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Had a great hike with KR on 8/14. We started from the lower trail head. The trail started easy and slowly the grade increased. For the last km form the summit the trail was rocky and quite demanding. We saw a mountain goat at the top. We took the summer tail in and out and it took us 5 hours. This would have been a 5 Star hike but views were limited due to smoke from area Forrest fires. It was still worth it and a great first hike in Olympia Park.

I wish I'd done this on a clearer day, I'd been looking forward to it all summer. I hiked it yesterday, 8/12, and it was both cloudy and hazy from fire smoke. I knew it would be, but decided to be optimistic and try it. At least the bugs were not too bad!
I would say that the hike itself is not quite worth it unless the scenery from the top is clear, as I've heard the views are quite amazing on good weather days. I found the hike to be tedious and a bit unexciting, though the steep rock scrambling near the top is pretty fun.
I'll blame the weather on being underwhelmed. I plan to try again in the future!

Just did this hike today. It was cloudy and foggy so no views. We did see a Mt Goat. The hike was challenging and fun. It just gets steeper as you go. So I also tracked the hike with my Garmin watch. Total distance from the lower trailhead was 6.7 miles. We really didn't take any detours so not sure where the 5.3 miles listed above comes from. Maybe they didn't go all the way to the top? We had 3590 feet of elevation gain but that is with a GPS altimeter so may not be perfectly accurate but I think it is closer to reality than that which is listed above. So be prepared and have a great time.

limited camping along the way. outstanding scenery, not for the light hearted

neat scenic drive on the side of the mountains, great views, the drive takes you down to a couple hiking trails. the road is a bumpy , windy, 1 way dirt road . tons of wild flowers.


To get to the trail you have to go through about 5 miles of rocky road - heads up. Trail started out at steady incline through forested trees that were pretty and kept me shaded which was good. Once you come out though it’s nothing but a straight climb up rocks and a steady incline up the mountain. Had to take a couple breaks and I’m a pretty experienced hiker. Huge horse flies on the way up which were annoying and I would say the trail wasn’t marked clearly for the rock part. The top was crowded with people and horse flies. The view was just eh because it was foggy so pictures were hard to get from any angle. The trip back down the trail was tough on the knees, quads, calves -pretty much entire legs lol but I finished it. Not sure i would climb it again. It’s three days later and I’m still sore all over my legs. Bring lots of water - for the steep incline rock part. I went through 64oz by the time I was done.

Highly recommend going on a clear day. No bug issues. Hardest hike I’ve ever done but so glad I did it. Lots of chipmunks, birds and a few goat sightings on our visit 8/2/18. Beautiful and majestic.

Everyone else’s review is spot on. Lower Lena... no problem (very popular with a lot of chatty Cathy’s, small dogs, and families on the weekend) but Upper Lena is a bit challenging. Steep, trails overgrown with vegetation, often difficult to decipher or find, and random spots with heavy horse flies. I counted 15 downed trees that I either had to climb over, under, or around and I missed a switch back shortly after the lower Lena split and wandered off the trail. There was also another questionable creek crossing that was not clearly depicted. Needless to say I found Upper Lena and it was definitely worth it! Heard a mountain goat bleat in the distance around sunset but never saw one. A lot of deer activity at night near my tent (5 feet away/campsite #9) and mosquitoes were thick! Mosquito/insect repellent is a must!

Hiked this today, such a shame the view from the top was super bad because of a local fire, it was really smokey up there. Also the theme of the day from other hikers I encountered seemed to be “it’s so much longer than I thought!”. My strava GPS had this at 11kms there and back. The trail was super easy to follow and there was beautiful wildflowers especially towards the top of the mountain. The last road there is gravel but actually in pretty good shape. I’m sure when the conditions are better and the view from the top is clear it’s amazing, however without that it was a bit of too much effort for not enough reward for me, sadly.

Great hike, but really technical! I carried up 50 lbs on this hike out and back in a day! From a backpacker perspective, this trail sucks in a lot of ways! The trail up to Lower Lena Lake is pretty cut and dry, but upper Lena Lake is a lot more demanding. There were several downed trees which I either had to take my pack off and crawl under or crawl with the pack on. This was irritating and also low-lying vegetation which obstructs the view of the trail. The bugs were relentless at the top so bring plenty of spray. That being said, it was a beautiful lake and a scenic hike. I hike 2 days a week and just think there are nicer trails to pack weight on! Also, I would not solo this one again!

Absolutely beautiful! Stunning views! We took the pups but it was too rugged for their paws. The first half of the trail is wooded and like any other trail we’ve taken them on but the second half is extremely rocky and not great for dogs paws.

