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This was our last hike on our trip to Washington and the landscape was gorgeous. You can access this trail right from the visitors' center. I loved how the trail carved into the steep mountain side and the constant view of Hurricane Ridge. I remember lots of bees, steep and exhausting switchbacks, and the best rock on which I ever ate a peanut butter sandwich. Highly recommend this rewarding hike.

lots of downed trees, rocky scrambly patches, not great views but good exercise. ok hike

We hiked this trail on a gorgeous sunny day (not much coverage so don’t forget your SPF + bug spray). Narrow pathways in some parts but nothing too scary. Beautiful panoramic views on both sides! We only hiked out about 2 miles before turning around as we felt like we had seen most of what we wanted to see. Upon return we encountered a black bear walking along the path (specifically the long stretch of steep, exposed trail), thanks to a few others that had seen and called out the bear moments before, we stayed back and let the bear cross out of the path and on his way. Safe to say it made this hike even more exciting!

Nice hike with easy access to many beautiful & refreshing swimming holes close to the trailhead very convenient for summer hikes with little ones.

13 days ago

Absolutely beautiful! The trailhead is crowded - lots of trails start here. And the first half mile of the trail was a bit busy, but after that we were mostly alone. Yea, it gets steep, but really nothing crazy. Beautiful campground, with sites pretty spread out. A great swim with great views! One annoyance: there is some water flowing between the two lakes - but it was far from our campsite. So drinking water wasn’t as close as we’d like.
Get out there! Enjoy!!

14 days ago

I would classify this as hard, unless you are only backpacking to the 12.4 mile campsite or lower, and then day hiking to the moraine, and doing this in 3 days, 2 nights, or longer.

We backpacked into Elk Lake in one day, from 8:30 am, to 4:00 pm. From Elk Lake, we started at 4:30 am and we hiked through the lateral moraine, and to the end of the ridge by 7:00 am, and it was magnificent. We were blessed with amazing weather, no clouds, and being all alone. We hiked back to Elk Lake by 9:00, packed up and hiked out with our gear by 4:15 pm. I wouldn't recommend 2 day/1 night-ing this trip. If I did it again, I'd either get all the way to Glacier Meadows on Day 1, or leave earlier on Day 1, drop off gear at Elk Lake, and summit the same day. Or just do 3 days/2 nights. We found a canceled campsite at Kalaloch beach for Sunday night, so we made a goal to get back early enough to get there, and see the sunset at the beach. We wrecked our bodies, but I don't think many people can watch the sun come up next to Blue Glacier, and then watch the sun set over the ocean from Kalaloch Beach in one day.

One Note: We did the rope bridge/ladder between Elk Lake and Glacier Meadows at approx. 5:15 am, and still no sun light. No where did I read where you go after you climb down, but once at the bottom of the ladder, you walk straight left, and climb back out of the valley via the rocks.

15 days ago

Visited 9/2/18. Confusing turn on 2270 somewhere between 10-11 miles or so. Take left over bridge. Do not take straight/slight right into 2270-300.

Scree starts the hike for 150 ft or so. Enter ONP about half mile after trailhead. Old growth, waterfalls, perhaps not exactly “easy.” A solid Olympic National Park hike.

Hiked about 4.5 miles into the trail before having to turn around. Will definitely be coming back here to do more of the trail.

22 days ago

We hiked a very short patch of this trail during our trip, it is an easy-going and relaxing hike! The views are amazing, and if you're lucky, you could encounter some pretty awesome wildlife!

I missed the cutoff on the road to the Church Creek trailhead as it was an unmarked intersection. Once I realized that I missed it and was able to get back on track to the trailhead. The trail is a medium rated trail and that is appropriate. The trail wilds up for 2+ miles before descending for 2+ miles. One way to the lake is almost 5 miles. The Park Service has done a good job of cutting fallen trees on the path as it is easy to navigate past/under 5 or 6 fallen trees along the way. There is a wonderful grove of huge Douglas Firs at the beginning and another grove of large Doug Firs, Western Red Cedars and Hemlocks on the way down to the lake. The lake is small but a good resting place for the 1/2 point. This is an excellent hike with few people on the trail. There was a slight breeze by the lake and there were no mosquitos or flies. August was a perfect time to visit - well worth the hike.

Never got to the waterfalls as the trail disintegrated.

