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the trail was well maintained and a perfect hike for our 2 dogs. there are a lot of stairs but it wasnt bad. there is a nice area we let the dogs play in the creek just off the path.

One of my favorites

Nice trail but often muddy near west side of Twin Creek. You can hike higher trail to avoid the mud.

Is this where the “3 sister trees” are located??
I think one of them may not be there anymore...it’s been a few years since i’ve been and want to go back. I just want to know if i am correct about this being the park where the sister trees are... they were gorgeous!

Okay trail. I used it for running and got lost which is probably my own fault but the trails were a bit overgrown and very technical. I would recommend this trail for hiking and enjoying nature rather than running. Very beautiful had I taken the time to enjoy it.

If you like cute puppies and a lot of stairs, this trail is for you! My wife and I hiked it this afternoon, good terrain and a nice clear path for beginners.

Great short hike.

21 days ago

Great trails! Beautiful scenery!

22 days ago

it's pretty, not too bad of a trail

29 days ago

This metro park, and specifically this trail, is a gem for the Gem city. It has some great vantage points and many different ecosystems to observe and explore. I saw a wild turkey while on this trail, as well as many rabbits and toads.

The orange trail has many connection points with other trails so that you can customize your experience each time you visit. I backpacked to one of the designated campsites by way of this trail and a few connecting trails. Overall it seemed very well maintained and regularly travelled through compared to some other sections of the park, which were laced with spider webs and partially overgrown.

This trail tends to get muddy, so I would recommend gaiters or something to prevent the mud and moisture from getting to your socks.

65 mins hiking carrying less than 10 lbs

trail running
30 days ago

Great paved trail, a bit too choppy for rollerblading, etc. and it can be crowded during Weekend afternoons. My only complaint is that it’s too narrow in places for bikes, which are allowed on the trail. Caution: there are two narrow tunnels, that require single file travel.

Beautiful hike back to the waterfall!

We love this trail with or without kids! The long trail is filled with ups and down that are sure to burn around 500 calories! Highly recommended!

trail running
1 month ago

I go on the horse trail because the regular trails are too easy in my opinion. Great place for beginner hikers or those just interested in exploring the nature of southwest Ohio.

Great hike. Can’t wait to do it again.

very nice, well maintained.

Well marked dirt track trail that was heavily used by walkers and runners on a Saturday morning. Dispersed amongst the beautiful forest is a few challenging hills but nothing too difficult. 90% of the course is shaded so several degrees cooler than in the sun. Great trail!

Nice wooded trails. Clean park. We got a little lost which in turn made our walk a little longer but all in all it was a great experience.

great hike

Beautiful trail, well marked & maintained.

The trails are very well marked and easy to navigate but they are maintained more like a little used township road rather than a trail. Very heavy traffic on the trails close to the parking area. Good amenities for the hikers and their dogs. Just wish the trails were maintained differently. But definitely worth a visit.

Second time on this stretch of Perimeter Trail, spotted a Bald Eagle, an owl, couple of ground hogs, squirrels and plenty of birds. Another nice hike.

on Caesar Creek Gorge Trail

2 months ago

nice trail but very buggy

My grand beasts and I call it “the edge of the world” trail....great views without foliage and a beautiful well kept trail with many places for young kids to explore

One of my favorites! many up and down hills, includes swinging bridge

Very pretty, well marked. not a fan of walking across the highway but have to get over the lake somehow

Paved trail around the lake is nice, but there are places where the asphalt is cracked and some repaving is needed. They also need to repaint the yellow line on the center of the trail that the bicyclists need to keep to the right when passing people coming the other way. It is a nice walk around the lake, especially in the morning!

Love it here. So pretty. Some difficult hills. I wish there was a bride over the creek so you could cut in half when you don’t have as much time. In the summer the area down by the creek is VERY buggy and other times very muddy- I usually try to skip this area by staying high.

I love this place! It’s my go to hike! No where better in my eyes

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