Awesome leg burner! Recommend getting there EARLY and bring your best camera AND bug spray! Saw lots of goats and got amazing photos! The way down is almost as hard as the way up and the rock climbing section is pretty challenging.

on Mount Ellinor Trail

12 days ago

My 22yr old son picked this climb, I trusted that it would be moderate, never again. We got to the upper trailhead late at 7pm. (Note, the gravel road up is pretty rutted and squirrely.) We knew we had to make the summit by 8:30 to see the sun set. We covered the 1st mile in about the 30 min but the upper stretch is very tough. I spent much less time looking for goats then making sure my feet kept moving. Around every bend was another climb through the boulders. All that aside, the top is epic. It was crystal clear making the view fantastic all the way to Rainier. The hike down after sunset would have been okay but my headlamp died leaving us with one cellphone flashlight resulting in a few bruises and scrapes. The top was worth the effort, just make sure you have excellent mosquito repelent (we did) and a backup headlamp (we didn't) for the descent.

13 days ago

destination wasnt worth the hard hike.
it was nice but ive seen better.
lake edge had a lot of pond scum so dont expect to swim.
very pretty meadows and view...

glad i did it but wouldn't do it again

14 days ago

Yeah- the trail there is a little muddy right now but not that bad- enjoyed the beach. It wasn't as busy as Rialto but a bit longer to get to some of the rock formations. Still well worth it- And you will need a permit from the Makkahs

Amazing views offset any negatives this trail offers. Expect lots of steep climbs and descents and lots of horseflies if you're going in the summer. Despite the "heavily trafficked" notation in the trail description, parking was easy and we didn't pass many other hikers on the trail. Definitely recommend.

The trail to the beach is a bit muddy, but well marked and easy to follow. Getting down to the beach is a bit of a climb, but easily manageable if you take your time. There were plenty of families with small children hiking without difficulty.

19 days ago

Can't wait to do this again! Saw the mountain goats at top. Gorgeous view though cloudy that day.

Great view!

well where do I start, if your reading this just know I made it but thought about plunging myself on to the rocks nearly a half dozen times. we (myself and a now ex friend of mine for taking me on this hike) started at 7am and reached the goat less summit at nearly 10am. 3 mental breakdowns. 1 pee break with blood in my urine and multiple rest stops which consisted of arguments about the horse flies attacking us and if we run out of water what body fluids we would drink out of the others first. we found no goats. a chipmunk that nearly burrowed into my shorts. The view was amazing. Again no goats but we are over it. We hiked down and I lost most the cartilage in my right knee but it's fine. no goats . We reached the bottom and looked up feeling proud. I swear we hiked the Rockies that day. the whole Rockies. oh yea no goats. some old goat hair that later gave me scabbies for the second time but that's another story it was a hard hike and we enjoyed the peak. ps no goats. Pack lots of water and leave room for disappoint in your bag, because we didn't see goats. Spoil alert. have fun and remember, God made cars. hiking is for the birds.

The vistas and hike were incredible to say the least. This hike kicked my butt. I probably have 60 extra lbs on me and carried a small day pack with water and towel for the water. We took about 50 min to get there including stops along the way for photos etc. Coming back a little over an hour. The lake was incredible and great place to stop. Nicely chilled but bearable. Yes there plenty of flying insects but manageable. 7-25-18

I did probably 3/4s of this trail total, from Deer Park to around the fork for Obstruction Point/Grand Valley. So, not fully completed, but enough to call it absolutely worthwhile.

From Deer Park you'll start by going downhill for around half a mile, and then start heading uphill pretty hard for maybe 3 miles through forest, until you get up on the mountain ridges. From there it's a bit easier but still plenty of uphill. It's also completely exposed at that point so you'll want to bring sunscreen for the sun and potentially extra layers for the wind.

Once at the ridge you'll have spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Depending on the day you may even end up above the valley clouds which look really cool. If you get far enough (past Roaring Winds) you can even find patches of snow in July.

The Roaring Winds campsite is about halfway across, and I highly recommend it. It's a single, reservable campsite so at the end of the day you'll feel like you have the entire range to yourself. At least on the day we stayed there the wind was not roaring at all so it was a bit buggy, bring some spray. It's at around 6000' so you'll see some spectacular stars at night as well. We had one deer bug us for a while, seemed like he probably had feasted at the site before.

After roaring winds you start going steeply uphill for a while, and the trail gets very narrow and slanted. It worked out fine overall but I was a little concerned about coming down it on tired legs, so just be prepared for that.

Overall had an amazing time with some incredible views of park's glacial lakes and mountains. It's a long day hike but definitely worth it, at least to Roaring Winds.

The trail is really hard, but the view up top is totally worth it.

Yes, it’s hard but worth it when you reach the summit

Lots of time in the woods. Lake is beautiful. Bring bug spray!

Steep but amazing. I would highly recomend this trail!

28 days ago

One of my favorite hikes. June and July usually have less mud. I haven’t been in a few years and the addition of stairs make the decent to beach much easier. Low tide allows you to find sea surprises.

Awesome weather! Trail started to get busy around 11 am.

The hike to the destination was absolutely beautiful. I was with a friend and we did this hike in Mid-July and we only encountered two other hiking groups. We had the whole lake to ourselves. The water was not warm whatsoever. We didn’t swim but we did go under the waterfall. Definitely recommend this hike. It’s pretty easy and took about 30 minutes or so to get all the way down. The scenery is stunning.

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