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Had a great time

Loved the views and the beautiful rocks.

on Ledges Trail

3 days ago

Peaceful and easy.

Good times, clean trails. Other than nature's presence no safety hazards. We'll be back!

Just beautiful! Hiked from Old Mans Cave Parking lot along the upper falls trail to Cedar Falls. Was about 4 miles one way. We got quite a bit of rain today so all the streams and falls were going really good. One of my favorite spots to hike with lots of trails from easy to moderate. Such a great place and so close to home.

4 days ago

This trail is closed right now. I couldn’t find any information saying when it would be open again. I ended up doing cedar falls trail instead. Thank goodness it was dog friendly.

Best hike in the Hocking Hills. Personally, I would call it moderate in difficulty.

6 days ago

Loved loved loved this trail! It was a fun place to explore and beautiful

Overall an easy and scenic hike - not too much challenge here, but beautiful scenery. It can get crowded, so visit on a weekday if possible!

10 days ago

There are a few parts of the trail that are eroded and leave the trail pretty narrow, but other than that we really enjoyed this trail and will be back soon! I like that we can stop and view the waterfall, or go to the picnic area and eat or just relax. The views are beautiful and the trail is just challenging enough for me to get a workout but easy enough for my 3 year old to do.

Love this place


17 days ago

Beautiful. Nice waterfall.

17 days ago

I love this trail. So much to see. Last time I was there there were so many huge turtles and fish jumping out of the water. You can also kayak here and take a dip in the dam reservoir. It’s a nice long hike and it’s just so beautiful. I’m going back tomorrow.

17 days ago

Look. I’m a nice guy and don’t care about what you look like but sometimes they way people dress or look makes you be aware that you might have to be careful when hiking on this trail. I’ve seen quite a few winos here and even saw 2 old men sleeping in the cave one morning. I always find liquor bottles thrown around the path. Since it’s in the middle of Cuyahoga Falls, it’s pretty lively. Not my favorite trail.

So I would like this trail more if there wasn’t so many people out there all crowding around the falls. It’s hard to take pics when everyone else is taking photos and videos and live tweeting and Instagram and tumblr and whatever else they use to show their friends what they are doing. I just walk through the river to get to the Buttermilk Falls. Just make sure you wear non slip shoes and don’t mind getting wet. It’s very beautiful here. Here’s a tip. Climb to the top of where Buttermilk Falls are and you will get to the ski lodge. There’s no one there so it’s interesting to see when it’s empty. Great photo opportunities too.

17 days ago

This trail is beautiful and so peaceful. The river sounds and looks beautiful. There’s lots of people on this trail. The views are gorgeous. I would watch where you’re walking though because there are lots of rocks sticking out of the ground. I will definitely return.

Usually crowded but still beautiful

Short fun hike. A little crowded and for some reason really smelly.

Great views between rocks, caves, waterfalls, etc. it was pretty heavily trafficked on a weekend day but the views made the difference. There are a lot of trail options though which made for great options and variety.

on Ledges Trail

26 days ago

Nice, easy kid and pet friendly trail for a great family outing.

27 days ago

Was a great outing and even though it was a bit chilly and wet everyone still enjoyed the views!

29 days ago

We liked the narrow stairs through the rock down to the grotto. Up around the rim we found less people, which was nice. Very long drive for us to get there so not sure when we’ll go back.

Beautiful area, but like to of people on the weekend. If you can go during the week, I’d do it.

Make sure you go past the "End of Blue Hen Trail" and out another mile to the even better falls. Even today with all of the rain and snow lately the path was fine, but the water level was a bit higher than normal so we had to find alternate path.

A bit difficult (in comparison to other paths around) and muddy but an awesome trail!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, but some parts smell of the sewer and be prepared to encounter a lot of people, sometimes smoking along the way.

Beautiful area that you wouldn't expect to have near downtown Akron. The trail is always busy but is mostly flat with the exception of some stairs you can choose to walk or bypass. I would rate it easy but worth the trip. There are lots of other trails in the same area so it's good for distance.

1 month ago

Although a short trail it was an amazing hike with gorgeous overlooks and geological formations.

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