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2 hours ago

Nice hike beautiful scenery.

Nice trail, it was a little overgrown on a few places that were a little more out of the way. There are snakes out there, we saw a baby rattlesnake that my husband almost stepped on... Over all, a nice hike, good distance, typical Oklahoma scenery.

4 days ago

Short but modestly challenging hike and little bit of a rock scramble. We brought our nearly 4-year-old, and he successfully made it up and down with only a little parental boosting. Trail breaks into several paths to ascend and descend the final climb, so there are several options to find a good way up. Lovely in fall weather, but would be hot in summer without shade.

Great little nature trail that takes you on a steep climb to the cave, great overlooks from above the cave, with a little bit of boulder climbing.

I was a little disappointed with this trail. I hiked the Rough Canyon Tail before and even though it was a much shorter hike, it was more enjoyable.

This was stated in another review but I will say it too: "Don’t use the trail maps provided by the State Park they are in no way accurate with the trails." I started at Deep Ford Campground and followed the blue blazes. I was very quickly off from the state park map. Blazes were easy to spot and follow though so I continued on. Took me to the Lake Carlton overlooks but I never got close to Lake Wayne Wallace so my way back, I attempted to stick more to the state park map. Following the yellow blazes (horse trail) kept me closer to the lake but even those did not follow the state park map. It did get me to a very nice overlook over Lake Wayne Wallace but I got turned around in a few places and had to bushwack a few times to get back to the blue blazes or I would of ended up on the wrong side of the lake and nowhere near my car.

Regardless, that is not the reason for my low rating. I don't mind getting a little lost. The trail was loud - walking near Lake Carlton, you can hear the highway the entire time. The overlooks were not that great in the sense that you never really felt completely surrounded by nature. You could see the campgrounds, cars, bridges, buildings...

Total at the end was 8.6 miles for me.

6 days ago

Tons of fun. Opens up to a very wide, rocky summit allowing you to Boulder over some very large pieces. Great time and not too challenging for a leisurely afternoon.

10 days ago

Great trail with an amazing view. Fantastic for beginning hikers and campers like myself.

scenic driving
11 days ago

This was 15 minutes off the main driving route. Crazy to think Vikings may have been to Eastern Oklahoma. The runes were covered by a covered bridge type structure and difficult to see thru the foggy plexiglass. The woods, leaves and waterfall were pretty but a bit of a detour. There was a nice bathroom, gift shop and friendly staff.

Out and back short trail in the campground area. There was barely any views and we could hear people from the campground on the entire walk. This is the first trail at the Wichita Mountains that I just did not enjoy. Maybe if you're camping there and just need a walk.

11 days ago

Nice easy trail with good views and access to the 40 Foot Hole. Rated only three stars because compared to the other trails at the Wichita Mountains (Elk Mountain Trail, the Narrows, etc.), it's just wasn't as exciting. Lot's of little side trails that take you closer by the creek.

Hiked with my 5 year old and he had no problem walking this trail. Took us about 2 and a half hours.

12 days ago

Awesome hike! What is fantastic is that you get all of the terrain that exists in the Park in a single hike, exactly as the Park Ranger said. Plains, Hills, Forest, Wetlands with beautiful views of the gorge.

12 days ago

Height, streams and animals, it has everything for a moderate trail, the temperature was great and of course the colors of fall were breath taking, highly suggested to have a relaxing day!

Nice short trail with interpretive signs in wetland area. Great fall color.

Fun short hike. The views were great. Lots to look at on the ground as you walk. If you are out that way and have the time I would try to make it over to Roman Nose State Park and hike those trails I would try to make it a double feature.

13 days ago

The fall morning weather was perfect for a hike. The last time it rained was Tuesday so while it wasn’t super swampy everywhere, it was wet in places. Other than that, it kept the trail in good condition. I was a longhorn skeleton just off the trail near the Lost Lake dam. I saw a bunch of turkeys and heard an elk bugling just south of French Lake.

Great hike! However, we lost the trail a couple of times, but we were able to find it again quickly. There were a lot of hikers. Beautiful scenery!

20 days ago

great hike! trails are a little difficult to find at times. but you will find your way! beautiful views from up top.

21 days ago

I went out by myself. I had been before. It was a perfect day to hike or rock hop. I traveled around the perimeter of the mountain. Super fun if you’re up to the challenge. I had to backtrack a couple times when my trail didn’t pan out. I drank 1.5 liters of water (it’s all I took) 2.5 liters would’ve been better it it was hot outside more. Spent 4.25 hours up on the mountain.

23 days ago

It's a short gentle climb that is easy to combine with the longer Charon's Garden trail. The scenery along the mountain and at the top is nice. The views are ok at the top. There are areas where the trail is a bit difficult to follow because of criss-crossing side trails.

My husband and I had so much fun on this trail! There are plenty of large boulders to climb and see amazing views, rock formations, and two waterfalls. We took our time with this trail because we were enjoying going off the trail and doing our own thing.
There are multiple places where the trail is a little difficult to follow, and the trail map doesn't help a whole lot. Also, there are some places that would be very challenging for elderly people or children. Overall, so much fun!

Great trail to take kids on. Our 2 year old and 4 year old loved walking up the rocks.

26 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail. Not sure if we just couldn’t find the way you’re ‘supposed’ to reach the top but some scrabbling over rocks on your hands & knees is definitely required. Great view at the top!

Perfect distance and skill level for my 3 kiddos, ages 5-7

Very good trail very easily distinguishable,
The trail had different smaller trails you could take that were a little more rugged that were optional that was great!

on Elk Mountain Trail

1 month ago

Great hike. We’ve had rain so the trail is pretty wet/muddy in places. 10/14/18. Lots of kiddos on the trail and elk to watch from and on top of the mountain. Get outside and enjoy this Oklahoma hike!

Easy trail...not sure why it’s a moderate. The waterfall was nice and the trail had some overgrown sections but fun anyway.

on Bison Trail

1 month ago

Fun hike! First time in the park and went right to this trail. Rocks, rivers, steams, woods and prairie. Plenty of water for the dogs. Made it in 2.5 hours. Toughest obstacle is 50 yards in. If you can cross that creek you can make the hike. Found some mushrooms on a cow-pie...gnarly.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Awesome trail on a bike! Super fun! Plenty of terrain changes and the trail was well maintained for the most part. A couple of spots had tall grass and I was worried about ticks but I never found any on me. I definitely recommend it.

I started later in the day I wanted to...it got hot out there! I started from Sunset and took the trail south all the way to the Post Oaks trailhead. The trail was easy to follow to the boulder field and I saw two deer on the way. I didn’t realize there is supposed to be a trail around the right (west) side of the boulder field so I climbed over the boulders in the way down the trail. If you’re not careful you can slip and fall and get hurt, so make sure you stay within your abilities.

Once I left the boulder field the trail started to become hard to follow at times. There are a few side trails and no markings at all. I had a tool map and limited gps reception on my phone, so once I ended up off course for a way I would backtrack and find the right path. That turned out to be the theme of the day. I saw what I assume to be parts of a buffalo skeleton in a small creek. Once I neared the Post Oak falls the trail(s) kind of went all over the place. I knew if I continued to follow the creek downstream I would end up at the other trailhead.

Overall, this is a rewarding hike and it offers unique opportunities that you won’t get in other parts of Oklahoma. Make sure you’re familiar with the trail before you start and keep an eye out for the landmarks to remember where you’re headed!

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