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Magical hike through the rainforest. I never tire of how the light flickers in and out and highlights the beauty of these special woods.

20 hours ago

This was our first hike in Olympic National Park. It was a hot and lush day, lots of bugs. We went for long stretches without seeing any other hikers and it was peaceful. Highly recommend this one.

Nice long walk along the beach. Try to time it around low tide. The lighthouse is lovely with lots of historical information. We saw a small variety of sea birds but not as many as I had hoped. Overcast and drizzling, beautiful clouds but no views.

Lots of people today on a holiday weekend. (This was Aug. 31st) Saw many deer, marmots, and chipmunks. Easy walk. Wide and flat trail. Had to Parking Lot A as Lot B was full. Work still closes the lot nearest the TH.

Deservingly the #1 trail of the park. The drive up to Hurricane Ridge is gorgeous in itself but this trail takes things to a whole other level. You walk along a mountain ridge that has stunning snowcapped mountains on one side and a cloudy forest on the other. And the views just keep getting better as you climb up. The smokey clouds around you give it an otherworldly feeling.

Great hike 9/8/18. Well maintained trail alongside beautiful blue water. This easy trail provides stunning views, old growth forest and even a few opportunities to swim in the clean, clear lake. Can’t wait to return!

Cool but casual hike. Nice view even when smokey.

Great views - but almost didn't take this hike after arriving at the Hurricane Hill visitor center and feeling the cold, blowing wind there (hence the name). But after getting to the trailhead I found the trail wasn't as windy.
Best part, aside of the great view, was seeing a bear take a dip in the pond on the northside valley while we were on top of Hurricane Hill. Cool to see - glad it was way down in the pond to be admired from a safe distance. Dozens of other people were on this trial - it's a busy place.

A short trip, nice in the evening.

13 days ago

In early August, this trail was dry and easy to follow for 3/4 of the hike, but the final quarter to the waterfall was a bit more challenging as the incline was quite steep. There are lots of uneven stairs to aid. My 65-year-old dad, who has bad knees, completed the hike with the aid of a hiking stick.
The waterfall was beautiful, but I’m sure would be incredible in the spring. The hike starts and ends at the beautiful, clear Lake Crescent. It was gorgeous.
I took away one star due to the crowds on the trail.

While the views of the Olympic mountains and the ease of the hike were beautiful, we found this trail to be very crowded. We’d do it again regardless! We saw marmots, grouse and chipmunks. We also got to see a few black tail deer very close up. The signs warn you to stay 50 ft away, but the deer had other ideas and weren’t afraid of us at all, approaching us on the trail. We tried hard to follow the rules but without getting far off the trail wasn’t quite possible.

The hike was easy for the most part. The hike to the peak is a little more challenging, but easily done with two young teens setting a quick pace. We found the path easy to follow and easy to pass others.

Great hike! Moderate is the perfect description for this, you do gain elevation but it is manageable and the trail is well maintained. Parking lot was full so I had to park one lot further back and hike a bit further but totally worth it!

Saw half a dozen deer at the top grazing. Also saw a marmot on the way up.

Excellent hike! I'm in moderate shape and it took me just over 2 hours to get to the top. It is definitely a workout, steady uphill the entire way but well worth it. The lake looks enchanted with crystal clear water and smoke floating in and out. Highly recommend!

I did not see any wildlife aside from birds and squirrels.

Beautiful, serene stroll through the trees. Didn’t come across anyone until I was nearly finished. Trail was flat but then had some variation and rooty in the 2nd mile, and a couple of hilly parts to get the legs burning just a little.

short delay getting up due to construction.
road closed 1/4 mile from trail head but overflow parking was open.

great views on the trail the last part is steep with switch backs and killed my calves lol. a lot of birds to check out also.

one thing i noticed that deeply depressed me before the hike was a huge lack of ranger presence and people walking on the meadows and FEEDING THE WILDLIFE!!! terrible. its such an amazing place and to see all of that just kills me inside

Beautiful. The lake is gorgeous.

Perfect! Easy, good hike, good views and interesting trail.

22 days ago

2star for waterfall,1star plus for a beautiful forest and the path around the waterfall and by the lake.

easy, beautiful, but crowded.

easy...good warm up for bigger hikes..lots of people though. Nice little waterfall.

Beautiful! Easy.

It really amazing place u will enjoying to stay and hike my kiddos love the lake thy enjoy swimming/:we come back sooner

Check the road closure schedule as they are working on the only road in and out of Hurricane Ridge from Port Angeles. We were lucky the road was opened back up on our last day in Port Angeles. They are still doing a lot of construction and it took about 40 mins of sitting in the car to actually get up the road to the Ranger Station and to park the car. We drove down to Picnic Area B and were able to find parking. From there we hiked .5 mile to the trail head. The trail is all uphill but not steep until the last part. I agree that the views on the way are better than at the top. There was still smoke lingering from the fires but this was actually one of the better days while we there. Took us about 1.5 hours to get (with picture taking) and about 50 minutes to get down.

26 days ago

We hiked this trail today and then down the Klahhane Ridge Trail to Lake Angeles. It was a very challenging hike, and due to the smoke coming in from the forest fires, were not sure the difficulty was worth the pay off in views. I also found Lake Angeles itself to be underwhelming which was disappointing as it was the pinnacle of our hike. I definitely feel accomplished after finishing it, but disappointed that we saw no wildlife (animals) and few wildflowers. It was a quick trip into the park from our Airbnb in Port Angeles, which was nice

With the fire going on, there's too much smoke. And no shade. Good workout, but mediocre Vista. I'm sure it's splendid when visibility is good.

29 days ago

Such an incredible hike! We hiked up in 1:45 hours and the view at the top is stunning. You can walk to the other side and jump of the rocks, have a picnic, or swim out to the little island in the middle. The water wasn’t too cold - and was crystal clear. You can camp overnight around the lake as well. We stopping for lunch and a swim before heading back down. The trail was very well maintained and you do not need a park pass for a day hike because the trailhead is just inside the Olympic National Park. Highly recommend!

It is definitely a moderate trail...some really steep hills . I personally thought the view while walking was better than the water view at the top. We saw a deer as well when we reached at the top.
The trails that branch off at the top are kinda nice.
Would suggest to go on a clear day...60F and sunny will feel very very hot while walking.

30 days ago

Love this hike! The views are amazing. We saw a lot of mountaingoats near the trail. And there was one on the end of the trail, super cool. The way up was easy but steep. The way down was al tough because of the loose sand. You need good walking boots.

Great hike for all skill levels. very rewarding view at the top. plenty of other trails branch off from the main trail to turn a few miles into a few days in the Olympics.

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