We hiked this trail today and started nice and early, which we were glad for as the trail doesn’t have all that much coverage on the way down to the lake. It was a very challenging hike, and due to the smoke coming in from the forest fires, were not sure the difficulty was worth the pay off in views. I also found Lake Angeles itself to be underwhelming which was disappointing as it was the pinnacle of our hike. I definitely feel accomplished after finishing it, but disappointed that we saw no wildlife (animals) and few wildflowers. It was a quick trip into the park from our Airbnb in Port Angeles, which was nice

on Hoh River Trail

27 days ago

amazing trail weather you do a little bit or a lot! A perfect trail if you’re just getting into backpacking.. I camped at Five Mile Island making it a 10 mile round trip. The earlier you get there the better camping spot you get. Be sure to carry bear spray and steer clear of the yellow jackets!

We drove out and did the ozette loop trail first, and unfortunately it way outshined this one.

Easy hike to the waterfall, which was beautiful. My kids enjoyed swimming in the river on the way out.

***** beware of yellow-jackets!!! If you have an allergy, I would suggest you DON’t hike this trail. Many of the logs have nests in them. On the way to the waterfall, one of my children got stung 3 times and on the way out, another child got stung 2 times!! ALL WHILE STAYING ON THE TRAIL.

We made it in one day.It was quite difficult and I must say that the difficulty doesnt worth it. As one lady said It is good workout. The way is full of stones and the last past is quite steep. At the end of trail are 2 lakes (nothing special). Maybe if you plan to continue to the divide it would be nice because of view. But today was smoky because of fires. A hiker from Czech rep.

Hiked only to the switchbacks. Great views most of the way. Does have quite a bit of elevation gain and loss. Did it on a day it was hot and sunny. I would recommend doing this on a day it's overcast because there is very little coverage during the hike.

Like others, only did part of this trail, mainly the ridge walking. Great, great views, and not too challenging.

1 month ago

I did not make it all the way to the lake due to lots of smoke from the wildfire in Hamma Hamma not too far away, and very hot. I would classify this as a more difficult hike carrying an overnight backpack. Trail was in good condition, some pesky wasps circling my head for much of the hike. I look forward to trying it again when it cools down and the smoke clears out.

1 month ago

looks like it dropped right out of a book. amazing place!!!

We left from the ranger station and followed the river portion of the trail for about a mile. Then we lost the trail when we rejoined the road, so we simply followed the road back to the car. Long drive up for a short hike. Would have been a bit of a miss were it not for coming within 30 ft of a bear. Drive up was pretty though. Very easy for our five year old.

Nice walk through the old forest growth. We ended at the creek, but we think the trail ends before the steep descent.

We only did part of the trail-stopped about 2 miles up. Had great views the entire way. Did not see any wildlife, but did see some nice wildflowers and my kids (8 and 10) loved the views. (There is a decent amount of uphill!

Great short distance yet moderately challenging hike. :)

Hiked this with the teenage kids today (July), just to the top of the switchbacks. Clear skies, unbeatable views of glacier tops and San Juan de Fuca. Saw bear, grouse, goat (invasive but fun to see), and all kinds of blooming flora.

challenging but worth it!! watch out for the somewhat aggressive goat herd. the views are incredible

Hiked in to the lake on 7/21 from Heart 'O the Hills trailhead, spent the night at Lake Angeles and then hiked out the switchback trail from Klahhane Ridge. Saw a couple of goats and a mama grouse with 4 chicks. Wildflowers were beautiful. Lots of mosquitoes at the lake so bring bug spray!

1 month ago

Went in July and the river thigh deep in a couple places but very doable. Nice to have a hiking pole or walking stick when crossing. Had a difficult time finding the trail it was 50 yards down the river, but some nice people left some stacked rocks to assure us. The trail sign is just a couple yards into the trees. Also could not find the big tree mentioned in our hiking book. Beautiful easy hike with lots of foliage. Saw about four people who had all camped overnight. My husband and I just went for a day hike.

We saw a herd of mountain goats when we got up to the ridge. What a beautiful sight to see!

on Hoh River Trail

2 months ago

Pretty. The drive up was very scenic. The fresh blue water of the river was very relaxing to sit by. I even got enough courage to soak my feet in it. Very refreshing!

Beautiful trail-did the last part of it around Lake Angeles the other day!

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