiful, lots of brown trout. Some small patches of snow, Mt Constance looks summit-able with good weather. Saw some people attempt it but got turned around due to weather. Good luck.

Great hike. Close to Tacoma so we saved lots of travel time . The water falls were beautiful. We went to the lower falls. Will be back for the upper falls soon.

A few other people hiked to the level where the upper falls was and I followed suit. absolutely amazing! I stood behind the upper falls, glorious hike! I'd you're going to get off the trail you absolutely want shoes with good tread. if you want to behave yourself this is a slightly challenging but quick hike to a gorgeous Washington falls

awesome trail. Some pretty steep parts but it was a great 7 mile loop we ended up going

Fun hike with kids. Lots to see to keep them entertained.

The risk to reward for this hike is no question. For less than a mile 1-way you get to see an amazing falls!!!

Love this area! Been on this one twice. Beautiful waterfalls. Lots to discover and fairly easy hike. Just a little climbing. Water shoes are ideal so you can walk in the water. Just haven’t yet discovered how the lower falls trail from the forest station connects with the trail starting at the railroad access.

Great for younger kids (as young as 5)! Nice side trials to walk (don’t miss the big cedar near the front of the trail!).

Short hike to the falls. Much more up close and personal, as you can make your way to the bottom and stand right at the foot of the falls. Do not miss this one. It does not take up much time from a busy hiking day to make a quick detour to this trail.

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